Cyvita Reviews: How Safe And Effective Is This Erection Tablet?

There are several kinds of male sexual dysfunction but the most common type is erectile dysfunction (ED). This problem doesn’t just affect older men in their 40s and 50s. Even men in their physical and sexual prime can suffer from this embarrassing problem due to causes such as psychological factors and medical conditions. Because of the countless side effects linked to ED drugs, prescription medication is usually not the best option.

A new breed of supplements designed for this specific problem is now rapidly gaining popularity. These products are called male enhancement supplements which basically improve sexual performance by helping the use achieve a fuller erection that lasts longer. Let’s inspect one popular male enhancer and check if it is a good product or not.

Cyvita Overview

Cyvita review

Cyvita is a popular male enhancement supplement available in reputable stores like Wal-Mart and sold by online retailers such as CVS and Amazon. It can also be purchased from the official website. The product basically claims to increase men’s strength, stamina and sexual performance. The product’s website states that it is clinically proven to do so and at the same time help the user achieve stronger, longer and more frequent erections. The recommended dosage is to take 2 to 6 tablets about 30 minutes before intended sexual activity. It is best taken with water on an empty stomach.

Does Cyvita Work?

The Cyvita website claims that it is clinically proven to be effective. However, no details are provided on the clinical study. It is unknown whether the clinical study was conducted by an independent laboratory. It is also unknown whether there is actually a clinical study proving that the product works. There are many positive reviews from customers who have tried it saying it works but there are also some customers who say it isn’t very effective. This indicates that it may not work on more serious cases of erectile dysfunction.

Cyvita Ingredients

Cyvita basically works by increasing nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. It is also a PDE5 inhibitor which is the same as ED drugs like Viagra. It works through special forms of carnitines (Propionyl-L-CarnitineHCl and Acetyl-L-CarnitineHCl) that increase blood flow considerably. This allows a fuller and longer-lasting erection to occur. It also contains the active ingredient epimediumsagittatum (40% icariin) which attaches to PDE5 enzymes in the penis disabling most of it to improve erection quality.

Why Take Cyvita?

According to the Cyvita website, it offers the following benefits:

  • Cyvita increases blood flow
  • It allows firmer and more frequent erections upon sexual stimulation
  • It also helps improve physical and mental performance
  • Helps improve cardiovascular health
  • Also improves stamina and muscle recovery


  • It has a website that contains a lot of information on how the product works
  • A free trial is offered on the Cyvita website
  • It is not connected to any side effects
  • There is a lot of positive feedback raving about the product


  • It claims to be clinically proven but there is no information on the clinical study
  • There are some people who have tried it who say it isn’t very effective
  • It doesn’t come with a money back guarantee
  • It may not be suitable for men who have medical conditions. If this is the case, consult your doctor before using the male enhancement product
  • Most of the claims are unsubstantiated

Our Expert Review on Cyvita

Overall, Cyvita is a good male enhancement product. It has a high success rate according to feedback from people who have tried it. The active ingredients are also impressive and are backed by scientific data. The main problem is that there is no information on the clinical study mentioned on the product’s website. It claims to be clinically proven to be effective but no details on the study are provided. It is a good product but better male enhancers are available on the market.

Below you will find the most effective male enhancement products being sold today. The ranking is based on crucial factors including active ingredients, benefits offered, affordability and how fast the effects are. Of course, we carefully researched the science behind each product making sure that it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Ultimately, we were able to determine the overall value of each male enhancement product allowing us to rank them.

Our Top Male Enhancement Choices
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Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy
Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Produces Stronger & Firmer Erections
Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy
Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Produces Stronger & Firmer Erections
Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy
Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
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Published Date
June 05, 2013
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December 25, 2013

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  • It’s so unwise of you to get lured in to such a scam that alleges to improve your bed life. There is nothing like that from the use of Cyvita. I tried it for 2 months before realizing that something was in deed decreasing. My money, that is. You make a one time order but at the end of every month, a new batch is delivered. This is a fake product whose manufacture’s intentions are to make money at every end month. Avoid it by all means if you are cautious of putting your money in to the dustbin.

  • It not only enhanced my bed performances but also made me feel energetic and less exhausted. I started using it last year and I always ensure that my batch is delivered on time. I strongly agree with manufacturer’s claim that it improves sex stamina since were it not for it things would not have been better this much. I can actively engage in sex all night without feeling worn out like I previously did. If you have tried out other products with no better results, Cyvita will bring back the youthful life in bed matters. Prove it for yourself.

  • I realize after reading many reviews that it is more difficult to select which supplement has quality to settle weak performance in the bedroom and I was also looking for natural supplement in order to deal with my problem and reviewed much product but now I have doubt to select which is the best one. I need help to find out.

