Virectin – Does Virectin Erection Capsule Work?

Virectin Overview

With the hundreds of male enhancement supplements on the market, choosing the correct one is quite the daunting task. Enter Virectin; the all-natural supplement making waves throughout the world. But does it stand out when tested? Or is it an utter failure as so many others?

Ingredients Found in Virectin

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Virectin boasts an impressive repertoire of ingredients, with one of the only real problems being them listed in a proprietary blend (which doesn’t list concentration of each ingredient). This is understandable, in a few products, when their efficacy is proven and to prevent competitors from stealing the formula.

The Listed Ingredients In This Proprietary Base Include

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride: Cookie cutter in basically every male enhancement supplement out there, and with good reason; it is a fact that men who ingest higher amounts of this amino acid are able to achieve stronger erections via improvement of blood flow to the penis, and body as a whole. It facilitates increased production of the natural vasodilator Nitric Oxide.
  • Zinc: An important mineral in thousands of chemical reactions in the body, it is also remarkably important in male sexuality. Men with low levels of blood zinc are much more likely to have correspondingly lower testosterone levels and low sperm count. Virectin contains enough Zinc (according to the Manufacturer) to help you prevent these two plagues of male sexual health.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: A trusted aphrodisiac and testosterone booster for centuries in Asia and Europe, it is also known to increase sexual aggression. Its use has been well documented in men with low desire, and can also improve blood flow to the penis. Tribulus is also used by bodybuilders as it improves physical performance significantly.
  • Avena Sativa: Also known as wild oats, it has been used for decades by both men and women to improve their libido. Men that demonstrate low interest in sex make big progress with this extract, as well as improvements to overall sexual function.
  • Ashwagandha Root, Damiana Leaf, Cnidium Monnieri, MACA root extract, Herba Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed): These extracts all work to improve sexual desire, boosting testosterone production and improving blood flow. Although all are proven to have effect on improving facets of male sexuality, many manufacturers opt out of using them, since they are relatively expensive, but could also be missing out on efficacy of their product.
  • Ginkgo Biloba , Mucuna Pruriens: Effective, yet relatively uncommon ingredients in many male enhancement supplements, capable of reducing the incidence of erectile dysfunction and improving entire body blood flow. Ginkgo biloba is also a potent adaptogen that reduced the toll physical stress takes on the body of a man.
  • Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek Seed: Two interesting additions that help to optimize hormonal balance in the male body, via increasing testosterone production, and controlling DHT (dihydrotestosterone) synthesis. DHT is important, but too high levels may negatively affect the prostate gland.
  • Tongkat Ali: An absolutely amazing testosterone booster, this herb has been shown to almost double men’s testosterone levels. Other benefits of this herb include improved sperm count, increased erection hardness and rigidity, lower incidence of premature ejaculation and improved physical prowess.

How Does Virectin Work?

What makes Virectin one of the most interesting male supplements on the market is the fact that it achieves its effects via targeting multiple pathways important to male sexuality as a whole. These include

  • Increasing blood flow to the penis
  • Ensuring testosterone levels are adequate for age (very important)
  • Increases libido and sexual aggression
  • Increases stamina and the time before ejaculation

Virectin Pros

The Pros for this supplement are astounding:

  • Improves virtually every department of male sexual health; improves blood flow (firmer erections), increases testosterone levels and libido, increases sexual dominance and aggression, increases ejaculate volume and sperm count, and reduced susceptibly to physical stressors in everyday life
  • All natural ingredients
  • Extremely low margin of side effects
  • Ingredient list disclosed
  • Delivers measurable short term and long term effects
  • Offers 60 day money back guarantee
  • Secure, discrete online ordering
  • Customer testimonials readily available around the web and on the official site
  • Does not Include dangerous Yohimbe
  • Most of the ingredients contained within are proven to independently improve sexual health
  • Free shipping on orders of more than 2 bottles ( over $50 worth)

Virectin Cons

  • Pricing is available in US Dollars only

Cost and Dosage

The official website recommends taking 3 pills daily, on an empty stomach. Currently, a single bottle of 90 count costs $44.95, with purchase of multiple bottles reducing the price per bottle significantly.

