Look Younger With Simple Makeup Tips!

Look Younger With Simple Makeup Tips
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Everybody has a skin imperfection they don’t want to show. Skin imperfections, however, are amplified with age, and worse, aging skin develops more of those fine lines and creases. The beauty of makeup is that, it can help correct and improve* the appearance of aging skin—if done properly.

Just because you have more wrinkles and darker under eye circles to hide does not necessarily mean that you need an extravagant amount (both quantity and cost) of makeup to cover them up.

Follow the makeup application tips below to achieve younger-looking, more radiant skin and prevent your makeup technique from making you look older.

Start With a Clean Canvass

When putting on makeup, many women tend to forget the most important step in putting on makeup: you need to start with a clean canvass. Your daily skin care routine should include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing so that when you get the opportunity to show off your skin at a business meeting or dinner with friends, you always have a smooth canvass to begin with.

Never exfoliate on the day of your big date! Allot at least three days before a big event to exfoliate your skin. Keep your skin radiant and blemish-free by keeping your skin squeaky clean and heavily hydrated all the time.

Moisturize and Apply Sunscreen During the Day

Apply topical Vitamin C to stimulate skin rejuvenation. Use a special formulation anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream to plump up your skin and prevent further damage. Use an eye cream to tackle thin skin around your eyes. Always use water-based formulations first before oil-based products. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips too. Let your skin soak in your moisturizers before covering with sunscreen.

Correct and Conceal

Kick out your loose powders and heavy foundations! These products tend to squeeze in between facial lines and creases, highlighting your wrinkles even more. Even out your skin with a BB (Blemish Balm) or CC (Color Correction) cream instead.

Which one should you use? If you need to cover up age spots, freckles, and acne scars, use a BB cream. On the other hand, if your primary problem is uneven skin tone and blotching, a CC cream will work better for you. If you have oily skin, a CC cream is more ideal to use because these products are made with lighter formulation. When you use either type of cream, there’s no more need for a separate concealer.

Always shop for a BB or CC cream in two tones: one that is the same as your natural skin tone, and another that is one to two tones lighter than your natural skin tone. Use the lighter shade to cover up under eye circles. Refrain from applying either cream with your bare fingers. Use a good sponge to tap and gradually blend with skin; never rub in.

Frame Your Face and Outline Your Eyes

No matter what age you’re in, keeping your eyebrows well-trimmed and carefully-shaped is important. To color your eyebrows, you may want to try lighter shades like gray or deep brown, most especially if you have grey hair. Black brows will be highly contrasted with your hair and make your features look too harsh, too sharp, and too old.

Lighten up your eye area by using lighter shades of eyeliners and natural to pastel colors of eye shadows as well. Dark eyeliners and eye shadows will only tend to highlight your crow’s feet and the depth of your under eye circles. Ditch the powder eye shadows and go for gel-based products instead.

Keep Lips Looking Plump and Sheer

For a truly age-defying makeup, choose lighter shades of lipsticks and avoid red and darker shades, most especially those with matte finish. For regular daytime makeup, stick to a liquid tinted lip gloss. For matte lipsticks choose nude and peachy colors.

Add Radiance and Natural Blush to Your Look

Pick up a brightening mask or bronzing gel in light shades, pair it up with a good applicator and apply a rosy glow to your temples. Gently tap the brush around the rest of your face as well to get a seamless blend with your BB or CC cream.

Add highlighters to smoother areas of your face to draw attention away from your problem areas thus, making wrinkles appear shallower.

Never finish with a powder-based product.

Final Words

Keep in mind that the objective for applying makeup for aging skin is to help make you look younger, which can be achieved only if you don’t overdo your makeup. Never attempt to cover the folds and creases on your skin or, you will definitely end up sloppily putting on your beauty products. The idea is to tone down signs of aging and not to delete them from your face with makeup.

Even with makeup, a well-kept skin matters so focus on keeping your skin healthy all the time rather than wasting hours in the beauty bar trying on every makeup product you can get your hands on. After all, less makeup is better for aging skin.

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