  • Derive my first ordered last month to pay around $59. Regularly having it for 20 days, works good for me but looking for great changes. I think it will take more time for better outcomes. Startup is not well as my need.

  • I hear people saying online that Cyvita doesn’t work, it’s all bout waste of money and time. Read a lot of complaints on scambook as well. I feel like every medicine works distinctly from individual to individual.

  • I don’t know anyone who has given a shot to Cyvita. I’m looking forward to read what happens if people try it. If someone has used it, do let me know in detail.

  • I wonder if there are some variations in the formulations of this product. For one month I have been using it, I started noticing some improvements but nothing much during this second month. Could it be that they supply genuine batches for first time buyers? I hope not, coz I never would have made any orders. Perhaps I will be able to share more once I get the next one delivered. Don’t fall in to trap of scammers who deliver genuine packs for once and later issue out placebos. Always purchase from reputable and reliable suppliers.

  • Thanks to Cyvita, I can now get more frequent and firmer erections. I had suffered ED for about a year but the problem is now over for the past two months I have used this product. To my surprise, it has enabled me get daytime erections something I did last over a year ago. I am so proud of it that I can now fulfill my sexual obligations as the head of my family. It has erased the feelings that I am becoming less of a man through my aging process. Use it and regain what you are missing.

  • This is one product making a lot of claims which are difficult to comprehend. I have been using it for a couple of weeks but I doubt if it in deed works. I was surprised to learn that this product has no scientific back up to prove its allegations but it was too late to cancel my second order. Why I was put in a prescription program raises my doubts beyond any hopes that this is a genuine product. I am not in support of prescribed drugs but I think they are the best way for some problems.

  • It seems there has been truth in this product after my bed affairs showed some significant improvements after I received my first bottle last month. It has scaled down the duration I needed to get an erection with every sexual contact lasting a little longer. It’s one of the best products I have ever used despite of being conned by several others. There is no doubt that this is the hidden treasure in the market for improving your marriage life. I have no doubts that it will work for you as well. Try it and witness the much you have always missed.

  • This is one of an inexpensive product that you should give a try if your bed issues seem to fall apart. In less than $10, you will get a promotional bottle without having to undergo the shipping expenses. Its price sounds quite affordable to many with ED challenges. The only disadvantage with most suppliers is that, once you make your first order, you are enrolled in an auto-billing program that deducts your purchases every month. It is difficult to cancel the auto-shipping enrollment without calling 12 days after the first order. It also put you at risk of parting with about $55 every month which quite expensive.

  • I have been using Cyvita for 3 weeks and there are some changes it seems. My wife claims the size of my member has greatly improved but I don’t see the changes when flaccid. The only notable thing is that I can now have longer erections ever since I started swallowing these pills. What I am not sure about is the fact that 6 pills daily sounds like an over-dose for a non-prescribed drug. Afraid there could be some side effects, I am really worried of any negative complications in the future. Better stay safe all through and use prescribed drugs.

  • Although it has in deed boosted my craving for regular sex, Cyvita has a shortcoming on my sleeping patterns. I no longer enjoy sleep as usual ever since I started using it for six weeks now. It makes me get very firm erections every night, something that keeps me awake for the better part of it. If I skip a pill near bedtime, I will sleep like a child but get no erections at all. I would recommend it for a man with ED but if sleep is not a challenge. Otherwise I am opting out soon for prescribed ones.

  • One of the best advantages with Cyvita is that all its ingredients are safe and naturally extracted. From its use, you are taking no major risk for any side effects that are potential in prescribed medications. After all, it only increases nitric oxide in your body which promotes the flow of blood to your reproductive organs. This poses no major threat to your overall wellbeing as it is common with other sex enhancement products. I regularly take it and I am not quitting any time soon since I reap more benefits. My sex life remains active since I got my first bottle of Cyvita.

  • Cyvita contains Epimedium and I could use up some energy even outside the bedroom. But I hope this helps me down there because I’m not sure if its weakness or is this disorder really critical as it’s very hard to get it up! Hope this product works for me!

  • I talked with my friend last weekend, he is suffering from pre-ejaculation and I suggested to use cyvita. But he hasn’t seen any changes after using it. Whereas, it’s working for me. I think results are different from one man to another.

  • I’m taking it from 2 month and it works for me. Therefore, I recommended Civita for my friend and he tried it for 1 month but he didn’t get more satisfaction with this product. I think results are alter with men to men.

  • I am 45 and suffering from premature ejaculation problem. I discussed this problem with my friend and he suggested me Cyvita. I just ordered it and very much excited about it. I hope my problem gets resolved soon!