How Long Before Effects Are Seen?

Ideally, you should see some kind of effect after the first dose, since certain ingredients are capable of working immediately, while others compound their effects over the course of a few weeks.

Side Effects of Virectin

Reports of side-effects related to use of this supplement is extremely sparse; however there are a few.
They include:

  • Transient nausea
  • Mild headache
  • Aggression (bad or good, you decide)

Success Stories

Many reviews that could be found on the web indicate that it is indeed trustworthy. One such review stated (taken from

My husband is very pleased with these pills – as am I! We’re getting older and his performance was getting worse. He has been taking them two times a day and now everything is going great. He’s able to last longer and we have such a great private life! He has tried a few different pills similar to this, but they never gave results. Virectin proved to us that there is an amazing product that we can keep going back to. Top notch product.
By Elisabeth

I tried Virectin 2 after we had a lot of fun with Virectin 1. This is a great product, even better than the first. He lasted for hours!
By Osyn

The Virectin was great for solving bedroom problems .Now I would recommend it to anyone looking to make their “bedroom fun” last longer and happy. Don’t waste your time on other products. I will be ordering this product again in the near future.
By Urosh Vasic

I have bought this item before, and to be honest i was really surprised. I have tried many different product, but none of them give me any result. But this… This one was showing good result just after few hours of the first use. Since then my sexual life just got better. I can satisfy my partner, and no need to feel emberrast. Really Great Item. Highly Recommend!!!
By rolanduk

To Understand How Virectin Works, Please See The Video Below

Final Verdict

From all indications, Virectin is a product that could be truly trusted. It is indeed a rare gem, one that honesty tries to address all aspects of male sexuality. On top of that, the price isn’t ridiculous, leading us to give the thumbs up to this product.

Where To Find It

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  • I am 42 and had some ED issues due to age factor. It tied my life towards downfall. While searching online for remedies, I found Virectin reviews, which claim natural increase in testosterone level!! So I decided to give it a chance. After using it for a week, I was surprised to see the changes. My libido increased, it gave firm erections and long lasting effects. My wife is feeling more satisfied now. Thanks to Virectin for giving back my confidence.

  • I just want to say that I am totally amazed after I took my first dose yesterday evening and last night was the best sex with my wife I never had before than I could remember.

  • This product is incomparable; my husband tried several products but no noticeable results. But when my husband tried this product, it surprised me. We both noticed the effect of Virectin. This time my husband lasts for “hours”. Thanks Virectin!

  • After reading all the reviews, I ordered it. After taking it for the first time I noticed a sudden effect on my erections and my sexual performance. This system works perfectly. I would just recommend buying it. There are no side effects I met with this, only powerful results. Great Product.

  • I had read various positive comments about virectin and want to try it. But before that I want to know about the ingredients used in it. Actually I want to confirm that all the ingredients are natural or not. Please let me know ASAP!

    • Mr. Avery,

      Below is the list of all natural ingredients which make virectin one of the powerful male inhancement pill.

      Damiana Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Maca Root Powder, Fenugreek Seed, Arginine HCL, Saw Palmetto, Herba Epimedium, Tribulus Terrestris, Selenium, Niacin, Zinc, Avena Sativa (Wild Oats), Mucuna pruriens, Tongkat Ali, and Cnidium Monnieri.

      • Hi again…. Thanks M. Demarcus for providing with the ingredients list. I researched bout the ingredients of Virectin and found that all the ingredients are natural without causing any side effects. I have placed my order today from the official website and now eagerly waiting for the delivery of the product.

    • Actually I am also having a libido issue. After reading your comment, I am thinking of giving Virectin a try. As you have mentioned that you are satisfied with this product, does it cause any side effects. Please let me know! I m very in a need of a male enhancer badly.

