Surprising Steps to Reverse The Aging!

Surprising Steps to Reverse the Aging!
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Age was just an annual celebration of your birthday until you reached your 30s and fine lines started to appear. You soon began to notice other changes on your skin: a less than appealing complexion, crow’s feet taking a foot hold on your eye area, deeper and darker under eye circles, wrinkles on your neck, and your hands don’t seem as soft and supple as they used to be.

You start to think, “I’m getting old”. But, should so many signs of aging appear too soon? Perhaps not and you must keep in mind that those signs of aging that have surfaced on your skin may be more than just signs of you getting old. They could signal more serious health problems that need your and your doctor’s special attention.

A darkened or yellowish complexion may signal problems with your internal organs especially your liver and kidneys. Sudden appearance of dark under eye circles may mean you need to get your blood and blood pressure checked.

Aging and Reverse Aging

Signs of aging naturally will appear as you age and it’s true it cannot be stopped. As you age, your body produces lesser amounts of collagen, skin fibres which are essential for skin repair and revitalization.

You know how you’ve been sinning against your body, and the smart person you are, you know exactly what may be causing you to be losing your youthful glow too soon. Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor diet, lack of regular exercise all of which could be taking a toll on your health and causing you to age prematurely.

Reverse aging process is an anti-aging technique designed to rejuvenate your entire body, and not just your skin. The simple rule you need to keep in mind is that whatever you do to your body, you also do to your skin. Reverse aging requires you to take on a healthier lifestyle that will awaken vital body processes that have been performing poorly for a while, and that includes both employing natural ways like exercising and dieting, and availing of new technologies like supplementing and anti-aging medical procedures to help your body take advantage of the reverse aging benefits they offer.

Ways to Reverse Aging

1. Reverse Aging Diet: Skip the soda, canned juices, and coffee. These foods only dehydrate your body causing skin to become dry, and hair to turn grey. Drink plenty of water instead.

2. Add Color to Your Plate: Make a variety of veggies a regular part of your diet. They’re not only rich in vitamins and minerals but are also a great source of carbohydrates and antioxidants. Take out processed foods, sweets, salty foods, and white flour from your diet.

3. Drink Your Milk: It remains to be the best source of calcium which can be easily absorbed by the body. Don’t let your bones lose* density or it will make you shrink and cause skin to sag.

4. Reverse Aging Exercise: Wrinkles and sagging skin are not exclusively skin issues. A major factor that causes these signs of aging to appear is loss of muscle elasticity which is, in fact, the real major cause of cellulites.

5. Yoga Poses are a Great Way to Keep your Muscles Toned: Build in cardio and weight lifting in your weekly exercise routines to improve* blood and oxygen circulation. That way, essential nutrients reach skin cells which, in turn, fuel skin cell repair.

6. Reverse Aging Skin Care: The beauty of skin care science is that it continues to advance. You wouldn’t want to miss out on their benefits.

Keep to a cleanse-tone-moisturize daily routine for your skin, and exfoliate regularly too. Choose your beauty products carefully by reading the labels, studying the ingredients, and investigating manufacturers. Know that the most highly regarded anti-aging products these days are those that are infused with tretinoins, alpha-hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.

The other great news is: you don’t need to go under the knife these days to reverse signs of aging! A number of non-surgical procedures are now being offered in almost any skin care clinic near you. Some of the most highly regarded non-surgical procedures today include red light emitting diode (LED) therapy, intense pulsed laser therapy, fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion.

7. Reverse Aging Supplements and Hormone Replacement Therapy: Start with an Omega-3 supplement. It is good for your skin and for your brain. You have to know that in spite of the great benefits the body can derive from Omega-3 fatty acids, the body is unable to produce it naturally. Consider also taking co-enzyme Q10 and antioxidants. Both of which promote overall health and are popular ingredients of anti-aging products as well.

As soon as you hit your 20s, the body produces significantly lesser amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is primarily responsible for cell growth and repair. Consider getting a hormone replacement to boost* both your skin health and overall wellness. Ask your doctor about it.

Final Word

To effectively beat aging, it takes a combination of science, healthy lifestyle and positive mind set. Science can be easily accessed; healthy lifestyle can be difficult to manage; and, a positive mind set takes deliberate effort and long-term practice to come naturally. Focus on their benefits to keep yourself motivated, not only to reverse aging, but more importantly to keep your body functioning well even as you age.

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