Ageless Male Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Testosterone Booster?

Ageless Male Overview

Ageless male is a highly popular male enhancement supplement that claims to possibly help you regain the vigor of a young man. It purportedly is suitable for many purposes, be it sports enhancement or general wellbeing. But does it stand up when tested?

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male

Ageless male is an all-natural male enhancement consisting of a proprietary blend, but luckily the ingredients are all listed. It is claimed to be a potent natural testosterone optimizer, to help older men in their 40′s and beyond regain the vigor of their young days.

Ageless Male Ingredients List

Exact quantities of included ingredients are not stated, since it is in a proprietary blend, but the names are listed.

  • Tribulus Terrestris – A potent natural testosterone booster that has been used for centuries in Europe. It is popular among bodybuilders seeking to increase their testosterone naturally.
  • Cissus Quadranglaris – A potent recuperative herb, especially beneficial in reducing inflammation. Is also claimed to be able to boost testosterone levels.
  • Saw Palmetto – This plays an important role in older men, as it can prevent conversion of testosterone to DHT, which contributes to prostate enlargement. Because of this, it is a decent testosterone booster in older men.
  • Chlorophytum Borivilianum – Also known as safed musli, is a not so well known aphrodisiac that has been used indigenously in Asia for years. It is now included in a few bodybuilding as well for its potential to increase growth hormone levels as well.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Aids in production of L-Dopa, a neurotransmitter precursor that prevents the breakdown of testosterone by prolactin.
  • LJ100 (science-based Eurycoma longifolia jack extract) – A patented long jack extract which enhances the amount of unbound testosterone in the blood. Testosterone in blood is largely bound and inactivated, and only becomes useful when released from the binding.

What Does Ageless Male Claim?

The manufacturer of ageless male doesn’t seek to be overly exaggerative of its abilities, which is a good thing for helping prospective consumers believe in the claims. These include:

  • Helping to support healthy free testosterone levels; this is the testosterone that ACTUALLY does the work in your body
  • Increases overall healthy and vigor, commonly lost upon aging
  • Promotes healthy sexual performance and desire
  • Promotes strength gain and lean muscle accumulation when combined with a sensible diet and exercise plan

How Does Ageless Male Work?

Ageless male works through various mechanisms in the body, such as by making the body’s available testosterone more readily available, and acting as a physical adaptogen. And while these ingredients should work in theory, there is significant doubt to the true efficacy of this product.

Ageless Male Benefits

  • Improved vitality
  • Improved strength and muscle accrual
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Increased libido and erection firmness

Ageless Male Cons

  • Not likely to work in everyone that uses it. Too unpredictable to put blind trust in
  • You must take it over a long period of time to see any effect
  • Just stopping cold turkey could worsen dysfunction or even shut down your hormonal regulation system
  • There is no free sample available for those on the fence
  • The alteration of testosterone levels in older men can cause prostate issues

Is Ageless Male a Scam?

While this isn’t backed by the FDA, Ageless Male is definitely a legitimate product that comes from an equally legitimate manufacturer.

The internet is full of scams. Many people are concerned that they will be scammed so it is not uncommon for men who are looking for help feeling better will search for information on Ageless Male scam. The nutritional supplement Ageless Male is designed to help men who are going through male menopause and these men are usually desperate to feel better. When looking for information on whether there is an Ageless Male scam, many websites come up but there is not a lot of evidence to support the claim that there is an Ageless Male scam.

So why do people think that there is an Ageless Male scam? One reason is because it is an all-natural natural nutritional supplement and many supplements are not really what they claim to be so some think there is an Ageless Male scam. Another reason people think there may be an Ageless Male Scam is because men are used to expecting to feel the symptoms of male menopause and simply accept it. For many years, male menopause was not even recognized and men had to suffer in silence. Recently, more people have been paying attention, and more men are not content to just sit and quietly suffer.

