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Adriaan Brits is a key influencer in the health sector. He owns Healthy New Age Magazine and helps medical professionals and the public connect on key issues that are often overlooked by governments around the world. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Cannabidiol Product Range

The Cannabidiol Product Range Expands To Keep Up With Consumer Needs

posted in Cbd Hemp Center

When battling serious pain or autoimmune disorders, perhaps a cheap watered-down version of CBD may not be the answer. That is precisely why this potent 5000MG CBD tincture top of ...

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CBD Smart Oil

Nuvelio Naturals Full Spectrum Smart CBD Oil Tincture

posted in Cbd Hemp Center

What is Nuvelio Smart Oil? The new Full Spectrum Smart CBD Oil Tincture by Nuvelio received strong positive reviews from users and the media, therefore it may be worth taking a ...

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New Legislation Could Signal a Turning Point in the Opioid Crisis

posted in Cbd Hemp Center

Recently we discussed the deadly opioid crisis, at a time when there was little evidence to suggest that the tide is turning. Now, things are starting to look different, with a mor...

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Despite Health Benefits Of CBD, Questions Remain On Safety And Legality

posted in Cbd Hemp Center

In a recent article Dr. Ahmed Zayed provided an authoritative breakdown on the benefits and uses of CBD oil. As far as worldwide consumers are concerned: the most important fact t...

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Home Or A Public Gym

Should I Use A Home Or A Public Gym? Here Is An Informed Opinion To Consider

posted in Fitness

The way in which we live and work constantly changes. This, of course, has an impact on how and where we exercise. As fitness becomes a trend in many states, it is interesting how...

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Fold Of Skin

Getting Rid Of Back Fat Without Lipo Or Medication

posted in Weight Loss

“Back fat can be lost quite easily in many cases where workout and diet is the answer. There are cases where the help of an endocrinologist is needed, where exercise is not neces...

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Weight Loss For Busy Moms

You’re Never Too Late To Lose That Weight- 6 Ways To Weight Loss For Busy Moms

posted in Weight Loss

The beginning of the year is often a time for moms to set weight-loss goals. Whether they want to achieve New Year's resolutions or prepare for a spring-break trip with the family,...

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Americans Battling Addiction

How American System Is Disappointing Addicts Battling Against Drugs?

posted in General Health

“Some facilities now go to great extents to provide a safer, medically supervised Ibogaine treatment in the fight against addiction. With patients claiming high success rates, fa...

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5 Splendid Tips To Enhance Your Better Quality Sleep

5 Splendid Tips To Enhance Your Quality Of Sleep- You Must Try

posted in Sleep Disorder

Sleep can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Getting the rest your body requires is very important on so many different levels. It's not just about sleep; it is also about th...

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