20 Secret Ways To Stop Aging Process

Stop Aging Process

If you’re worried about aging, know that you’re not the only one who’s obsessing to keep those wrinkles and joint pains away. Your body and skin will change no matter what you do but, you can certainly fight the signs of aging from showing up too soon. You might even be surprised to see your health at its finest today more than when you were younger, if only you will stick to the list of Top 20 Ways to Stop Aging below.

1. Block Out The Sun

Always use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 during the day. Wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat if you need to brave the sunlight. Keep in mind that you need to wear sunscreen even if you spend most of your daytime inside your car. You might want to darken your window tint too.

2. Wear Less Make Up and Wear them Less Often

Makeup can make you look gorgeous indeed but too much of it, especially the commercial, non-organic ones, too often causes skin to corrode, dry, and wrinkle. Go for a more natural look and stick to either just highlighting your assets or improving* your flaws. Never sleep with your makeup on and make sure to take it out thoroughly.

3. Practice a Healthy Skin Care Regimen

Exfoliate-cleanse-tone-moisturize. Exfoliate every two weeks to remove* dead skin cells and stimulate the production and surfacing of new, young skin. Cleanse twice daily to remove* dirt and oil. Tone once daily to keep pores clean and tight. Moisturize from your forehead down to your toe fingers. Always reach for organic exfoliants, facial wash, toners, and moisturizers.

4. Keep Skin Ultra-Hydrated at all Times

Skin that is well hydrated at all times is supple and elastic, and, thus, less prone to developing lines and creases.

5. Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day

To keep skin well-hydrated inside and out, drop the soda and just go for plain tap.

6. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Protect your skin cells from damage caused by free radicals by loading up on your fruits and veggies. The more colourful your veggies are, the more you can be sure you’re getting just the right amount and variety of nutrients to fuel your body functions.

7. Eat Your Fish

Omega-3, also known as good cholesterol, is good for your skin and your heart as well. Despite its clear health benefits, it cannot be produced by the body naturally and so you need to get this good stuff from fish, your number one source for Omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Drink Your Cup of Tea with your Breakfast

Tea contains polyphenol antioxidants which can only be found in plants. Studies have also shown that regular intake of tea reduces* your risk for developing cancers and heart disease.

9. Drink a Glass of Red Wine over Lunch or Dinner

Red wine, like tea, also contains powerful antioxidants including resveratrol. Regular, moderate alcohol consumption helps prevent heart and vascular diseases.

10. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain plenty of chemicals that help prolong shelf life and food consistency.

11. Avoid Salty and Sugary Foods

Salty foods dehydrate the skin while sugary foods slowdown collagen production and skin repair in general.

12. Up Your Intake of Vitamins A, C, and E

Intake of Vitamins A, C, and E

Other than providing your body with essential nutrients, these vitamins are also powerful antioxidants. These vitamins are known to facilitate cell repair and damage, and provide protective functions to the skin and nerves as well.

13. Do at Least 30 Minutes of Cardiovascular Workout Three to Four Times Weekly

Stepping up your workout improves* overall blood and oxygen circulation, and your skin benefits from the resulting improved* distribution of essential nutrients too.

14. Perform Strength Training Exercises at least Thrice Weekly

Strength training exercises prevent muscle and bone loss. It helps prevent sagging skin and aching joints.

15. Quit smoking or Never Ever try a Single Stick

The fastest and easiest way to cause your skin damage is to smoke. Smoking slows down collagen production and contains thousands of harmful chemicals that block skin’s pores.

16. Always Get a Sufficient Amount of Sleep and Sleep Well

Most cell repair processes happen while you’re asleep. Make sure you benefit from it.

17. Develop a New Hobby and Try new Things Every once in a While

New Hobby and Try new Things

Keep stimulating your mind and challenging your body. Move out of your comfort zone once in a while to keep your brain neurons powered up.

18. Think Happy Thoughts

A happier disposition begins with happy thoughts. Refrain from dwelling on regrets in the past and worrying about the future. Always be in the moment.

19. Find Time to Meditate and Relax

Reserve some quiet time for yourself to reflect. Identify activities that are therapeutic to you like perhaps swimming or listening to soft music, and find time to do these regularly. Even your body needs a little recharging once in a while.

20. Smile More Often

Manage stress and your emotions better. Learn to develop better relationships with people around you, especially with people you love.

Being young takes more than just being young at heart. It requires a life overhaul: shifting to a healthier diet, and learning to be a better person for yourself and for others.

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