How to Pop a Pimple the Right Way: 6 Easy Steps to Follow

You must be the lucky one if you don’t have any blemishes on your skin. Skin blemishes are common in many people, but the top priority should be to get them disappear as soon as it is possible. Nevertheless, most pimples appear and disappear within a week but the challenge is the blemish they leave behind. If you pop them out, the mark can remain for months. Since your goal is to have an even-toned skin, the best way to deal with a zit is to have it removed in the least invasive way. This will ensure that no extreme damage occurs on your skin. Read to know these easy steps to pop a pimple:

#1.Evaluate The Blotch

Once you notice a blotch on your skin, avoid the temptation of touching it. Instead, try to find out what kind of a blemish it is at first. In case you notice that it has a whitehead on the surface of your skin (pustule-type), give it at least two days before you squeeze it out. If it is a cyst that causes a bump, there is no need of squeezing it. Instead, wait for your body to reabsorb the infection, which normally takes place in less than two weeks.

This means that you should only try to extract a blemish once a whitehead appears on the surface of your skin. Avoid picking a blemish before it is ready for extraction because you are more likely to worsen the infection or damage the surrounding tissues.

#2. Cleanse Your Skin

After evaluating the blemish, cleanse the infected skin surface using a gentle water-soluble cleanser. Don’t use water that is either cold or hot because it can make the blemish redder. Use the cleanser to lightly massage your skin using a soft wet washcloth to remove* dead skin cells. This is necessary to make extraction easier but you should avoid over scrubbing.

#3. Gently Dry Your Skin

You shouldn’t dare to squeeze when your skin is still wet. Ensure that it is gently dried and don’t use a comedone extractor. This is in order to avoid making your skin more vulnerable to tearing or create a scab that can lead to scarring.

#4.Use Tissue Paper

Once you realize that the whitehead infection is ready for extraction, wrap your forefingers with tissue paper. Your forefingers have the best control when squeezing. The main reason you should squeeze using a tissue paper is to avoid scar from your nails plus they are hygienic and can be easily disposed.

Position your fingers around the blemish and gently squeeze under it while avoiding squeezing on top. Ensure that you place your fingers slightly outside the blemish in order to create a mild pressure starting from underneath so that the pimple can pop out. At first, squeeze slowly to check if there is something coming out. Stop if you try squeezing two to three time and nothing is coming out. This could mean that the blemish is not ready for extraction and you should have avoided touching it in the first place.

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#5. Use A Treatment After Extraction

After extracting a blemish, you should follow it with a spot treatment in order to draw out the remaining infection and dry your skin. The best spot treatments you should use are those with ingredients like camphor, sulfur and zinc. It is worth noting that treatment should only be applied after the infection has been removed. If you apply a spot treatment before the zit has been extracted, you risk drying out the skin, meaning you won’t reach the infection. Trying to squeeze a dried out skin can lead to more post-breakout scarring.

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#6.Use A Fading Treatment

Irrespective of whether you picked your skin or not, there must be a small scab since there your skin breaks for the infection to come out. He scab may last for a week or longer before it disappears. Chances are that a dark mark will occur on the spot and can be removed by applying a fading treatment. Alternatively, you can use an exfoliating or fading gel to help diminish* the dark mark within a short time.


You are only supposed to squeeze a skin blemish if it has a whitehead and when matured. If you find that it cystic acne which develops in the deeper layers of your skin, avoid squeezing at all cost because it hardly comes to the surface. Even though they can last for a few weeks, they usually heal on their own. Look for a product which is specially formulated in treating cystic blemishes.

Always be careful to avoid touching any blemishes with your fingers and give them more time to mature before squeezing. This is the best way towards a clearer and more evenly-tone skin within a short time.

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