  • I had given a chance to Cyvita, 2 months before and it’s worked for my weak stamina, but it doesn’t work much more as that business claimed. I had the only satisfaction for just 12 days when I tried it.

  • My expectation was too much with this stuff. I am also having Cyvita from the past 2 weeks still searching for more effective for my ED. This stuff is not working for me as its company claims.

  • My boyfriend was not getting erection for longer time. We both were looking for a good erection supplement, so that we can enjoy each and every moment in bed. I suggested him for Cyvita and we ordered a free trial of it. It gives him a positive result and we are very much satisfied with this product.

  • My husband is using Cyvita for last 4 months and it gives us a positive result, he is getting a hard rock erection and we both are spending quality time all night.

  • I am a regular user of Cyvita and using it for last 4 months. It really provides me a great stamina and sex endurance. My girlfriend is also very satisfied with my performance during that ‘intimate’ time.

  • I thought to order a trial pack of Cyvita for me but after going deep into it and reading the reviews from experts and comments, I changed my mind. There are also a number of complaints for this product on scambook. So it’s better for me to keep digging for a better product.

  • The product is just like an armpit, M using this for 2 weeks but no desired results, I reach my climax within few minutes. It did not provide a long lasting erection. Civita is kicked off, Waste product & waste of money.

  • Civita is at the top of the world. I would recommend this product to all my friends who are suffering from low sexual energy. My Energy level, improves my stamina and erection are out of this world. All with no side effects at all. Thanks Civita!

  • No major change in sex desire after using Cyvita. I have been a low sex desire from 2 years which is annoying me while try to meet with my wife and I’m looking for again worth product to uptake my sex towards sexual activity.

  • I have back bone pain and taking medication for that which is pain relief and I want to take male enhancer pills. Should I take it to solve my problem? “I am 49”.

  • I tried a free trail of Cyvita. For me this product is
    satisfactory as I’ve experienced very less results from it. Not sure whether it
    really works effectively.  

  • I have read a lot of negative reviews for Cyvita. I’m a lot skeptical about the effectiveness of this product after reading so many negative reviews. So many people agreed to the same point that it didn’t work for them.

  • I haven’t tried this product, but want to be try at once, as my friend has been using it for 3 months, and this product is working for him to improve sexual arousal at good level. I need suggestion, should I try this product? I’m 45. 

  • Cyvita is a freaky wired product that I have ever tried few to improve my erection naturally. I have purchased it for 2 months, but I didn’t notice a big appearance in my sexual performance. 

  • Before trying out Cyvita, I read several reviews about it – positives as well as negatives! For me this product is working quite effectively. My sexual performance is at its peak!

  • I have been suffering from ED for past 3 years and I have been on prescribed medications for it. I tried Cyvita along with my prescribed medications and it has helped me a lot to overcome my ED condition. Great product!!!!

  • I tried Cyvita a years back and it was really effective but as I was on some prescribed medications for my diabetes so my doctor suggested me not to use any such supplements. Not recommendable with other medications.

  • Purchased 1pill at price of $9.95 to see how it will effect on my erection while sex. It works for me but the result were not best which I was hoping with Cyvita Pill. I just abundant for 10 minutes after using this pill which is very less as per my need. I need more…

  • Your viewpoint in life frequently changes how we see things. Sometimes good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our viewpoint that controls how we feel.

  • I tried Cyvita as it claims to improve sexual health along with the overall health. I’ve been using it for last 1 month and results are pretty good. It has improved my mental, physical as well as sexual health.

  • I just need a little boost and I like that Cyvita is only 10 bucks the first time. I wouldn’t want to pay more since I don’t know much about it but it sure sounds like a decent supplement.

  • Well it’s kind of advertised as a vitamin sort of, so who cares if it says Cyvita on the box? Plus I doubt they do that. Most companies send stuff like that in discreet packages. All the stuff i got in the past did.

    • Hey Roy, there’s nothing amazing about this product. I used it for a couple of weeks, experienced quick erection that lasted for an hour but I also experienced side effects from Cyvita.

  • This supplement is effective on my erection and the consequence of my PE is better. I’ve been taking Cyvita for 2 months. I don’t know about future results, but it’s okay for now.

  • I purchased it from Wal-Mart last week and have been using since then. My erections are harder and much firmer than before. I use it before the sexual activity to gain extra pleasure.

  • I purchased a 28 tablet pack of Cyvita to improve my weak performance. Perhaps had already taken 12 tablets but, doesn’t see that dramatic changes in my sexual performance. Still waiting for best result.

  • I tried Cyvita to get rid of my soft erections and to my surprise it worked. Now I can attain strong, hard and long lasting erections. Good product for soft erections!