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What Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Many people are concerned about their skin quality, which is the reason why the cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars. There are many reasons for many skin related problems, and one of them is aging. The skin-related aging symptoms can absolutely destroy the overall charm of the person.

Treat Acne Scars with CO2 Laser Resurfacing
The CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is one of the most effective and latest non-surgical skin-rejuvenation treatment methods.

The older people are concerned about their looks, but younger people are even more concerned about their looks. The study reveals that there is a possibility of signs of aging appearing among people in their mid-20s. Among various signs of aging, acne scars are one of the most common ones that are seen among the people [1].

The people try various things to treat acne scars, but it’s not so easy to treat it. For those people looking for the solutions, CO2 laser resurfacing could well be the effective solution for you.

The CO2 laser treatment throws the longest wavelength lasers among all the available laser treatments on the market. This treatment method can also be used safely on dark-skinned people with appropriate adjustments.

How Can This Treatment Help You Out?

By now, you must have understood that fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is very effective in treating acne scars. However, this is not the only implication of this treatment method. There are many other skin issues that can be treated with the help of the fractional CO2 laser resurfacing procedure.

Besides acne scars, the use of carbon dioxide laser resurfacing can help in treating deeper wrinkles, severe changes in skin texture that are caused by the harmful rays of the sun, traumatic scars, blotchiness, and more. The study shows that the harmful UV rays from the sun can lead to a skin cancer. This treatment can effectively treat sun damage and precancerous growth as well [2].

However, this treatment should only be done by the experts because there is a risk of complications that are associated with this treatment method. Hence, to avoid the side effects you may also use anti aging creams reviews. Check out Simple Anti-Aging Skin Reviews.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How Co2 Resurfacing Treatment Works?

This treatment method makes use of CO2 laser bean and fractionates, or pixellates. This beam, then converts into thousands of very tiny shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light are well capable of penetrating to travel into the deeper skin layers.

After the penetration, the skin starts repairing the tiny shafts. This process begins by pushing the old useless skin and replacing it with the fresh new skin. This damage also plays a vital role in shrinking existing collagen.

A person must not do the fractional CO2 laser treatment alongside with other forms of cosmetic treatment on the same day.

However, they can be compatible with various other forms of cosmetic treatment, such as Botox, Sculptra, and various other forms of laser-based technologies, such as Fraxel Restore, hair removal, and others after a day of laser resurfacing procedure.

What Are the Different Types of CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment for Acne Scars?

The most effective treatment for the people with acne scars is the fractional CO2 laser. The different types of CO2 fractional laser acne scars are Fraxel repair, Matrix CO2, the Total FX, and the Mixto laser. These are fractional lasers, and these lasers only deal with the fraction of the skin’s surface during the treatment.

The skin around the scars is left untouched, which boost the pace of healing. This is the specialty of this advanced method of treating skin problems.

How Acne Scars Treated with the Fractional CO2 Laser?

The fractional CO2 laser beam makes very tiny microscopic holes in the deeper skin layers. This process allows the new and healthy collagen to replace the dead skin tissues, which reduces the acne scars. A person does not have to wait for a long time to see the result of the treatment.

The patient can observe the improvement in their acne scars within a week after the completion of CO2 laser resurfacing. The process of improvement in the acne scars may be seen up to 6 months after the treatment.

In many cases, around 30-70% of the improvement in acne scars will be seen after one treatment. However, the results could vary depending on the individuals. Most of the patients will only need a single treatment to achieve the desired result that they are looking for from the treatment. Laser treatment may have the risk to damage skin cells, but you can take a look over Boscia BB Cream Review; which shows you the non-surgical options to prevent the aging.

What is an Average Length of the Treatment?

After all the treatment procedure, it takes the downtime of approximately 4 days. This time is the phase where the skin is repairing itself from all the damage that is caused by the laser along with healing of the acne scar.

During this period of 4 days, it is necessary to apply an ointment continuously for 4 days. This will help in boosting the pace of healing.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing Procedure Painful?

This treatment is performed after the use of topical anesthesia. This topical anesthesia cream will help to numb your skin, and it will be applied before an hour of this procedure. During the process of treatment, a patient will only experience a mild discomfort. There is absolutely no reason to worry about the pain that could be caused by this treatment.

How Much Is CO2 Laser Treatment?

The CO2 laser treatment cost varies on various factors, such as surgeon’s fee, the cost of the facility, anesthesia cost, and other forms of cost. The Fraxel laser treatment cost may be around $900 to $1,900. However, it is better to schedule a complete patient consultation to get an accurate estimation of the cost of treatment.

What are the Common Risk Factors of Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

There could be some risks that are associated with the fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. These risk factors are:

  • A patient may observe a pink color on their skin after a surgery. There are rare cases where the red skin may last for 3-6 months.
  • The superficial wound to the skin may be caused by a laser treatment. It usually takes around 2-10 days for the wound to heal. After the wound is healed, it could be sensitive to the sun for around 5-6 weeks.
  • There is a chance of hyperpigmentation after the treatment. It usually disappears after 3-6 months. However, there are rare cases of permanent pigmentation too.
  • The occasional infection may be there, which could lead to scarring.
  • The risk of harmful eye exposure to the laser beam is there, and this risk can be eliminated by wearing protective eyewear during the treatment.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Final Verdict

The acne scars not only degrades the beauty of a person, but it also increases the stress among people because they start worrying about their looks a lot. The CO2 laser resurfacing is the most effective treatment method to treat acne scars. A clear skin means better looks, and the study shows that the attractive people have a better chance to get success in their workplace [3].

However, a person must not be careless regarding their skin health after their treatment. They must take a good care of their skin by adjusting their diet and lifestyle for a better skin health.

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