Nugenix Reviews: Effective Testosterone Booster or Scam?

Nugenix Overview

Nugenix is a testosterone hormone suggested by many physicians in order to assist in testosterone boosting, especially when traditional boosting methods like weight training exercise and intense cardio aren’t enough to bring you the results you need. Testosterone boosters can come in injectable, gel, or cream form; Nugenix in particular is an all-natural product that comes in pill form. It’s referred to as all-natural because it makes use of natural herbs and extracts.

Who Produces Nugenix?


Direct Digital LLC is the producer of Nugenix, which is synthesized in U.S. Laboratories running under strict GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines by the FDA or the (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration. Direct Digital LLC has offices based in Boston, Massachusetts and Charlotte, North Carolina. As for their laboratories, they’re located in Utah and Florida. They’re also the makers of arthritis medication Instaflex and Lumiday, which is a natural mood enhancer.

What’s The Main Ingredient In Nugenix?

The main ingredient of Nugenix is:

  • Testofen – Comes from fenugreek seeds and is a well-known testosterone production booster for your body. With that said, testofen is only part of the blend of ingredients that makes up Nugenix. The product is quite effective in increasing your testosterone because it also has Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, l-citruline malate, tribulus terrestris, and zinc included with testofen.

How Does Nugenix Work?

It’s the combination of the tribulus terrestris and testofen taken from fenugreek seeds that gives Nugenix its potent feel. Other issues associated with sexual stamina, muscle gains, improved cardio, weight reduction, and so forth are covered by the different vitamins and minerals included into the product, like Zinc and Vitamin B6. Fenugreek seed extracts produce fenusides that, when combined with l-citruline malate and tribulus terrestris, forms the “Nugenix Testosterone Complex“.

Main Advantages Associated With Nugenix

  • Increased sperm production
  • Bigger muscle size that’s maintained even without the help of exercise
  • A reduction of “stubborn” fat that doesn’t go away from simple dieting and exercise
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Better libido
  • Overall improved mood
  • Increased sexual activity

Main Disadvantages Associated With Nugenix

While Nugenix does work according to many a testimonial and satisfied customer, it does suffer from a diminishing effect as your body gets used to it.

  • Its initial gains tend to diminish as time passes by
  • Not recommended that you go off the prescribed dosage to regain that initial feeling

While directly feeding your body testosterone offers a greater impact, Nugenix is safer and lets your body do the work.

Any Side Effects Related To Nugenix?

Liver destruction might come about if you put testosterone directly into your body through supplements, powders, or pills. With that said, you don’t have to worry about damaging your liver with Nugenix because it’s different from testosterone “doping”. You aren’t forcing testosterone into your body, you’re instead encouraging your body to make its own. It’s also because of this that Nugenix has been claimed a placebo scam and no more effective than a vitamin.

The Usage Instructions for Nugenix

When it comes to using Nugenix, you should take 3 capsules a day (after every meal). However, if you feel that you require an increase in dosage in order to get more of the effects of the Nugenix testosterone booster, then the safe tolerance zone would be 1 to 2 extra capsules. Don’t overdose and don’t go over the 2-extra-capsule limit.

Warnings Associated With Nugenix

Don’t take Nugenix on an empty stomach. You should also take it in the morning if you’re not working out. If it’s a workout day, then take it 30 to 45 minutes before you work out.

Is Nugenix a Scam?

No, it’s not. It’s indeed an all-natural testosterone booster because it doesn’t contain actual testosterone and it works in making your body restore its own testosterone production to healthy levels that won’t cause liver damage or other such side effects. Even the BBB complaints against the product have been readily dropped.

What Consumers are saying about Nugenix?

While Nugenix itself has a file on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), it’s rated as “A” there and quite a lot of problems with consumers who filed BBB complaints have been resolved. What’s more, even dissatisfied customers give favorable reviews to the Direct Digital LLC’s customer service. Their agents are courteous, they don’t dissuade people from availing of the 30-day money back deal, and there are no issues in terms of the guarantee.

Our Expert Review on Nugenix

The majority of testosterone boosters out there are nothing more than vitamin and mineral supplements or amino acid stacks in powder or pill form. With that said, Nugenix does work because it contains not only its premier fenugreek seed extract; it also has tribulus terrestris, which is well-known in the bodybuilding community as a natural testosterone enhancer. Just be warned that tribulus terrestris has had mixed results in terms of testosterone increases while fenugreek seed extract hasn’t been as well-researched as tribulus.