The idea that there is an Ageless Male scam is one that does not seem to have any basis in fact. For there to be an Ageless Male scam there would need to be a great deal of men complaining that the supplement does not work as it claims. Quite simply, that isn’t happening. When a search is done for an Ageless Male, what men find are reviews by satisfied customers and research that proves the supplement does exactly what it claims, not anything supporting a scam related to Ageless Male. In fact, clinical research has proven that this supplement actually helps male menopause and protects a man’s sexual health.

The only true way to decide whether or not Ageless Male is a scam is to actually try the nutritional supplement. With a money back guarantee and an affordable price, anyone can order the supplement and try it out to decide for themselves whether they are falling for an Ageless Male. There is enough evidence that states there is no Ageless Male scam to support any man who is suffering from male menopause trying the supplement out. According to the evidence, there are no side effects but there are a lot of benefits including better prostate health and a lessened risk of baldness. It seems there is nothing to lose.

Ageless male is not a scam. However, that is to not say that it is the best thing since sliced bread. It possesses glaring inadequacies that should make you question its rationale. In addition, if you should consider a true impartial website, such as, its shoddy rating should give you an idea of its potency.

Are There Any Complaints?

There have been complaints over the usage of this supplement, especially when men can no longer afford to pay for ageless male. clearly demonstrates the horrors of such a scenario.

Does Ageless Male Have Any Research?

There was a study conducted in 2008 in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, over a period of two weeks involving men between the ages of 37- 70 demonstrated that the men showed significant increases in testosterone levels, as well as reduction in DHT. The interesting thing though, is the fact that the study wasn’t conducted on Ageless Male itself, but rather on a related compound called Mytosterone. The effects are yet to be replicated or confirmed in ageless male.

Why Should You Consider Ageless Male?

If you’re over 40, this may be the primary reason to use it. Although the results are pretty average, it may be a good selling point to that crowd.

User Testimonial

The official website of Ageless Male cites multiple positive testimonials, but upon investigating an impartial site, you will soon discover hordes of dissatisfied men. One testimonial states “Not even close in matching up to product claims!”
- By Rob Ingenthron on March 9, 2012

I bought into the radio ads, and I ordered the stuff. I took it for a couple of months, but I really wasn’t feeling any different. So, I stopped taking it for a week and ordered a lab test for testosterone levels – Testosterone, Free and Total Testosterone, Serum – from Walk-In Labs (LabCorp) for $79, as I had never been tested before. I am 48 years old, and the test results showed that I have low levels, well under the low baseline: 308 ng/dL for free and total serum. I am otherwise very fit, healthy, and exercise regularly, and eat really well.

So, I started again with the Ageless Male, which I now have 4 bottles of, and I logged my intake. I took the recommended two per day, one early and one late. And on a few occasions, I took an extra pill, which I also noted.

After 26 days, I again bought another testosterone test from Walk-In Labs. The results show that the claims on the web site are nowhere near the actual results: only 322 ng/dL for the serum level!!! So small of an increase, that it could have been additionally increased because of certain foods that I was eating. Not even a 5% increase, and nowhere near my 40% target (that I was hoping for). As for 50% or 60% (depending on which of their web sites you end up at): are they kidding?? This is a VERY expensive supplement. You are probably better off just getting bottles of Saw Palmetto and asaxanthin (but probably not from New Vitality).

My next test will be using the best quality Saw Palmetto and asaxanthin that I can find over-the-counter. My conclusion with Ageless Male is that I am writing a letter to insist on a full refund for grossly misrepresenting their product, as I have the before and after tests to prove it.
- By Rob Ingenthron

Recommended Dosage

The pills are recommended to be used twice per day, for numerous weeks in order to see effect

How Much Does Ageless Male Cost?

The cost of Ageless Male varies widely depending on the source you get it from; however, it remains quite expensive. According to the official manufacturer’s site, New Vitality, a single bottle (containing a month’s supply) costs $49.95, 2 costs $79.90 with one free and $159.80 for four plus 2 free.

Final Say

Honesty, hearing much of the hype myself, I expected more. However, when it comes down to it, it isn’t that impressive. Seek out more reputable alternatives for your hard earned cash.

Where to Buy Ageless Male?

