Androzene Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Supplement?

There are several hundred male enhancement products being sold today. When you’re in the market for this kind of product, you should be very careful. You need to research comprehensively not just to make sure that the product is effective but also to ensure its safety. This is because some products specifically supplements are known to contain harmful ingredients like yohimbe which is connected to serious side effects. In this article, we will be taking a close look at one of the most popular male enhancement supplements on the market and determine if it is worth buying or not.

Androzene Overview: What Is It?


The product we will be reviewing is called Androzene which is a popular male enhancement supplement being sold online through its official website. It essentially claims to help the user attain a more exhilarating sex life by reigniting the passion between the user and his partner. It also helps build up sexual confidence and self-esteem for users to enjoy their sex life to the fullest. The all-natural formula is designed to improve erection quality, heighten mood and increase overall energy of the user.

Active Ingredients in Androzene

The active ingredients of Androzene are niacin, calcium, zinc sulfate and the proprietary Androzene blend (guarana seed extract, yohimbe, taurine, xanthoparmelia scabrosa extract, eleuthero root extract, nettle root extract, saw palmetto berry extract and tribulus terrestris). There are no details on how each active ingredient works on the supplement’s website which is one of the product’s bad features. Some studies have shown that niacin supports erectile function and may heighten sensation which improves sexual pleasure. There is also some clinical evidence that deficiency in calcium can lead to poor libido in men.

Yohimbe is the most striking ingredient in the proprietary Androzene blend because it is connected to several side effects like dizziness, nausea stomach problems, sleep problems and agitation. It can even cause serious side effects like kidney failure, heart attack, high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. The other herbal ingredients are either natural aphrodisiacs or testosterone boosters. Increasing testosterone directly improves sex drive especially if the user is suffering from low testosterone which is a condition common in aging men.

How Does Androzene Work?

According to the Androzene website, the formula is designed to help the user achieve a more satisfying and pleasurable sex life. It improves erection quality using clinically tested ingredients that improve blood flow towards the genital region in response to sexual stimuli. This gives the user more rigid, fuller and longer-lasting erections. It also heightens the user’s mood to increase confidence and improve physical arousal enabling the user to react quickly to intimacy. The formula also includes natural energy boosters to increase physical energy and boost sexual stamina. Androzene works by increasing blood flow, improving erectile function and increasing sexual pleasure to improve overall sexual performance and satisfaction.

What Makes Androzene Unique?

It is the only male sexual health product that uses the patented AnroPhase delivery system. This is a time released delivery system for optimum absorption and ensuring that the active ingredients are in the system of the user for a longer time period so he is ready for action in the bedroom anytime.

How Long Do The Results of Androzene Last?

It is different for each individual since people have different metabolisms rates but the typical effects usually last around 3 to 5 hours. Small residual results may be felt up to 12 hours for certain individuals. Taking it daily as a supplement will deliver more consistent results.

Does It Work for Everyone?

No, there is no male enhancement formula that works on everyone. It may not be effective especially if the user is suffering from serious sexual dysfunctions like severe ED.

Advantages of Androzene

  • It is a natural supplement made from herbal extracts and naturally occurring substances
  • Androzene comes with a 30 day money back guarantee
  • There are many good reviews from customers

Disadvantages of Androzene

  • It is not clinically tested so it is not proven to be effective or safe
  • It contains potentially harmful ingredients like yohimbe which can worsen medical conditions and cause serious side effects to certain individuals
  • There is also a lot of negative feedback from customers saying it isn’t effective or the results are insignificant
  • No details are provided on the product’s website regarding how the active ingredients work

Precautions and Safety Warnings

Androzene contains yohimbe which may cause side effects especially if the user has health problems. If you are under medication or have any medical condition, consult your physician before using this supplement. Follow the dosage carefully to prevent side effects. In case of any side effect like dizziness, chest pain, rapid heartbeat or nausea, discontinue use and consult your physician immediately.

Cost of Androzene

One bottle is being sold on the product’s website for $124.99. Two bottles can be ordered for $83.32 each but 1 free bottle will also be sent. When 6 bottles are ordered, the cost per bottle would go down to $62.49. This is a very expensive male enhancement supplement. Similar formulations are being sold at less than half the price of Androzene.

Is Androzene a Scam?

The majority of Androzene complaints found upon research seem mostly to revolve around the pricing and return policy. The Androzene complaint of high cost is relevant. One bottle costs well over one hundred dollars; however, despite some Androzene complaints about the price, there are those who are so eager to put the spark back into their love life, any amount would be worth paying if the results delivered. The money-back guarantee and return policy also present another Androzene complaint, as to return the product if you are dissatisfied requires it be done in a fairly tight time frame, giving the buyer about 3 weeks to try it and do the steps to return it, and still be able to get a full refund.