Below you will find the most effective male enhancement products being sold today. The ranking is based on crucial factors including active ingredients, benefits offered, affordability and how fast the effects are. Of course, we carefully researched the science behind each product making sure that it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product allowing us to rank them.

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Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy
Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
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June 05, 2013
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December 26, 2013

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  • Hello Lisiana Carter!!! I enjoyed reading your review on Nugenix. Thank you very much for posting this review. Since this product does not seem to offer proofs for its claims, can you suggest any natural testosterone booster product that really works?
    Thank You

    • author

      Hello Haefen!
      Thank you very much for reading my review and for the appreciation. There are a number of natural testosterone boosters available today in the market and their functionality differs from person to person depending on their age group. Visit the link below to find the reviews of best products available in the market, which could be helpful for you to choose the appropriate product.

  • I’ve been having Nugenix for 4 months with morning workout and dosage as prescribe, it doesn’t gives me hard erection while intercourse. I can’t still stopover hard afterwords and keep doesn’t pleasuring with my wife while intercourse.

  • To the best of my knowledge, buying Nugenix is throwing money in to the dustbin. I have been taking it for the last 3 months but change is not yet that significant. It doesn’t affect the way my member goes to sleep or wakes when need arises. The only difference it makes is with my cash. I get a regular supply although I made one-time purchase. Whenever I call the suppliers, they insist that it will start working soon. Don’t fall prey to this money grabbing product that has brought no change in me for the whole of the last summer.

  • When I first took Nugenix, I expected it to work immediately but that was not the case. After about two weeks, I was like a bull wanting sex all the time my wife was by my bedside. It is an amazing product that has revamped my sex drive which I had desperately sought for years. We can now have sex several times every night to its credit. It’s has made the “bed dance” quite thrilling other than preventing delayed orgasm. I have reaped many benefits such that I always ensure that there is an unopened bottle in my bedroom. I am grateful the solution is here.

  • I got my ordered last month and using it as prescribed as bottle labeled, but I feel less changes in my mood towards sexual activity. I have low sex desire and looking to fix it. If you have any suggestion which is great for me. I will really appreciate.

  • It is more difficult to make pleasurable all night for me because I have poor sexual health and can’t get harder while intercourse with my girlfriend. I ordered it for 2 months to see the actual result but it didn’t make my sexual activity better after taking 2 month dosage.

  • I’m into my 2nd week and I agree that Nugenix is pretty good stuff. My body seems to recover better after workouts. My erections seem to be much fuller and harder than before.

  • At the age of 51, I experienced decline in my sex drive. I took the dosage as recommended for 3 days and haven’t felt so charged & horny. Now I feel like I’m back in my twenties!!!

  • I am 47 and my Jonny has been limp for a couple of years until when Nugenix got him back to work. It has revolutionized my sex life. I had tried more than 10 products but this one ranks at the top. It has sparked the memories of having sex all night like when we were newly married. It has disapproved my previous thoughts that things will never get back to normal. It’s now a reality that I am not an aging man and I will continue taking these naturally extracted pills. Use it to wake your Jonny.

  • I smell a rat when I saw those commercials about this product and the free trials one would get. I decided to give it a trial but even after being on the pills for over a month, I felt no change at all. Aware of the con, I purchased from a different vendor only to get similar results. This is a scam for entrepreneurs to exchange money and make profits from buyers. I got infuriated since one supplier continued with the auto-billing despite telling them that I no longer needed the product. Don’t fall in to these setups.

  • I was searching for sex pill and found more positive reviews on Nugenix. After using it for 1 month I observed no major change in my stamina, this product has an average nothing new in it compare to others and I talk to my friend to concern about this stuff should I continue with this medication, he told me just switch your selection and purchase some effective and powerful product.

    • I am also using these pills for 3 weeks. Some time after taking pills, I feel like nausea, not sure is this because of pills or something else. It’s an average product.

  • I am 45, and looking to order Nugenix to improve my testosterone level. But here I found there is no list of ingredients. Can anyone please provide me the complete list of ingredients in Nugenix.

  • I have a problem of erectile dysfunction. I reviewed much article, yet there is no much information how to take this pill and also have less ingredient detail of Nugenix. How can I purchase this with proudly it will work for me?

    • I was also having ED problem for last 6 months. Tried Nugenix and lots of other enhancement products but no one was effective for me. Now I am frustrated with this problem. My wife is also not happy with me. Can some one please suggest me some effective one so that I overcome from this ED problem.

