Is Avocado The Ultimate Anti-Aging Food? Know it here

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Published: Jul 7, 2014 | Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Is Avocado The Ultimate Anti-Aging Food

A definite must-have in any anti-aging plan is an anti-aging diet because whatever you take into your body affects your body and how soon you age. An anti-aging diet requires careful scrutiny of each food laid out on your plate, in such a way that every bite must contribute one way or another to your overall health and well-being.

Avocado has anti- aging benefits and it should not miss in your diet.

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Sounds rigorous and complicated? It does and it is, without a basic know-how on how to choose the right food to munch on. It all starts by developing healthy cravings. Stop imagining those bags of salty potato chips paired with soda pop. Instead, reach for more of the raw, plant-based foods which have the highest levels of nutrients, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements required to keep your body functioning in tiptop shape.

Avocado: A magical Anti-Aging Fruit

One of the super foods packed with anti-aging super powers is avocado. Avocados originated from the regions of South America. Today, avocados are grown in almost every tropical region, including in Asia. Avocados have many health benefits, classified into two below:

1. Avocados Help Erase Signs of Aging

Avocados Help Erase Signs of Aging

Rich in good fats, avocados are also praised for containing high levels of fat-soluble vitamins, Vitamins A and E. You should take avocado for skin health and fighting aging signs. Both vitamins play key roles in keeping skin nourished, well-moisturized, and young-looking.

These vitamins are also vital in keeping cells and cell membranes healthy, and therefore in delaying senescence, or the natural aging process. Whether you incorporate avocados in your regular diet, put it on as a face mask or, both, you’ll benefit from its anti-aging effects. Avocado anti- aging is natural and one of home remedies used to fight aging.

2. Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

Once having earned a bad reputation as a high cholesterol fruit, health experts are now embracing and preaching about the health benefits that can be derived best from the unique content of avocados. Some health facts about avocados are enumerated below:

  • Avocados contain high levels of a wide spectrum of antioxidants, most notably carotenoids which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help protect cells from damage and aging.
  • About 85 per cent of calories of avocados are good fats. Fats in avocados are known as monounsaturated fats which is made up of three components that make it healthy: phytosterols, polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs), and oleic acids. Phystosterols and PFAs are anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, oleic acid, which is also the good stuff that makes olive oil healthy, improves immune response and helps prevent cancer although more studies are needed to establish these health benefits. Moreover, oleic acid can be easily assimilated into the bloodstream, making it easier to transport fat-soluble nutrients, including antioxidants, throughout the body.
  • Avocados are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help regulate blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk for heart diseases.
  • Avocados are high in fiber. Avocados regulate blood sugar levels by providing very high amounts of fiber, and yet avocados contain very low amounts of sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Avocados help facilitate weight management. This is particularly true also because of its low sugar and low carbohydrate content.
  • Avocados contain high amounts of copper, folate, and Vitamin K. Copper is important in maintaining healthy metabolism. Folate aids in the production of red blood cells, helps keep brain young, and facilitates optimal functioning of the heart.

Different Ways to Eat Avocado

  • Add avocados to your regular vegetable or fruit salad. Salads contain high levels of antioxidants but the body may not be able to absorb these readily. To provide fat-soluble antioxidants like carotenoids a medium by which to be absorbed and circulated throughout the body, add slices of avocados to your salad.
  • Prepare a yummy guacamole to go with your favourite Mexican dishes. Use guacamole even for your roasted chicken or pork meal.
  • Add avocado to your salsa. Throw in finely diced avocados in a bowl mixture consisting of fresh cilantros, onions, tomatoes, drizzled with lime juice. Use as a garnishing for your favourite dry dishes.
  • Mash avocados and use as a sandwich spread. Substitute the traditional mayonnaise sandwich spread with avocados.
  • Simply chop and add non-fat milk if desired. Chill for a more thrilling taste bud experience.
  • Eat avocados raw.
  • Use avocados as natural ingredients to go with your home-made ice cream or yogurt.


If you haven’t had avocados before, now is the best time to find out if it suits your taste. If it does, it will do you good to make it a regular part of your diet. Just keep in mind that the secret to proper and sustainable weight loss and management, and to achieve overall health and well-being, you don’t need to skip any particular food group. Variety and healthy cravings are the secret to an anti-aging diet. Eat up for your health! Avocado is a natural remedy to a healthy and youthful skin.
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