Complaints About Androzene

Most complaints from customers are regarding the ineffectiveness of the formula. There are also some complaints saying it only offers minimal results. There are also some issues regarding the money back guarantee with some customers saying it is not possible to get a refund.

Experts Take on Androzene

The formulation of Androzene is very good and the active ingredients are backed by scientific and clinical data. The main problem is that it is priced very high and it contains a dangerous ingredient (yohimbe). Similar products with almost identical ingredients are being sold at less than half the price of this product.

Final Verdict on Androzene

Overall, Androzene is a good product worth trying especially because it comes with a money back guarantee. However, the main weakness of the product is its very high price which is more than double compared to other male enhancement supplements with very similar formulations. Another major weakness is the fact that it contains yohimbe which can cause severe side effects like high blood pressure, kidney problems and even lead to a heart attack. It would be advisable to find products that are completely safe aside from being highly effective.

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Published Date
August 26, 2013
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February 13, 2014

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  • Androzene didn’t work for me. I’ve been using it for than a month now and still no results. In facts it gave me side effects like burning sensation in my chest and upset tummy.

  • With so many complaints and rip off reports available online makes this product suspicious. I had never tried this product but I’m wondering if this product is a real scam or is it just hype?

    • I’m a bit of confusing about the rip-off and scam. If it’s not a scam then lots of websites placed the report on that. Want to know the truth behind this supplement is before the try.

    • Hey Lance, even I was looking at the reviews for this product and noticed a number of complaints registered for it. A number of users saying that they didn’t get any result after using Androzene.

  • I tried Extenze before Androzene with zero results from Extenze. The results of Androzene are far better than Extenze but still not to that extent what I was expecting.

  • I have it for 3 months, it works well for my low libido and feel good changes while intimate with my girlfriend. The extra bottle, Androphase T-Booster is worth for me to take care of my problem in bed but the cost is pretty high which is difficult to take it as a regular supplement.

  • I think Androzene is not a scam. I reviewed the official website of this product and I got there is two check boxes while proceed to order page, one to select auto-shipment or 2nd only for first order. You can select as your choice and make sure of the order.

  • Androzene sounds like an awesome supplement for men to get pumped with energy that will make you feel more sexually aroused! I’ve placed an order and now eagerly waiting for it to use..!!!

    • like your comment indicates that you work for the company that makes this scam; and the weak English writing skills also show me the over seas connection and scam radar set off prompter   etc

  • I think Androzene seems a little weird as there are many scam reports available online. I’m still looking out for herbal boosters for increased sexual drive as well as stamina.

  • I didn’t get a hard erection for more than half an hour. I feel tummy upset and headache at morning with Androzene and even more expensive than others which doesn’t acceptable for me.

  • I totally disagree that Androzene can make you a craving bull. I have used it for over 3 weeks but there is not even a slight change. Although the vendor insists it will work soon, I think it’s a con strategy for me to make more orders. I even take 3 pills at once but nothing improves. It gives me nausea and sometimes my sink goes in a mess. I will stop using soon since its wrecking my stomach instead of making Jonny work. I doubt if it can bring any positive even if it was to play a role.

  • Take a note, do not consume Androzene with alcohol or while on prescribed drugs, this could harm the strength of the supplement. I recognize that the mfg. date is furnished on the bottle but no expiry date, called the customer service, he clarified that the expiration date to the product is approx. 2 years after the date of manufacture, and it hinges on how you store it. It is suggested that you store it in a cool, dark place like refrigerator.

  • Androzene is a godsend. Now I am feeling significantly better now compared to I did in my 30s… I have more energy as well as strong sex drive. I am extremely grateful. I like to recommend this product to all men over 40.

    • Defiantly Marc you should have natural supplement for sex desire and bedrooms problems but I suggest you, to choose some worth product not waste one. Because, there is lots of product which have no value and also doesn’t provide much endurance while intercourse. Be aware, while reviewing any male enhancer.

  • I decided to deal my sexual problem by taking Androzene and speak with my brother. He recommends me this product and I purchased Androzene for 3 months. It works well for me but looking for a better one because it doesn’t deliver long sustained capability to stay 1-2 hours.

  • I have erectile dysfunction and try to search male enhancer. I used androzene for 2 months and doesn’t get more satisfaction while physical with my girlfriend. I felt less control on my ejaculation while medication with this supplement and I decided to switch some other. I need helpful suggestion for my weak performance.

  • I’m into my 3rd month and Androzene is working well for me. But I was unaware of the ingredient Yohimbe. I read somewhere that it is a hazardous ingredient and can cause serious side effects. Is it true? So do I need to stop using it…???