  • I only tried this product due to its natural ingredients. Results are simply the best, it starts showing results in third week’s use. It helps me to stay rigid and tough, longer, I almost have 3-4 orgasms in a play. I am very Satisfied with the results. I will recommend this product to everyone, whoever is looking for natural and herbal male enhancer.

  • Today is my 5th online order for Virectin. Past days were good for my sexual performance on bed, it’s really a best product for me, to solve sexual problems. Virectin has removed my erectile dysfunction and now, I have a perfect manhood power.

  • I was suffering from lack of manhood power due to anxiety. Every day, I neglected intercourse with my wife and she got worried regarding this problem. She decided to solve this issue and purchased virectin. Initially, I avoided this product, but my wife forced me to use this. Now, I can’t explain you. I was totally amazed to see the results. Still, from 6 months regularly having it and feels like horse rider. Thank you virectin and my wife also for this.

  • I had low libido, and I have been always nervous, whenever went for a date with my girlfriend. So I decided to take some natural male enhancer and bought virectin for 2 ½ months. It really helps to enhance my time in bed and provide extra energy, while dating. I have no words to say how effective this product for me.

  • It’s a great supplement for my pre-ejaculation. I’m 47, and regular user of Virectin from 4 months. I am writing this review with positive feedback, that it’s really effective for me.

  • Just 16 days ago my wife purchased virectin and she told me to have it. After having virectin, results are un-believable. It works for my low libido problem and also provides good hardness for my organ. Thankful for virectin.

  • Virectin is a perfect supplement to cure my sex desire and I’m one of those, who have low libido. Now, I have the confidence to perform better sexual activity at any time, whenever I want, because of Virectin. I would like to thank for this.

  • I love virectin too much, because its ingredients are effective to care of my pre-ejaculation. Using it for 4 ½ months and the results are actually best, as compared to other supplement used before.

  • I had never tried any male enhancement supplement before. So, I was searching for the best and safe natural ingredients blend product for me and talked with my brother. He recommended Virectin. I was afraid but took 1 pill at night before intercourse. I am amazed to feel the changes in my mood and that to after 1 unit course. I ordered for 6 months complete pack of virectin. Appreciating the manufacturer for Virectin

  • I was suffering from ED and looking for the perfect product to fix my sexual problem. Each day, I felt ashamed to think about my weak condition. I talked to my childhood friend and he told me to try Virectin, then I ordered a trial pack. Results were great, this is my next order for 3 months.

  • Purchased a six month pack of virectin and also using it from 2 months. This product is better than I expected, to cure my weak stamina. It helps me improve my sex drive. I would like to say thanks for this.

  • Virectin helps to get harder easily and long lasting as I required. I was feeling uncomfortable whenever performing physical relation with my girlfriend, thus I was searching for male enhancer for my weak libido. I have been taking it from 3 months. Now, I satisfied with my purchase.

    • Completely agree with you. This is my 4th week of using Virectin and holding my erection for longer time. My sex libido has been increased drastically. Now me and my wife both enjoy the pleasure!

  • I had low sexual stamina and I was searching for male enhancer. My situation wasn’t good to have long lasting erection. I talked with my brother about this problem. He suggested me to take Virectin, because he was already taking it, from 7 months. I ordered it for initial 1 month and feel great changes in my sexual stamina. Proudly recommended for you!

  • My performance wasn’t good while being intimate with my girlfriend. This problem had been on from 6 months. I talked to my brother and he suggested to take virectin. I ordered it for 1 month, after having it, I’m completely satisfied with this natural medication. This supplement has solved my weak performance.

  • Each day, I was upset to think about my weak sexual stamina and I was searching for a natural male supplement that took care of my sexual activity. I had been reading lots of articles every day for a workout and natural method to treat my situation. I also abide by that method. But, far to deal with my condition. Just 1 month ago I read this article and gave a chance to virectin. I can’t explain, it’s an amazing product for me. I appreciate this product for taking care of my weak sexual stamina.

