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To minimize the appearance of signs of aging, you use different skincare and beauty products and follow all sorts of tips and tricks found online and in fashion magazines. Youthful and healthy skin also requires enough sleep because that is when the largest organ of your body repairs itself.

What Is A Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase : Does It Work?
An Anti-Wrinkle Pillowcase

Your bedtime routine plays a major role in skin health, but your pillowcase also matters which is why you can purchase a special anti-wrinkle pillows that help you look younger. How to rejuvenate skin with a pillowcase and do anti wrinkle pillows work? Scroll down to find out.

What’s Wrong with a Regular Cotton Pillowcase?

Most people use cotton pillowcases and although there’s nothing, technically, wrong with them they aren’t your skin’s best friend. What’s more, sleeping on the cotton material[1] can accelerate the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Why does it happen? Cotton doesn’t allow your skin to slide. Instead, the pillowcase “catches” your skin and it’s somewhat stuck in a certain position. As a result, it becomes difficult for the skin to bounce back to its natural state. This is similar to those repetitive motions, as you age the skin on your face starts losing its ability to return to the natural position.

Even if you ask a dermatologist how to rejuvenate the face, he/she would give you some skin care tips and advise you to use a pillowcase to avoid wrinkles.

What is a Rejuvenating Pillowcase?

Rejuvenating Pillowcase

Rejuvenating Pillowcase

Bearing in mind that sleep is essential for youthful skin and the importance of choosing the right anti aging pillow case, it was only a matter of time before someone would invent a special anti aging pillows that helps your skin appear more youthful. Experts from Iluminage Beauty created a skin-rejuvenating pillowcase with patented copper technology.

You’ve probably heard of Iluminage Beauty already, that is a luxury brand founded in 2011 with the purpose to offer its clients high-quality, cutting-edge, and clinically proven skincare solutions developed by experts and scientists.

The brand focuses on common concerns that women face but strives to offer something never seen before. This pillowcase is only one example of their efforts to provide a new approach toward an age-old problem and it is a result of a ten-year-long project.

Rejuvenating pillowcase is described[2] as an overnight solution that helps maintain the skin’s youthful appearance and minimize the appearance of signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and lack of smoothness. Basically, the idea here is to slow down the aging process while sleeping.

How Does the Pillowcase Work?

Rejuvenating Pillowcase Working

Pillowcase Work

You’re probably wondering how to rejuvenate skin with this pillowcase primarily because it looks just like you can find anti wrinkle pillow amazon or in the mall. While it may appear like an ordinary and yet stylish pillowcase, it works hard to help you look younger.

This bed linen is infused with copper and fibers are carefully embedded with the latest technology for maximum results. Iluminage Beauty promises their copper-infused pillowcase will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote smoothness, and help you look younger in four weeks only.

Unlike cotton pillowcases, this one won’t trap your skin and cause problems such as irritations, acne breakouts, and wrinkles. You may also slow down your aging process by applying Radiant Revive Cream, learn here to know how it works.

Why Copper?

The driving force behind this linen’s efficacy is copper, which may seem odd at first. When you learn more about all the benefits that copper offers, you’ll realize why it is considered a wonder ingredient in skin care industry.

Dermatologists and celebrities swear by copper because it boosts collagen production and elastin, both of which are necessary for the smooth and firm skin. Copper also encourages production of hyaluronic acid that the largest organ of your body needs for hydration and nourishment.

It’s easy to name all the benefits of copper for skin, but are they true? Science says yes! One study found[3] that copper plays a crucial role in different physiological processes in all human tissues and your skin is not an exception.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

In the human skin, copper stimulates proliferation of dermal fibroblasts, promotes collagen biosynthesis, improves elastin fiber components, and serves as a cofactor of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme vital for protection against free radicals and oxidative damage. As you already know, oxidative damage is the primary culprit behind accelerated aging.

Does a Rejuvenating Pillowcase Work?

Working of Rejuvenating Pillowcase

Working of Rejuvenating Pillowcase Work

Believe it or not, several studies have been carried out with the goal to find out how to rejuvenate face with carbon-infused pillowcase i.e. scientists wanted to know how do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles?. The International Journal of Cosmetic Science[4] published a study where scientists recruited 57 volunteers aged 40-60 years who had to use either a carbon pillowcase or control linen which didn’t contain copper.

Scientists discovered that copper-containing pillowcases exhibited a positive effect on reduction of wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines, improvement in a general appearance at two and four weeks of regular use.

Consistent sleeping on copper pillowcases for four weeks had a significant impact on the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and overall quality of the facial skin.

In addition, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology[5] featured research that involved 30 women 30-60 years who were asked to use a copper-containing pillowcase for eight weeks and 31 women of the same age in a control group that used an ordinary pillowcase.

Researchers discovered that the use of copper pillowcases resulted in a notable decrease in crow’s feet after four and eight weeks of regular use. These effects weren’t observed among women from the control group. Based on these findings, scientists concluded that sleeping on copper results in the best pillowcase for wrinkles depth and overall improvement in skin appearance.

It is important to mention that both trials are carried out by scientists from the brand that invented this pillowcase. This is important because most products we find on the market don’t have any evidence that supports their efficacy.

How to Use the Pillowcase?

Rejuvenating With Pillowcase

How To Use The Pillowcase?

While the rejuvenating pillowcase shows tremendous potential in minimizing the appearance of signs of aging, the way you use it is pretty much the same as with any other pillowcase. You should slip it over your favorite pillow and sleep on it every night for at least four weeks.

It’s useful to remember that you can wash this pillowcase in the machine, but you shouldn’t use fabric softener in the washer and dryer sheets in the dryer.

Is it Safe to Use this Pillowcase?

Copper is generally safe, we also consume it in our diet. Clinical trials showed that pillowcases are safe to use. In fact, none of the participants in all trials experienced side effects from this pillowcase. You can use it even if you have sensitive skin that is prone to reactions.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Scientists and dermatologists are constantly trying to figure out how to rejuvenate skin with anti-aging pillow case in different ways. Since our skin needs enough sleep and adequate linen, Iluminage Beauty created a copper-infused pillowcase that proved to be highly effective in several clinical trials. Copper has the potential to improve collagen and elastin, support antioxidant protection against free radicals, and it’s perfectly safe. Along with this, you may also look for some anti-wrinkle creams such as Lifecell.

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