    • Yohimbe extract contains a chemical called yohimbine which is used make medicines and treat sexual dysfunctions in both men as well as women. Though the ingredient is natural but during clinical studies, it has been seen that it can cause some minor side effects like sleep problem, anxiety, upset stomach, bloating etc. If consumed for an extended period of time it can even lead to some severe side effects including irregular or increased heartbeat, heart attack, kidney failure etc. To read more about the uses and side effects of Yohimbe visit:

  • I purchased this product with a hope that it might help me with my low T levels but I was unaware of the fact that it is rather designed to get a better erection and improve penile size. Can anybody help me how to get a refund as their executives are not picking up my call?

  • Now, its 25th days after purchase androzene and I feel a kind change in erection and mood while intercourse. I think it will take more than a month to fix my pre-ejaculation.

  • I purchased code red 7 for 2 months and seen no change in erection. I just suddenly fall down each time, therefore, I decided to take androzane for my sexual problem. After using 20 days regular androzene medications it worked for me. This supplement is far better than Code Red 7.

    • Code red 7 didn’t gave you any results???? You must be kidding me, it’s a cool product and gives a rock hard erection. Though I never tried Androzene but I guess it won’t help you either because it’s a testosterone boosting supplement, not an erection pill.

  • Androzene is the perfect combination of ingredients that enhances sexual life. This is why I tried out this product. The results I got are very well. It has changed my sex life completely. Now I’m a better performer in bed.

  • Androzene boosted my testosterone levels immensely but it has also given me several side effects that too severe. Headache, nausea and drowsiness are the common side effects of this product.

  • No positive results from this product. I’ve been using it from last 2 months and I didn’t notice any change in my male organ and even my testosterone levels is still the same.

  • Androzene complaints are more than the benefits it has. My cousin tried it and experienced no positive results from it. In fact it has given him side effects like upset tummy, headache & drowsiness.

  • I tried it for 3 months and feel less change in long sustain while intercourse. It can be best for you because, results are different man to man but I’m gonna change my supplement.

  • I’m really very disappointed with this product. Earlier this product used to work for me very well but since last 1 week I’m noticing that this product is not working for me. I’m wondering what is wrong with it now… :-(

    • Hey brother, even I’m facing the same problem. It worked for me during the initial days but now it’s not working. I think both of us bought the stock from the same lot in which there must be some problem so it’s not working properly.

  • Androzene worked for me but it has also given me side effects. It has improved my sexual stamina and helps me to attain solid erections. Side effects I faced were headache, nausea and drowsiness.

  • Androzene is the product that claims to enhance sexual life by increasing the testosterone level in the body. I’ve been using it for a while and experienced changes in my sexual behavior. My desires are getting high day by day.

  • Does this product really work? I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and still no results. Had read several customer reviews claiming that it didn’t worked for them… that make me feel cheated…

    • Hey bro, even I feel cheated. I’m using it for past 4 weeks with a hope that it might take time to work. But I can’t figure out a single positive outcome from this.

  • This product simply didn’t work for me. I used for 2 months and didn’t see any changes in my sexual behavior. So I had stopped using it. For me it’s completely a NO NO product…

  • I was very confused while reading male enhancer’s reviews. I was unable to select that which one is best and safe in use. I would like to say it works for me and having it regularly as prescribed dosage.

  • My girlfriend purchased androzane for me around 3 months ago and I was surprised to see the supplement and tried for 1 month. I feel great sexual satisfaction with my girlfriend and continue having it. I recommend it for long sustain while you are in bed.

  • This is an absolute fake pill that promises wonders. I used it for a month but it brought no difference even a single day. It’s a smart way for cons to make a living. I even doubt if the ingredients it allege to have are real. There is no need to put your money to waste making orders for these useless pills. I was so disappointed after realizing that someone took advantage of my weakness to sell to me these pills. Don’t get caught in to thinking that it can make you more of a man than you are.

  • I messed my life when Androzene became part of my regular pill. It robbed my sleep every night. I discontinued using it and 8 hours are what I enjoy every night. Although it made me horny at times, I discredit it for affecting my naps even during the day. The nightmares I experienced were some of its effects in my sleep. You should avoid it if sleep is important in your life; of which I guess. I think it contains some ingredients that cause sleep deprivation. Don’t risk it at the expense of your catnaps. Prescribed drugs are the solution.

  • I tried to find the brief details about the ingredients and also on how it will work for me. But, there is no explanation of each ingredient. I think Androzene is a confusing product for me.