  • I have been using Virectin for 2 weeks now and the outcome is really fantastic. I was facing the problem of attaining an erection and was unable to last for long. But now after using this product my sexual performance has improved tremendously. My girlfriend is really surprised with my performance.

  • Virectin has done miracles in my life. After getting divorced and being alone for 2 years, I was frustrated mentally as the reason for my loneliness was nothing but ED. It was like a curse for me as wife left me for this. One day I was reading some article and I don’t remember how I landed on your website where I read the reviews of Virectin and thought to give it a shot. You guys won’t believe me but as I was using this pill, I could feel that it was working within me. Now I’m dating a lady and we had sex last night, she was amazed with my performance and stamina. Next morning I proposed her and guess what????
    YESSSSSS……she accepted and hopefully by next week we are getting married. Thanks to Virectin and thanks to its makers.

  • As a marriage counselor, I experience a ton of sexual concerns every second day. So after lot of research, I discovered that Virectin is the best answer for their concerns. I suggested this answer for a considerable lot of my customers, and now I am legitimately fulfilled by the effects of my work and with the outcomes that I have, in treating my clients. They come with a positive feedback, when they visit me next time, after recommending Virectin.

  • I’m into my 3rd month and I can proudly say that this product is working very well for me. The blend of natural ingredients has increased the circulation of blood in my body. This product has improved my erections, apart from that it has boosted my stamina tremendously and my staying power is more than before.

  • I’m male 45 and I could feel its effect. After researching and consulting number of people I reached the conclusion that I’ll have to try out some supplement to keep going. I came up with Virectin that claims to provide some good results with zero side effects. Used it and I could say that now I’m not gonna leave this product ever. All the claims made by Virectin came up to the expectations.

  • This product has done wonders for me. I was unable to handle any of my girlfriend in the bedroom, as I was not able to last for long. But after using “Virectin” I can say that this product has completely changed my bedroom scenario. Now I can last for long with harder & stronger erections. Thank you Virectin!!!

  • The Virectin was extraordinary for dealing with bedroom issues .Now I might suggest it to anybody looking to make their “bedroom fun”, stay for a longer period of time and make her happy. Don’t spend your time on other products. I will be requesting this item again, within a brief period of time.

  • I was suffering from erectile dysfunction before trying Virectin. I have been using Virectin for 2 months now and the results I got are mind blowing. My erections are way much stronger & harder than before. It looks like my ED problem is being solved by this product and even I didn’t notice any side effects.

    • Hi Steve………..Virectin is made up of all natural ingredients as mentioned above in this review and there are zero know side effects for this product. I have used this product and it helped me to revive my sexual life.

  • I ordered the “Double V” system from the official website of Virectin. It’s amazing!!! The Vazogel works perfect for lubrication and also provides a sensation which is mind blowing. Virectin together with Vazogel is a perfect team to make a goal for you in the bedroom.

  • I have been using Virectin from last 6 months and this product has changed my sexual life tremendously. Earlier I was having problem in attaining erection but now I can attain my erections for long. Along with this it has increased my sexual drive. Thank u Virectin for giving me back my Sex Life…!!!

  • Howdy! I’m 47 years of age and I had tried heaps of male enhancers, however not one has worked for me. At that point I chose to attempt Virectin. I’m taking this item for past 4 weeks. My last sexual experience with my wife was a week ago, so I took 2 flasks. I didn’t even need to hold up much, it worked within an hour. My wife and I are exceptionally cheerful that it worked for me.

  • Hi! I’m 34! My sexual life was in a complete mess. My GF was very upset with my performance. Best buddy of mine suggested me to use Virectin as he was using it for last 8 months. I bought Virectin and within 2 weeks I noticed change in my erections as well as my sexual drive. Virectin seems to be working very well for me and till now I haven’t experienced any side effect.

  • Virectin is just awesome for my low libido. I am having it from past 15 days and feeling great changes in my mood. Now, I am 50 years old young man. I also want to write a short line for Virectin. “Great product I ever used before”. Thank you!