      • Hey Fletcher, even I was going through the same phase as you are going through. Even I tried a number of products that was just a waste of time and money for me. I was losing hope and accepted the truth that I would have to live with this ED lifelong & won’t be able to enjoy sex anymore. But then, my wife took it from there and she did some hard work to search for some effective male enhancement product that could help me. She asked me to order Virectin but I didnt want to, as I thought it might be another rip-off and waste of money as well as time. But after forced by her, I placed an order and after using it on a regular basis I got my sexual life back. Now my bedroom performance has improved immensely. I’m grateful to my wife as she searched for this product, when I lost hope.

  • Nugenix is a muscle builder product. You can find this product on body making web pages. I tried this product 2 month ago and it doesn’t provided me sexual satisfaction.

  • I tried Nugenix as I was facing the problem of erectile dysfunction. I have been using this product for last 2 weeks and noticed a change in my erection. My erection is much harder than before.

  • This is total nonsense; it will not work even if you take an overdose. I made an order and regretted having wasted my cash. I got irritated after using it for a month and seemingly it worsened things. I had better sex experiences before it ruined everything. It cost me delayed ejaculations with some lasting up to 20 minutes. I discontinued using it and things have gone back to normal. This is just one of many bogus products you should not waste your penny on. It almost wrecked my sexual drive when my wife could always ask if all was well.

  • Wow! Finally, I got the solution to my lost libido, thanks to Nugenix. It was always difficult to keep my member awake but it solved everything. At 52, I can now have sex daily ever since I discovered this golden all natural supplement. It has always made me feel like I am still in my 20’s. If you got ED, I would highly recommend this product among other dozens in the market. It has raised my testosterone levels for improved sexual performances. You won’t regret having spent your money since the benefits are worth much more than its cost.

  • There is need for extra caution if you should try this life threatening product. I once used it and got so many regrets. It made me nose-bleed every morning after taking a cold shower. I probably think it increased my blood pressure. Dilated blood vessels on my hands and head were as a result of its constant use. Soon after I stopped taking it, things got back to normal. Don’t put your life at risk by taking Nugenix despite of its ingredients that promise a heaven. Go for the prescription drugs if you have to use one.

  • I have noted positive effects from the use of Nugenix on several occasions. I have been using it for the past 6 months and the results are awesome. However, it doesn’t make much difference after partying too much (heavy drinking). It does wonders when I have set the right mood for a great night with my wife. It has failed me for only a few occasions when other factors are to blame. I will continue using as long as these positive effects will last. It’s made my life better and many can still get the same results.

  • After receiving 2 weeks free supply of Nugenix, nothing much really seemed to change. I thought it was a marketing strategy to promote the product. Why I got it at no price made me suspicious of its efficiency. After all, why would they give it away if it works in deed? I believe it’s among other fake products in the market with an aim of looting unsuspecting clients. Having tried this and other several testosterone boosters, it has dawned to me that only prescribed medicines work. Kindly don’t waste your cash on this. It’s all crap.

  • I tried this supplement as I’m into body building. This product has increased my energy levels, along with the muscle mass. A regular workout with this product is an added advantage…!!

  • I’m not truly pleased with “Nugenix”. I actually didn’t get the outcomes that they were boasting about and the trial bottle was not sufficient. It’s expensive and need lot of money to pay for the product, which I can’t afford.

  • I got a surprise after finding this product coz it really restored sex drive. I have been using for the last 4 months and I can confess it is a recommendable one. It has brought to an end my quest for a male enhancement solution having tried different ones for close to 2 years. It does not work in an instance but I personally started noticing changes after two weeks of regular use. Other than helping me when it comes to bed affairs, I also noted an improvement in my overall wellbeing. You should try it out.

  • I feel like this company is a scam!! Once you place the order they start charging your credit card and they do not stop. You have to involve your Credit Card Company while placing the order and later on you have to struggle to stop them.

  • After taking Nugenix for about 3 weeks, my blood pressure increased from 120/70 to 150/90. I did felt an increase in energy levels but I don’t think it’s worth risking my health.

  • This product is a complete waste of time and has nothing to improve my overall sexual performance. I have been using it for last 4 months and wasted a lot of dollars on it. Don’t waste yours!!!!

  • Nugenix doesn’t roll back my vigor even after using it for 2 months. I was looking for the best product to improve my sexual performance but it has nothing worth to call it a best product.

  • I’ve been using Nugenix for past 2 months and results are not that effective as I expected. Just a little boost in stamina and nothing else… Really disappointed!

  • I’ve started using Nugenix from last 5 days and now I came across with so many disappointed customer testimonials who tried this product and didn’t get any results. Now I’m wondering “Will it work for me?”