  • This stuff hasn’t more power to sudden rise my fade organ. It only helps less than a week to feel energetic while intercourse. Again searching for best supplement

  • I read on WebMd that yohimbe taken orally is unsafe and rise heart beat rate rapidly. I have wince to take this supplement. How can I believe that Androzene is safe for me?

  • I have been taking Androzene for about 3 weeks according to the directions mentioned on the bottle. I am over 45, with a descent sex life, but I’m slowing down in energy and gusto day by day. I honestly have not felt any difference using these pills.

  • Its a nice product! I am using Androzene for last 2 months and it boosts my stamina & libido. My hardness is getting more rigid and getting my erection for longer time.

    • I totally disagree with you. I am using this horrible product for last 2 weeks. No improvement in sexual desire. Instead after taking the capsules my stomach starts cramping. Totally a waste product.

      • Androgen is a well known product for male enhancement, but it does not show the results according to its name. First of all, it’s too expensive product and many times just after taking this pill something not happening well with my stomach. Not worth to buy…

  • I am 46 and having some erection problem during intercourse. I discussed this problem with my wife and we decided to try some male enhancer. I was looking to try for Androzene and searched for its official site to buy. Suddenly I come across a site:
    Some people submitted complaints over there.I found another site there also I came across with many complaints of Androzene.
    Now I am hesitating to try this stuff. Can someone help me out for some other effective male enhancers.

    • Hi Steven,
      There are lots of male enhancer on the online market, you can’t judge perfectly to see the only reviews. I have ED problem and suffering from 1 month. I reviewed hundreds of websites and finally got this article. I found exacting the same detail about my ED problem and just 5 days before I purchased Virectin. It’s working for me. You can take a try for this product.

      • Hi Jose,
        As you mentioned that you have tried Virectin and you are satisfied with this product. I am also looking for a good male enhancer but confused about which is good. I want to know that how much time will it take to show results? And also does it cause any health side effects to you?

      • Hi Andres,
        According to Virectin’s official site, you will feel changes in 1 or 2 weeks of taking the capsules. It also depends on your body’s response to the pill. As per the side effects concern, Virectin is made up of all natural ingredients, it may not cause any adverse effect to health.

      • Yes! I agree with “Jose”. I also tried ageless male and Extenze for 2 months but didn’t saw any changes in my sexual stamina to sustain more than an hour. I just ordered Virectin 25 days ago and feel great changes in my erection. I appreciate this post and also “Mr. Jose” to clarify the best male enhancer for me.

  • Not a good endurance while intercourse. Taking this pill for 4 weeks. Still haven’t much sex desire. Now I’m ennui to using this. I don’t know why its happening with me, maybe this product is not made for my body.

  • I’ve been using this stuff since last 4 weeks and working well for me. I am having a strong erection during intercourse. My sexual life is good going. Thank you Androzene.

  • I’m taking this supplement since 3 week. Not improved libido, while continue taking this stuff. Product is good but not best. May give a chance to other products.

  • I’m 49, and also have ED. I searched many web sites to find out brief details about Androzene that how exactly it works but there are more negative feedbacks of this supplement to draw back my leg to purchase it.

    • Hi Nico,

      I think you had not taken the dosage according to the direction mentioned on the bottle. I am using Androzene for last 5 weeks and it is well worked for me. My sex drive has increased and my wife is very happy with it. We are experiencing better sex life. May be it will not work for you but it works quite well with me.

      • Mr. Connor,

        I had taken the doges as direction labeled on bottle. Although, I still haven’t get more erection while intercourse. Its working for me gently, I think my physique haven’t allow to more effect of its ingredients. It may be good for you Mr. Connor.

  • My age 39 have ED problem! I received my 1st purchased Androzene, before 13 days ago. It’s working for me but I need much erection because it doesn’t provide me as I expected.

  • My rating 3 out of 5. After using 2 months of Androzene, doesn’t feel any changes in my weak libido. Now at this time my sex performance isn’t such a longer sustain. I’m going to swift product for my libido condition.

    • I have heard of androzene but don’t know how it is helpful for erection, but if you want to know a effective supplement you can search it online. You will get lots of such products. But before buying any product first look out is it clinically tested or not.

  • I have been using Androzene for a month now and the results I got are very less. My erections and libido are still the same. The only change I experienced is a little boost in my stamina.

    • This product might work, varying the results from individual to individual. One of my friends used Androzene and told me that he was experiencing few side effects so he discontinued the product. There are a number of complaints registered on scambook and ripoffreport. You can read it over there.

  • I thought it wouldn’t work on my husband but it did wonders. We had stayed for months without sex but it brought back the need for it daily. Its effects were more than I really wanted from him. At times, I couldn’t bare the pain of his constant needs. On the positive side, it has improved our sex life since I no longer have to cheat. It has made him the best man I ever wished to marry. This is my secret to the many women who crave for more every night. This must be a magic pill that you should try.

