Top 10 Amazing Anti-Aging Treatments Every Woman Should Know

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Published: Jun 26, 2014 | Last Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Top 10 Amazing Anti-Aging Treatments

So, okay, you’ve talked yourself into enduring painful treatments like chemical peels, laser therapies, and microdermabrasion all in the name of beauty. Yes, getting a firm, wrinkle-free skin does come at a price that hurts both your body and your back account.

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But just when you thought you’ve tried every new beauty therapy available at your local skin clinic, something new becomes the new craze, such as Solvaderm – ones you’ve never even thought possible.

10 Weird but Effective Anti-Aging Treatments

Now, is there really no limit to your quest for youthful beauty that will last you a lifetime? Read on and think again!

  • Placenta face masks. Placenta are said to contain proteins that can be readily used by the skin for repair and restructuring. Placenta treatments often utilize sheep placenta.
  • Bird poop facial. Don’t rush out to the nearest pet shop to collect your poop for this treatment! Ask around beauty clinics for what’s called a “Geisha facial”. Sanitized and processed bird poop is used for this therapy, and comes at a whopping $200 per treatment. Bet you never thought bird poop can be that expensive, eh?
  • Sperm facial. Countless scientific studies have proven that sex doesn’t only improve your relationship with your partner but helps you stay young as well. Well, skin science has evidence that points to the fact that sperms can be a great component for facials! Sperms contain powerful antioxidants that have come to be called spermine which, with regular topical application, tightens and gives the skin a smoother texture.
  • Urine therapy. If you’re looking for a less disgusting and cheaper ingredient to put on your face, your own urine is definitely it! Urine is said to result to glowing skin but solid evidence has yet to back up this claim.
  • Bee venom. You must have heard about the skin tightening effects of topically applying honey on your skin from do-it-yourself facials before. But, I bet you probably haven’t heard about a bee venom facial until now. By creating a stinging sensation on your skin, a bee venom facial is said to promote skin tightening and boosts the skin’s collagen production. The results are immediate: wrinkle-free and firm skin. Take extra precaution in using bee products. Make sure you’re not allergic to bees and bee stings before trying out this anti-aging therapy. Be-e prepared to shell out at least $100 for every session of this treatment.
  • Vampire face masks.
    Leech therapy

    If you’re ready for a blood-sucking and gory facial (and have at least $600 to spend), dare to try out this treatment. Vampire facials involve drawing out your own blood, from which pure plasma is derived from your red blood cells. This plasma is injected back into your face or any other area of your skin that is being treated. Results are immediate but short-lived.

  • Leech therapy. You might want to try a little less gruesome blood-sucking therapy. Try leech therapy. This apparently heals wounds, cleanses your blood, and gives you a revitalized feeling right after treatment. You may have to scour roads less travelled to avail of this anti-aging treatment, however.
  • Vitamin IV Drips. You don’t necessarily need to be admitted to the hospital to get this anti-aging treatment. Vitamin IV drips like magnesium and Vitamin C can give your skin (and body) an extra push. Like ordinary oral supplementation, however, too much of the good stuff can and will hurt you if you’re not careful. This treatment is recommended to be obtained twice weekly, each requiring under an hour of full treatment, and it doesn’t come cheap.
  • Ceramic crystal therapy. This anti-aging treatment involves injecting ceramic crystals directly into your face. According to proponents, the process is permanent, unlike Botox, although side effects are very real because patients act differently to the crystals.
  • Solid gold facial. Love gold? Try a solid gold facial. This treatment makes use of 24-karat gold flakes masked on your face. The gold is believed to plump up and smooth skin instantly by promoting ultra moisturization. This anti-aging treatment, however, has yet to earn a gold standard certification.

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People will try all sorts of techniques and methods to keep looking young and flawless, no matter how bizaare or gruesome they can be. Weird and gory may be alright but, the minute any anti-aging treatment jeopardizes or compromises your health, it’s a whole different story altogether.

Keep in mind: It’s never alright to suffer your health in the name of beauty! After all, the only long-term solution to your lifetime problem of keeping yourself looking and feeling young is to shift to a healthier lifestyle. That way, you’ll never have to deal with nasty therapies that are nothing but a waste of your time and money! Hence, you may peep on some anti wrinkle creams such as Laboratoire Remede review which may help you to understand its safety & efficacy.

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