    • Hey Owen, keep using the product as recommended on the product label and I hope it might work for you. Even I was disappointed with this product during initial days but with the regular dosage it has improved my stamina and strength.

  • I’ve spent my money on Nugenix in a hope that it would be a great product for me to rejuvenate my sexual life. I consumed Nugenix for 3 months and also followed all the prescribed suggestion but I feel no change in my bed performance.

  • To improve my Low t levels, I tried Nugenix and to my wonder it has seriously improved my T-levels. Last week, I had undergone a test to check whether my T levels have improved or not, luckily for me it worked and my T levels have been improved tremendously.

  • I’m confused to choose from 2 testosterone boosting supplements. One is Nugenix the other one is Ageless Male. Which one would be a better option for a 53 years old male?

  • This is an average supplement which improves sexual performance. I purchased this Nugenix product for 1 month, but I didn’t notice any dramatic change. Although, it helps to improve physical strength just like GYM powder supplement.  

  • Nugenix is not working for me. I started using this supplement 2 weeks ago and taking it as recommended on the product label but still unable to notice any positive results.

  • Amazing product! I wanted a supplement that would boost
    my testosterone level along with increasing my stamina and Nugenix did the
    trick for me. Would recommend it to all my fellow friends!

  • This product has nothing new to increase my sex desire and make me horny while intercourse. I used the product for a month and didn’t see any great change in my performance.

  • I was looking for a male enhancer and found this article. I appreciate all the comments of users and also the author of this post. I want a good suggestion for my weak erection while intercourse. I’m 56 years old, heart patient from past 6 years. I’m on prescribed medication for that. Can I take natural supplements like Nugenix for my sexual problem, what should I do for my problem?

    • Mr. William, You need to talk to your doctor before using any male enhancer because if you have heart problem and you know very well what your condition is. I completely understand your problem but your overall health is more important than sexual health. I will only suggest you for natural oil massage and exercise with proper diet plan.

    • Hello William! I’m a heart patient and I’m also on prescribed drugs. Even I am dealing with poor erection, so I researched a bit about my condition and reached to a conclusion that we should talk to our doc before taking any such supplements.

  • I’m a fitness trainer! I’ve been using Nugenix for last 4 months as I’m very much satisfied with the results! With increased energy and stamina I can perform very well in my bedroom as well as in my Gym!

  • For initial two weeks Nugenix didn’t worked for me but I noticed change in the 3rd week. Increased stamina, boost in libido helps me to perform better. Overall a nice product to use!

  • Looking for worth product for daily use and also zero side effect. I tried nugenix for men for 1 month and didn’t get full satisfaction with my sexual performance after taking complete alternative.

  • Read various male enhancement reviews in past 2 years and purchased few for me but no one has great value to fix my sexual problem. I have pre-ejaculation problem. Whenever, I try to start climax with my girlfriend I just sudden fall down which makes me kinda hopeless for further more occasions. I tried nugenix for 1 month and didn’t feel more change in time. Now, I’m looking for great supplement for my problem.

  • Nugenix is a good testosterone booster. I turned 50 in November and since then I started using Nugenix on my brother’s suggestion. Feeling lot more energetic physically as well as mentally.

  • My sexual life was getting worse with the growing age. Low sexual desires, loss in muscle, mood swing and much more. Researched about the problem and came around with the fact that low testosterone could possibly be the reason. Searched for few testosterone boosting supplements and finally opted for Nugenix. I’m on it for more than a week and still waiting for the positive outcomes.

  • Before using Nugenix, I could not enjoy sex as I was lacking in stamina and strength but when I took Nugenix it really helped me. The quality of my erections has improved amazingly and I can enjoy sexual intercourse longer than ever.

  • I read several product reviews about this product by the users from different sites and blogs and I also took it for 1 months. When, I was looking for male enhancer, I only need an alternative to support my pre-ejaculation time, after taking this supplement for 20 days I feel no change in my time. Should, I continue with this or try some different male product? Need help.

    • Trent, don’t waste your time with this product, I also take a try for 2 months and feel no change in sexual satisfaction. I noticed only improved muscle mass that is not worth by taking it daily to improve sex desire.

  • Nugenix didn’t increase my sex drive but it improves body muscle which is good with this product. I only recommend it for muscle building supplement not for sexual performance enhancer.

  • I just purchased Nugenix and read your CHD review which recommends taking nugenix after meals and not on an empty stomach. The dosage instructions however state that nugenix should be taken on an empty stomach. Which should I follow?