  • I hate this product ever since I realized it’s meant for all but not for the needy. After trying it for a couple of weeks, I absolutely got no difference on bed matters. Although at some point I thought things would change, I was shocked to learn that a certain fruit worked well with me. Androzene is not my choice although I take it at times to fool my nerves in to believing that Jonny will wake up. Surprisingly, it puts him up all night but not always. Better avoid it and spare yourself the frustrations of greater sexual expectations.

  • Yes I had heard things like that about testosterone boosters that they cause balding and pimple inflammation, and I am not into either of the aforementioned. May need to attempt something in addition to Androzene.

  • After using it for more than a year, I thought that my sex life has been messed. I discontinued using it and nothing went a miss. It healed my ED and increased my vigor bed wise. It made me feel less of a man but there was no single side effect even when I quitted. This is an amazing product you should use if you no longer relive a youthful life. Its use was the turning point in our marriage. Were it not for Androzene, I would still be single even up to today. It keeps our bed warm all night.

  • This is one product that messed my life during the two weeks I used it. It gave me stomachaches and at some points I went on a vomiting spree. Some ingredients contained here are not real natural extracts. There can’t be any relation between my under-belt and my mouth if it works for sure. It also made me dizzy and I also suffered frequent migraines during that period. Never waste a single cent on this crap expecting wonders in your bed matters. Such reactions indicate that it doesn’t function at all. It can mess things up even if it can work.

  • It’s not the pocket friendly product for many clients to be true. At about $120 a bottle, not many can dare taking the risk to order while still unsure if it can put things back to normal. I doubt it on the condition that you get wild discounts when you make larger purchases. My friend used it for over 3 months but claimed nothing really changed. Why put your money to waste by making orders to such a product that allege to make your bed life smarter only in vain. Be wise and don’t even try it.

  • The greatest advantage with this product is that it has no added chemicals that can ruin your life. All its ingredients are 100% natural extracts. Using it doesn’t put you at risk of any cancer. Whereas it puts your sex life back to normal, you are sure that nothing can get messed later. I use it regularly with no hopes of future regrets. The best side of it is that I no longer have to fight with my Jonny for long to put him up. It makes me horny at sight leave alone the touch. Use it and love it every day.

  • It’s one product where you are sure that your money will get back if it doesn’t work. It’s not business as usual when it comes to Androzene. This is just one product where you are guaranteed that youthful life can be relived. I use daily and it makes me climb mountains and cut across bushes. Thanks to it, gone are the days my member would stay flaccid even during the hottest summer. You should try it too and if it doesn’t work, you will get the money back at an instance. Dare it and enjoy your bed life every night.

  • Androzene worked for me the way I wanted. I have been using this product for last 1 month. It has boosted my libido and has even increased my sexual stamina. This product worked well for me.

  • I have low blood pressure from last 10 years and taking medication for this. I want to know that, whether I can take Androzene? If not, what should I do for my problem? I hope you will provide me proper suggestion. I am 52 years old man.

    • Mr. Mac, I would like to say you that male enhancer probably increase your heart beat rate and also flow of blood stream toward the penile tissues which heats the temperature of your body and you get erect for intercourse. You have low blood pressure, now if you want to have some male enhancement supplement you must read the manufacture guideline and a doctor description avoid using low quality brands and select some top rated male enhancer for better care.

  • In the event that a maker won’t unveil what is in their product, they are most likely concealing something. Transparency and honesty are important to keep every one of us safe. As long as they are using natural ingredients, there’s nothing to hide about.

  • Androzene worked for me. I’m into my 2nd month using this product. It has improved my erections. But last week I experienced side effects from this product like nausea and increased heart rate. Is it because of “Yohimbe”?

  • Androzene is great product. I m using this and very much satisfied with the results. I feel the positive difference in my sex stamina. It does not cause any side effects to my health. Don’t know why people complaints about this product.

  • So in what capacity can a man and a woman utilize the same product? I guess I read somewhere that Androzene works for both. I am curious simply because I want some solid stuff, that actually works for me and assuming that it works for her, certainly it will for me.

  • Andorzene is sold with its well know name. No one looks for its effectiveness and safety. I think users should look for its effectiveness and then only go for it…….. Because my friend purchase this product only because of its name and now he is suffering from stomach cramping. His doctor says that it is due to the Androzene pill which he was taking and suggest him to discontinue that pill.

  • I just got androzene for my boyfriend, who was noticing all the symptoms of premature ejaculation, he usually fell down before satisfying me, we never had spend quality time in bed………… After taking androzene for 3 weeks, we noticed some drastic changes in his performance. Now he holds the erection for long time. I am fully satisfied with this product.