  • Yes, Virectin has proven to be very useful for my husband, who last year started with his own set of problems concerning his sexual performance. A buddy of his office recommended this product, having tried it for himself. It is a very effective for males who have penile erectile disorders. We were truly pleased to learn that this product really works. My husband tried one similar product like this, gave it at least two weeks to work, but it didn’t worked for him. Virectin delivers results right away. It is always great to find a product that delivers more than what it promises to. Thanks Virectin!

  • My spouse and I have been battling in the bed which was as disappointing as it seemed to be. We at last decided that we should search a product that could help us. We tried a couple of distinctive strategies and products however they weren’t working great. After a bit more skimming around online we came across Virectin. We had no clue what so ever however, it couldn’t hurt to attempt. Virectin has been the best thing we have tried. It has significantly influenced our experience and things are truly grabbing. Virectin has been worth each penny and has truly carried some new ardor and trust in the bed. Highly recommended!!

  • Currently taking a different male enhancement product, didn’t work for me… I am planning to order Virectin. In case I order Virectin, can I take it with some other male enhancement product??

    • Yes brother, you can take it although you were using some other male enhancement product. Even I was on Androzene before I tried Virectin. I stopped using Androzene as it was not providing the results I was expecting and also because of its heavy price. Now with Virectin, I’m quite satisfied and happy with the results and it is also affordable.

  • I was not expecting much from Virectin, but I have to say that it does offer great results if used as recommended! You will feel a lot harder and more sensitive. Works great, well worth the price!

    • I agree with Alfredo. I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction from the last 2 years and also taken 5-6 male enhancers but no one had solved my sexual problem. Finally I got Virectin 3 months ago and now I am having it daily. It really works great for me.

  • 1st I would like to thank my girlfriend and then “Virectin”. My sexual life was on the verge of extinction. But thanks to my girl she found out this product for me. As my erections was going down day by day and that was making her upset. Virectin perfectly worked the way I wanted. The natural bled of ingredients worked well and now I can last for really long. I’m really a satisfied customer. Would recommend it to all my fellow friends… Thank you Virectin!!!

  • Within a week’s time I started experiencing positive results from this product. My stamina is way more than before and it helps me to last long. My wife is very happy with my performance!!!

  • My wife purchased Virectin for me and I am using it for 8 weeks now. It works awesome for my sexual desire. She is happy with my physical effort during intercourse and this makes it a great product. I love this natural medication.

  • I had read several reviews about this product and majority of them are positive. Users have mentioned that they have gained a lot from this product and some even stated that it has cured their ED problem. Is it really the best male enhancement product?

    • Hey, I’m using Virectin for the past 2 years and it has worked wonders for me. My sexual desire and vigor has gone up and now I feel more energetic during sex. For me, it’s definitely the best male enhancement.

  • Virectin seems to be the best male enhancement product. Few of my friends had tried it and told me that this product worked for them without giving any side effects. I’ll be placing an order soon for “Virectin”.

  • After reviewing several products I placed an order for Virectin. I read that it is made up of natural ingredients and the results are instant. The important thing about this product is the money back guarantee and zero side effects.

  • Virectin really works. Over the last 5 years I tried 10 different products but nothing worked like Virectin. It is unbelievable. Now my wife is also satisfied with my performance.

  • I was bit skeptical about this product, but the ingredients like gingko biloba, Maca root Ashwagandha herbs are known to be beneficial as they don’t cause any side effects. So I decided to use it. And you can’t believe it has given me amazing results, it made my erections stronger and for a longer time. Really, this is the best product I’ve used.

  • I want to say how impressed I’m with “Virectin”. I noticed after the first week, it gave me fuller and firmer penis. My energy level was very high. It has increased the pleasure level and we are enjoying to the fullest. Thanks to Virectin..!!!

  • I’m into my 40’s and I could feel that I was getting old. Even my wife started teasing me that I couldn’t perform as I used to. One day my brother came to visit us with his family and I discussed this problem with him. The very next day he came up with a bottle of Virectin to me and said “Stacy won’t tease you anymore”. After using Virectin I could say that it’s simply amazing. Grab it guys….worth paying for every penny.

