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Written by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
korean bb cushion

The way we treat our skin and the way we wear makeup has changed considerably in just a few years, and these methods will continue to change in the future. While millions of people used to apply any type of makeup on their faces just to help them look more appropriate for work, today, people are more aware of the many potentially harmful ingredients that are often found in traditional cosmetic products; thus a need for being able to apply makeup without causing harm to the face was created.

This is where BB cream comes in. Bustle explains that BB creams were originally developed in Germany, but the creams developed here did not gain as much popularity as the ones developed in Korea, often dubbed Korean BB Cushion, has gained in the modern world. Truth be told, take a look at Korean people and you’ll instantly notice these individuals often exhibit beautiful skin, especially during their younger years.

What Is BB Cream?

In this post, we’ll explore BB creams a little and also look at whether these creams can actually help to protect a person’s skin against the damage that can be dealt by the sun. First, however, we should quickly discuss what BB creams are. Even though the term may seem very familiar to some – in fact, some readers may even have the best Korean BB cushion sitting in their bathroom or on their drawer – but this does not necessarily mean every person is acknowledged about what exactly BB creams are.

In its most basic terms, a BB cream is a combination of a skincare product and a cosmetic product. This is primarily why these creams are gaining such popularity. Depending on the particular brand being purchased, these creams tend to provide multiple features in one single jar or tube of cream. This means the customer is able to save a significant amount of money as they would not have to purchase multiple products, but rather just one particular product for their beauty arsenal when it comes to moisturizing their face and applying a type of “concealer” to help hide blemishes and other imperfections.

What Makes Korean BB Cushions Special?

According to WebMD, the average Asian woman has as much as seven steps that she needs to take in order to properly care for her skin and be beautiful every single day. Having to take such a large number of steps mean Asian women tend to spend a significant amount of time in front of the mirror, which can be quite bothersome since Asians tend to lead very busy lives in most cases.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that BB creams became a national sensation throughout the entire Asia quickly after it was initially developed by a dermatologist in Germany. The cream features of multiple cosmetic and skincare products in one single product – this means there is no more need to spend such a long time in front of the mirror, giving Asian women the ability to get ready faster, without having to sacrifice any qualities regarding their daily beauty.

As BB creams became more popular in Asia, the local dermatologists in the country took it upon themselves to further enhance the effectiveness of these creams and to further reduce the time an Asian woman has to spend in front of the mirror.

Today, the best Korean BB cushion or cream would provide a woman, or any particular person interested in wearing such cream, with the following products in one single container:

  • A moisturizer, which is essential for keeping the skin soft and avoiding dryness.
  • A primer, which is an important product to be used if foundation will be applied; thus allowing for a smoother application of the other products that will be placed on the skin.
  • A foundation, which is used as the base for other types of makeup and also offers a primary layer on top of the skin itself to hide certain imperfections, such as blemishes and spots left behind by ache.
  • A concealer, which, in combination with the foundation that is already included in the product, helps to cover up any imperfections that a person may be experiencing with their skin, ranging from scars to blemishes and even fine lines in some cases.
  • A sunscreen, providing effective protection against the sun, which is known to cause many problems with the skin.
  • A skin treatment, providing the skin with essential antioxidants and other ingredients to keep it healthy, glowing and young.

Does Korean BB Cushions Work For Pale Skin?

Many people find that their skin is excessively pale. While some people do enjoy the pale look, many are seeking ways in which they can add some extra color to their skin to make it appear less pale. By utilizing a prime and foundation, combined with the use of a concealer, women are often able to lift the paleness of their skin and make it appear a little darker; thus providing their face with more color. Unfortunately, applying all of these colors and ensuring all shades match up can be somewhat difficult to achieve.

Korean BB creams come in many different shades. Since these creams include the basic cosmetics that are needed to add more color to the skin, there would be no need to purchase multiple products or to make sure different products match each other. A woman simply needs to find the perfect shade of BB cream and apply it to help them get rid of their pale skin without having to apply multiple products to their face every day.

Does Korean BB Cushions Protect The Skin From The Sun?

Even though the sun is known to assist the human body with the production of vitamin D, a very important vitamin, also classified as a hormone, which attends to many function in the body, being exposed to the sun’s UV light without being protected can be harmful. In fact, Remedy’s Health Communities explains that over 90% of all skin cancer diagnoses are caused by exposure to the sun’s UV light. Exposure to the sun does not only cause skin cancer, but also greatly contributes to the aging process of the skin, which is often considered a primary reason why so many younger people are experiencing signs of premature aging.

With a quality SPF cream, the skin can be protected from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits; thus reducing the risk of obtaining cancer and premature aging effects from the sun. Most BB creams on the market today tend to include SPF factors.

Some people do ask whether these creams can, in fact, adequately protect the skin from damage dealt by the sun. While the answer to this question is yes, it is a little more complicated than only offering a “yes”. BB creams do contain sunscreen agents, but it should be noted that not all BB creams contain the same SPF factors. For this reason, a person is advised to always consult the label of a BB cream they wish to purchase and first see the SPF factor that is found in the cream.

IF you are looking for the best Korean BB cushion, then opt for one with a higher quality SPF factor. Huffington Post explains that the recommended daily SPF factor is 30, but when participating in outdoor activities, a cream with an SPF 50 factor should rather be preferred. Thus, to ensure you gain an adequate level of protection from the BB cream you will be wearing, simply make sure it contains at least an SPF 30 protection factor and, should you be outside for extended periods of times, look for a BB cream with an SPF 50 protection factor.


The world is getting more aware of harmful substances found in products they used to grab without a second thought, with cosmetics being a particular culprit due to certain ingredients causing premature aging, acne and other problems. With this mind, Koreans have taken an original idea developed by German skin experts, and created Korean BB Cushion, a revolutionary cream that is able to hide imperfections on the skin, while also providing the skin with essential ingredients, such as sun protection, hydrating agents and antioxidants. These creams are becoming increasingly popular and are now often being considered the more appropriate option when compared to traditional foundations and similar cosmetic products.

There are other anti-aging skin care systems existing on the market like Advanced Dermatology which might protect your skin from sun damage & many more.


Contributor : Dr. Ahmed Zayed (Consumer Health Digest)

This Article Has Been Published on November 13, 2017 and Last Modified on August 31, 2018

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