  • Single bottle of Androzene seems to be pretty expensive unless you opt for multiple bottles. Androzene claims to boost the levels of testosterone. I read several reviews that state that Androzene can cause you with severe side effects. I’m still doubtful whether to use it or not?

    • I agree with Lamonts, I ordered it for 2 month and continue having it from 25 days. It works but doesn’t as its cost bearer with this product and claims for work. Lamonts, if you want to purchase male enhancer select another one dude. I am really disappointed with this stuff.

  • This cost for a unproven formula is crazy man…..No testimonials or data to demonstrate what the commercials claim…..Could this be one of the money making tricks to from consumers? Though the data sounds good…..Is there a path for Customers to test its power and effectiveness? Give me an answer….

  • I am 35, female, my sexual desire is getting low day by day……… Not able to enjoy the intimate time with my boyfriend. I want to know – will androzene be usefull for women, can i use androzene.

  • No dramatic change in time after taking 2 month supplement. Basically, I have pre-ejaculation and sudden fall down while getting orgasm with my girlfriend. It improves the time just around 15-20 but now, I am looking for more than an hour.

  • I’m male 53 and I’ve started feeling my age. Loss in muscle mass, drop in energy level and mood swing. I’m planning to go for a natural medication. Will Androzene help me? Waiting for a serious response.

    • Hello Keene, Androzene might be really helpful for your condition as it is specially designed for people who are at your age. The product can boost your testosterone levels which in turn will help you to restore your energy levels.

      • Thank you Lach for your response! I did some home work for the product and realized that it might help me with the condition of dropped energy level. I’m gonna place my order very soon.

  • Initially, Androzene was working very well for me but from last 2 week’s I’m experiencing severe side effects. Side effects are headache, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting sensation and even sometimes it increases my heart rate. So, I have stopped using it.

  • I ordered Androzene just because of two reasons – first is “It is made up of herbal ingredients” and second is “They offer money back guarantee”. Now I’m eagerly waiting for my package!

  • Androzene is a product I would not like to recommend. Though there are mixed reviews available. But my personal experience was very bad as I faced severe side effects.

  • Androzene is one of the best male enhancement that I have ever used. It boosted my testosterone at the age of 72. Yes, could you believe this???? Even I couldn’t but it’s true!!!

    • Sounds really great and motivational for a person dealing with sexual issues. Soon I’ll stepping into my 60’s and I would require one. I guess Androzene would be the best option to go for.

  • Androzene has boosted my libido and has enhanced my sexual performance. Due to age my sexual desire was going down but since I started using it I feel hornier and my sex life has changed completely.

  • Androzene improved my bedroom performance which was missing from last 6 months. Now I can perform much better but the thing that disappointed me was the effects that just lasted for 3 hours as I was expecting it to last for at least 12 hours.

  • Androzene really works, I started taking this product back in the month of October, 2013 and since then I never looked back. It boosted my sexual performance and now I could perform as I used to perform back in 80’s when I was a teenager.

  • I’ve been using Androzene for a week now and results are good. My physical energy has been increased with the overall sexual performance. Sometimes it gives me a mild headache.

    • Hello Os!!! Androzene is good. I started using this product after watching its commercial on television. It works great to boost the stamina. Once I started using it, I feel more energetic whole day. But its quite expensive.

  • I’ve been using Androzene for 2 months and I’m really amazed with the results I got! Though sometimes it gives me minor side effects but I’m happy with the end results.

  • Side effect is what all I got after using Androzene. As I’m a heart patient, Androzene increased my heart palpitation tremendously which forced me to stop using it. Need to claim for money back as I have ordered 3 months stock.

  • Poor result for my pre ejaculation after using Androzene for 2 months. I had purchased it to extend my staying time while sexual intercourse but didn’t notice any change.

  • I’ve been taking blue pills for 6 months. Although, the pill worked kinda slow on my sexual problem but there were no side effects. Then there was a sudden hype of a male supplement product “Androzene”. I was wondering to give it a try and so I spoke to my childhood friend “Smith” about the product as he had tried it. He told me that this pill is not so effective to deal with sexual problem. I’m still confused. Need help?

    • Hey Halton, I don’t agree with your pal “Smith”. Androzene really works but it takes time. You need to give it some time to show up some results in your system.

  • I took a supplement that contains yohimbe for 2 months, the experience was very bad with my health and suffered from diarrhea for 3 days. Avoid using this ingredient, Bcoz this product is not good for my health.