  • Hi! I’m 52! I was suffering from ED. This problem was haunting me from last 1 year. I tried few male enhancement supplements that claim to treat ED but they were not as effective as I was looking for. I heard positive reviews about Virectin and thought of trying it. Now I’m into my 3rd week and the results are astounding. It looks like that this product will cure my ED in the coming month. My erections are much solid and stronger even my wife is wondering how I can attain an erection for so long. Thank you Virectin…!!

  • Virectin was suggested to me by my friends. I was doubtful at first that will this pill work for me? But I was wrong, after the 1st dosage I felt super energetic and my erection was harder. That night I lasted for really very long. My wife was amazed by performance as she always desired me to last long.

  • I placed my order of Virectin Double V system from the official website and received my package within a day. I was amazed with the shipment process of this product. They were really quick, so I was expecting the same from this product that it would work quickly. And guess what???? It worked according to my expectations and I became ready to bang on bed. That night I performed as if there was a sex devil inside me.

  • I ordered Virectin and received my shipment. It came with a free EBook named “Pulling a Boost Back into the Bedroom”. Once I started reading the book, I was amazed with the trick and tips that were provided in that book to enhance my performance during sex. I tried all the tricks and they worked perfect.
    Ohhhhhhh…….I forgot to tell you about the product. It’s amazing!!!!! Grab it guys before it ran out of stock.

  • First of all I would like to thank the makers of Virectin who created this miraculous product. Then I would like to thank the customers of Virectin who are sharing their views on this product. You all encouraged me to use this amazing product that eventually helped me to overcome my ED problem. Thank you once again!!!!

  • What convinced me to try Virectin was the quality of the ingredients used and the positive customer reviews. The results were fantastic and my sex life was back on track. It is hard to believe that my sex life was becoming more and more interesting with the passing time.

  • I was without sex for past 5 months as my wife was on a tour and in the mean time I triggered ED. I was shocked after getting diagnosed with this problem and so was my wife when she returned. We thought, medications can help to solve this issue and after reading all the positive reviews for Virectin we thought to give it a try. It truly helped me with my ED problem and I was amazed with the other benefits that I received after using Virectin. Anybody suffering from ED go for Virectin!!!!

  • I had started using Virectin about a month ago and experienced amazing results from it. There is definitely an upsurge in firmness and it has given me the extra boost I was looking for. I’ve already placed another order and would definitely recommend this product to my friends & colleagues.

  • I have been using Virectin for the past 1 year and this is really an outstanding product. I started using Virectin to enrich my sex life without experiencing any failure. This product has improved my stamina as well as my energy. My erections last for much longer and that make my wife happy. I haven’t experienced any side effects from this product.

  • Whenever I use Virectin my girlfriend reaches her climax sooner than before, and it just keeps on getting better day by day! Since I started using Virectin, I’ve felt brilliant about my sexual life and it is full-filling and empowering. It is really hard to believe that this pill has changed my sex life. Virectin is a worthy product!

  • Virectin is an all-natural male enhancement product in the market!!! After using it, I can confidently say that my erections are harder and that helps me to last longer! I use it regularly and my girlfriend loves as it has taken our sex life to higher peak. I would definitely recommend “VIRECTIN” to everyone!

  • I ordered Virectin because my doctor prescribed me some blood pressure medication that triggered the problem of ED. I have been using Virectin from last 8 months. It has made noticeable difference in our sex life and “we” love it!

  • Virectin is not just an overnight miracle for me. I am using it from last four months and I can honestly say that our sexual life has become more pleasurable and spontaneous. I got back my regular morning erections and this is the best part for my wife.

  • Virectin is the first product that I’ve bought online. It has provided me with some extra size along with girth. At first I was quite skeptical about the product but with the passage of time Virectin proved that I was wrong.