You can source Ageless Male numerous places, but if you decide to go for it, the official site (New Vitality) would be the best option. In my opinion, the affiliate stores have too much fluctuation in their prices to trust.

For more details, please visit official site

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Ageless Male Scam
Ageless Male
Produces Stronger & Firmer Erections
Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy
Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
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August 16, 2013
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December 25, 2013

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  • Nowadays, the hype of male enhancement supplement is very high and also lots for supplement in the online market and I was confused to select which one is best for me. I speak with my friend and he recommends me Ageless Male. I ordered it for 1 month and feel less change in my erection.

  • I was looking for male health supplement and reviews few products to understand which one is best for me to take daily and cost effective for long time result. After reading many articles, I think this product has lots of issues regarding scam, not working, and time taking the product. Then, I decided to select top rated male supplement. I want to know which supplement is best.

  • Hi! I’m 43! My bedroom problems started last month as I was unable to attain firm erections. An office colleague suggested me to use Ageless male. Now after 2 weeks, I can say that this product has improved my erection as well as my stamina. But the thing I’m worried about is side effects as I haven’t experienced any yet.

  • I have ED from 6 months and had tried few male enhancement supplements and didn’t get harder while intercourse. I placed 1 month ordered of Ageless male and taking it regular from 20 days working well for me but now looking for more changes in time.

  • What makes Ageless Male different from other testosterone boosting supplement? The ingredients are also similar as in other test boosters, then what’s the difference between Ageless Male and others?

    • I personally feel like these type of male enhancement supplements are nothing but a way to make money for the makers. Even I have used few of them but with zero results…..the only thing I got were side effects.

  • After watching an ad on TV, I ordered Ageless Male for my brother on his 60th birthday that was on 12 Nov, 2013. I could feel that he was depressed and tired these days. He’s on it for past 4 days and I would be waiting for the results and would come back & post my review again.

  • I have already been taking ageless male for about 12 weeks. Since I started using this stuff, I have experienced unusual dreams & fears. This has never ever happened to me before. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

    • Hey Dylan, your unusual dreams could possibly because of what you think whole day. Are you too much worried about your performance? Then it could be the possible reason, which is haunting you in your dreams.

  • I had lots of hope from this product simply because of the advertisements; though, when I revealed the obtainment of this product was set up for automatic shipment of 3 bottles, a red flag went up.

    • Prince, you should read the small lengthy line at the bottom of a purchased button to see the statement mentioned by this business. They clearly mentioned to stop auto shipment you must have to call them.

  • 45, Male! Having Ageless Male for 3 months, it works well for my weak performance but the shipping method wasn’t good; my supplement container was not in proper condition, anyway pill works for me.

  • You must be a fake to yield to the desires of these cons by purchasing such a product alleging to make you younger. I once tried it but discontinued later after realizing I did have much to waste. I absolutely experienced no difference despite using it for over 2 months. Seemingly, its content could have put my life at risk since my blood pressure rose after using these pills. I doubt if there is anyone who can attest that it has brought some change Take no chances for a shock and avoid getting tempted to give it a trial.

    • Hi Gustavo! It’s good to hear that this product worked for you. But for me it didn’t work. I think long term use can be a drawback as there are many scam reports available online about this product.

    • Yes, you can take ageless male supplement for long term medication. I’m also having it for 10 months and it works well for me, but I read some reviews where discussed that more than 2 year uses of any male enhancer you must have to consult with you doctor for that because it may causes some side effects.

  • I tried ageless male and it didn’t work for me. I think it should be used for couple of months to gain anything from it. I’m into my 2nd month and hoping that this product will work for me.

  • Testofen is an extract of fenugreek seeds and I hardly know anything bout it but I do like that it’s all-natural. Wanna be sure that Ageless Male is the best option available. Is it?

    • Hey Keagan, there are so many male enhancement supplements available today and Ageless Male is one of them. It is specially designed to boost your testosterone levels and provide you with the energy at any stage of your life. Though the efficiency and functioning of the product differs from individual to individual, therefore it is difficult to judge which one is best. It might work for few but it might also not work for many of them. There are always 2 sides of a coin buddy… depends on your luck that you get a head or a tail.