    • Mr. Corbin, any ingredients consumption of over dosage causes harmful effects. I also read the facts about yohimbe that it has beneficial component which truly works for erectile dysfunction. You can take it as per suggested dosage. Although, if you have any medical problem or taking a medication for that avoid to use it. I’m sure my information will help you.

    • People are complaining about Androzene because it’s not working for them. It might be working fine for you that’s why you are not complaining or else you would have been in the same cue Mac!!!

  • My sex life has completely changed once I started using Androzene. For the first time I lasted 40 minutes! My girl was going crazy on me!! Thanks to Androzene, I was able to strengthen my sexual relationship.

  • I noticed a slight improvement in my erection, but I’m looking for more. I don’t want to wait for further more months to see the real changes with this product. I have already been taking this product for 2 and a half months, but still not getting huge difference in my erection. I’m just confused that should I try a new product or still wait for a month? Need suggestion

  • I got mixed results after using Androzene. The positive were boost in testosterone level, stamina and energy. The negatives were heart palpitation, headache and vomiting sensation.

  • Strange product that I ever purchased before in the past 2 years. It doesn’t work for me. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks and excited to feel that dramatic changes in my performance, but still no improvement in my sexual performance. I’m 46, need a best guideline that how to improve sexual performance naturally?  Should I continue with this product or what to do? 

  • I had tried several supplements to enhance my sexual
    life as well as my physical appearance. But Androzene is something different. I
    got the expected results from it. 

  • I would suggest my fellow friends to avoid Androzene as it contains potentially harmful ingredient “Yohimbe” which can give you severe side effects. So my friends beware of this product.

    • Thanks Roger for that response from your end. I really appreciate your answer and I searched for the side effects that Yohimbe can cause. I read a detailed information on WebMD about the severe side effects that it can cause. Thanks once again.

      • There are a number of side effects of Yohimbe. Yohimbe can cause stomach upset, excitation, tremor, sleep problems, anxiety or agitation, high blood pressure, a racing heartbeat, dizziness, stomach problems, drooling, sinus pain, irritability, headache, frequent urination, bloating, rash, nausea, and vomiting.

        Taking high doses can also cause other severe problems, including difficulty breathing, paralysis, very low blood pressure, heart problems, and death. After taking a one-day dose of yohimbine, one person reported an allergic reaction involving fever; chills; listlessness; itchy, scaly skin; progressive kidney failure; and symptoms that looked like the auto-immune disease called lupus.

        Source: WebMD

  • I was convinced with the commercial that was broadcasted over television. So I placed my order from their official website. Androzene boosted my sexual performance and my vigor.

  • I doesn’t notice any side effect after using Androzene. Although, I feel kinda changes in my erection. No doubt, it works for me, but this supplement doesn’t improve my penis length.

  • This supplement is complete money waste. I didn’t know about, how it will act on my body. Just taken for 1 month and feel no change. It feels very after using it.

  • I got mixed results from Androzene. It has increased my testosterone and boosted my libido but I also noticed side-effects like upset tummy and severe headache that too lasted for 2 days.

  • I have been using it for 1 months and not seen a bit changes in my sexual performance which make me 15-20 minutes sustain. I don’t know why it’s not working for me.

  • Androzene is not working for me. I’ve been on it for a week but can’t feel anything different. Shall I stick to it as it might take time to show some results or shall I run for my refund????

    • Hello Malcolm, I guess you should continue using it as you are on it for just a week. At times, you need to use these natural medications for a prolonged period to observe the results.

      • Thank you Newton for guiding me. Was a bit depressed and feeling low as the product was not working but after reading your post, I kept using Androzene and now I feel a lil more energetic. I think it has started working. Thank you very much once again Newton!

  • I’m into my early 50’s and I went for a testosterone level check and it showed 550 ng/dl in the report. My doc said it’s pretty low and I’ve to take care of that. He prescribed me few medicines and I’m taking them on a regular basis. Can I still go for Androzen even though I’m on prescribed medication?

    • Yes Mace, you can go for Androzene even though you are on prescribed medications. It might help you to boost your testosterone levels, just consult to your doctor once before using it as many people have reported issues with this product.

      • Hello Nathan, thank you for your feedback. I searched for the product review and found that there are a number of mixed reviews for this product. I placed my order for Androzene yesterday with a hope that it might work for me.

  • I’m really amazed with Androzene. After using it for 2 weeks, I can attain fuller erection and my bedroom confidence is more than before. My sex life is healthy again!!!

  • I purchased it for 3 months and taken for 2 months. I didn’t get harder a firmer erection while intimate. I feel less changes in my erection time and mood change while try to make pleasure with my wife.

  • The product is okay for me but not best! It has side effects like morning weakness and stomach upset which is unacceptable for me to take it regularly for such a long medication for my sexual health. I tried this product for 4 months and did not see any changes in dick size.