  • I was facing a lot of trouble to get it up. My neighbor suggested me to use Virectin. After using it for a week, I am a different “MAN” now. Virectin provides you a strong bat to hit a home run.

  • Earlier I didn’t believe my brother when he explained me the benefits of Virectin. I noticed tremendous improvement in my sex life. My erections, stamina and I can say that my overall sexual performance has enhanced immensely after using it.

  • My girlfriend ordered Virectin for me. I was facing problem in attaining erection so she was concerned about it. She read positive customer reviews about this product and ordered it from the official website. The outcome I got from this product is simply fabulous. I can last longer and this makes her happy. Thanks to her for making this wonderful choice.

  • Virectin has become a friend of mine. Whenever I need a strong erection, it’s there for me. Whenever I desire to last long, it’s there for me. Whenever I think of giving my girl a memorable pleasurable experience, it’s there for me. This is just amazing to have such a great product.

  • With the heap of male enhancement product in the market I choose Virectin just because it is made up of natural ingredients and my cousins gave me positive feedback about this product. After using it for a week, I’m able to attain and maintain rock solid erections that too for long even my stamina have increased. I’m really happy using this product and will continue to do so…

  • I’ve been using it for 7 months now. With solid erection and increased energy I’m able to last for long. This was the thing that was missing in our sex life but Virectin has completed it with extra pleasure & happiness.

  • I’m truly impressed with Virectin. I am male 52, physically fit, even though I was facing erection problems from past few days. Before going for those costly Viagra, I thought to give a try to the pills that are less expensive. Eventually I found Virectin that helped me a lot in solving my erection problem. No more erection difficulties. Great product!!!!

  • The product is 100% effective, 100% natural and 100% cost effective with zero side effects. I’m on it for past 2 years and I’m a 100% satisfied customer. This is the best product I have ever used for my ED problem!

  • Virectin has given me the stamina that was lacking in my sex life and that was preventing me to last for longer. But now I can last for long and can satisfy my partner to the fullest.

  • Finally I got rid from ED by using Virectin. Earlier my erections were soft and I was unable to last for long. But the day I started using Virectin, I can say my erection are getting harder and harder. My girlfriend can feel the hardness as I can last for really long which was missing earlier. Thank you Virectin!

  • I have read several reviews about this product before using it. To my surprise this product really works. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and the results are fabulous. With boosted stamina & increased sex drive, I can perform way much better than I used to.

  • As claimed by the official website of Virectin; “Virectin addresses the 4 most important areas that will help to achieve the peak sexual performance by increasing sexual stamina and lasting power. It also increases blood circulation to the penis shaft, heighten libido and support healthy testosterone levels”. I should say that, it definitely helps in all these aspects as I’m using it for the past 2 years and it has provided me all the results that it claims.

  • I am using Virectin on a regular basis but I forgot to take the dose 2 days back but still I am attaining a strong, harder erection and my stamina is mind blowing. This made me realize that, “Virectin is truly working for me and now I’m not gonna leave this product ever.”

  • My brother suggested me to use Virectin as I was facing multiple sexual disorders. Within a week I saw tremendous changes in my sexual behavior. My erections & my stamina is now double than before. With the increased stamina I was able to last for really long. Virectin is working really very well for me.

  • After trying several OTC products, I opted out for Virectin. The results I got are not more than a miracle. My erection problem is completely solved now and I can attain erection for than half an hour. Thank you Virectin!!!

  • With multiple sexual disorders my sex life was not that interesting as it was. But thanks to “Virectin” for giving me another chance and re-energized my sex life. Now my erections are solid as rock and I can last for really long.

  • There are so many feedbacks and testimonials from satisfied customers of Virectin. So I decided to give it a try and to see why so many people are talking about this and appreciating it. After using it, my mood and energy level is far better than it used to be. Now I understand why so many people are talking about this product and praising it!!!

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      • I am so glad someone else noticed that.  I think the same person must have written all of these reviews.  A few negative ones would have made it a little more believable.  Don’t think I will waste any money on this one.