  • Androzene works the way it promises to but the only flaw that I was worried about was side effects. Last week I took the dosage as recommended and faced severe side effects. Though this product gives positive results but it also gives severe side effects.

  • I’m male 52 and at this age also, I still don’t feel like taking any supplements coz I’m going good with my sexual and social life. Still my doctor said that my T-levels are pretty low, so I decided to go for a natural T-level booster. Started with Androzene for a week and after a month I’ll go for a T-level check one more time to monitor the effectiveness of this supplement.

  • I took 1st dosage of androzene, 3 month ago and continue taking it for each day. I feel good erection while intercourse and now after 3 months I want to take it more with no side effect for me.

  • I was looking for male enhancer for my brother and looking for cost effective with better care for his pre-ejaculation and read various supplement reviews and also Androzene which is very popular nowadays. Therefore I purchased it for 2 months, it really works well for his performance. Nice product!

  • I have taken androzene for around 6 months. I started as small dose and didn’t get variations in time, therefor I took 1 complete dosage as prescribed. I felt good changes within a month. Actually I was scared to think about side effects, so I started with small dosage. Now, I’m taking it regularly and feel great changes in erection. No side effect and nothing scam with this product.

  • Androzene has boosted my testosterone level immensely. I’ve been using it for last 45 days and the results are pretty good. It has taken my sexual desire to newer levels.

  • My colleague suggested me to use Androzene for my low energy levels. I’m on it for past 15 days but I could hardly notice any change in my energy level. I think this product is not working for me.

  • Customer reviews says that this product works but it also contains the hazardous ingredient “Yohimbe”. I think it will be foolishness that to gain something you will put your health at stake.

  • My husband had a low sex desire due to much work pressure which was irritating me each night and I was looking for men pills for my hubby. Subsequently reading few article I was very confused to see rip-off, scam and even allergic reaction with supplement and speak with my friend and assist in men’s pill selection. She suggested me to purchase androzene and I ordered it for 3 months. It really helps to sustain more than an hour while his association with me.

  • My testosterone levels & sex drive is way much higher after using this product. The thing I disliked about this product is that it gave me side effects and sometime they are too severe.

  • I thought to give Androzene a try but after seeing the cost of a single bottle of it for $124.99, my reaction was almost like “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”!!!! Lol… :-D

  • This supplement didn’t deliver dramatic change in my fade penis to get erected for more than an hour. I tried it for 2 months and now I want to say only one thing. This stuff is powerless for me.

  • You can use this supplement for daily health supplement to fix erection problem but didn’t change size after taking 4 months regularly. If you are looking for longer in dick size avoid to use this.

  • I tried Nugenix and Androzene both alternatives for my sexual endeavor to roll it back. Nugenix is mild than Androzene and didn’t support longer while intercourse to make it extra pleasurable and it sustain up to 10-15 minutes but androzene worked only 20-25minutes. Both of supplements are not well for my problem and now searching for great alternative for my sexual health.

  • This stuff works great. It will make you as well as your partner very happy and satisfied. Though the price is pretty high for Androzene when compared to other products.

  • I thought Androzene is the best male enhancement supplement but I was wrong. I experienced very less positive results from it. It gave me severe side effects and I would not recommend it to anybody!

  • 2 month uses of this supplement I feel extra control of pre-ejaculation. It works but takes time to get fully satisfied with PE and ED. As, initially trails, it is a good product for me.

  • It working but results are cheap and nothing wonders with my erection to make my time pleasurable. I feel nothing improvement in sexual desire even after using it for 8 weeks.

  • This product is definitely working for me. I don’t know why it is not working for others but it is working for me. It has improved my sexual performance and now I feel more active at the age of 47!

  • I was bit concerned before trying out this product but last week I tried it and it worked for me though I experienced minor side effects like headache & drowsiness. Need to watch out before it gives me severe ones.

  • I had been using this supplement for 2 months and bear only 15-20 minutes that was good but I feel no improvement in time after taking a complete bottle. I suggest you for this supplement to stop pre-ejaculation less than 30 minutes. However, if you are looking for perpetual big in size or more than an hour sustain capability, don’t make it to your best choice.

  • I read a lot of folk saying that they didn’t received any help from Androzene. I don’t understand why people are wasting their time and money is such products for an increase in penis size? Penis size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex or sexual satisfaction. People with small penis size are also a good lover in bed.

  • Androzene has improved my erection quality, lifted my mood and even increased my overall energy! I was scared of the side effects but they were very less than I expected.

  • I ordered Androzene for my partner but after reading the user comments and reviews from experts, I was not sure the product would work for my partner so I cancelled my order.