      • I agree with you Baron! With so many male enhancement supplements out in market, it’s pretty hard to judge which is the best? The supplement that does the trick for you would be the best for you and vice-versa.

  • I’m a heart patient and suffering from several sexual disorders. I tried ageless male just to get rid of my problems. This product worked for me but it has increased my heart rate tremendously. So fearing of heart attack, I had stopped using this product…

    • Ascott, you have a heart problem and you must speak with your doctor before using any male supplement bcoz, your life is more important than sexual activity. Go and speak with your doctor for better selection with any supplement. I would like to say there is clearly mentioned in official site, avoid to having this supplement if you have heart problem or any medical problem rather than sexual.

  • With increasing age my sexual performance was going down so I tried ageless male. After using it for a week now, I can say that it has improved my energy levels. Hope that it will give me more positive results in the coming time.

  • Better than Extenze and Code Red7 and should be tried for a month to see that change in erection. I purchased it for 2 months and taking it each day. I feel extra mood towards sexual activity. Nice product for me.

    • Yeah, for sure. I have been using it for 6 months and feel great changes in sexual performance. I tried few male enhancer like Cod Red7, Extenze and Nugenix but finally I have ageless male which is better than this.

  • Ageless male worked for me. It has boosted my testosterone levels along with my stamina. My sex life is back on track and my performance in bed is improving day by day.

  • With Ageless male, I got my sex life back. With increased energy and enhanced libido, I’m able to last for really long. My wife is really surprised with my performance.

  • I’ve been using it for a month now and the outcome is not satisfactory. Initially for first few days I felt an increase in my sex drive but no improvement in the staying power.

  • I don’t feel Ageless male is a scam. Though its working can differ from individual to individual, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam. It’s working for my husband, and its working well!!!

    • Are you sure there’s no scam in this product? As I’m digging though the info for this product, I can locate a number of unsatisfied users saying that it’s a rip-off.

      • Yes Neal, I’m quite sure that this pill is not a scam for me at least. My husband is using this pill for more than a year and he’s lot more energetic during his daily activities. During the initial days, the pill was not showing the results but with a regular usage the results are quite good.

      • Hello Neal,
        First of all I wanted to say that after doing some research of my own I was very confused. I think that some of these men here are expecting(ageless male) to be some sort of magic pill? I am 42 years old and I have been a distance runner and very healthy all my life since middle school, to college and I was having energy problems training to compete in half marathons. I ordered Ageless male and have been on it for over 2 weeks going on 3 now and it has helped me so far and am a top master runner and get invited to compete in some events. I think if you workout and live healthy this will work for you as well.

  • Purchased Extenze for 3 months and didn’t get a hard erection. Now, I’m 36, healthy men. No problem like diabetes, blood pressure and others. I want to purchase ageless male. I have a kinda doubt regarding to rip-off and scam. I read few complain about ageless male that it is a scam and put your card on auto shipment method. I’m here to know the real answer and the truth about his ageless male scam issue.

  • No doubt it works well for my weak sexual desire and taking it for 2 months. I was a bit of confusion about the rip-off but I talked to customer support number and he guaranteed me that if you aren’t needing they will not send you the further bottle.

  • I used Ageless male and it did what was needed. But it has increased my heart palpitation tremendously. Being a heart patient it was not safe for me to use it again. So I had stopped using Ageless male.

    • Speak with your doctor concerning this male enhancer if you are taking further medication for diabetes. If not, you can try some penis cream or oil to sustain longer in bed but, you must have to do massage your penis with oil each day just like workout for penis. The other method you can try which is a natural food and balance diet. It will help you to get back mood for sexual activity and also helpful for diabetes.

  • I’ve been using Ageless male from last few days and the outcome is satisfactory. It has increased my stamina. I was expecting more out of this product but didn’t get much.

  • Despite several scam reports, I tried this product and it worked for me. The thing I would like to agree is that this product gives side effects. Sooner or later you will experience side effects like headache, vomiting sensation, nausea and even an increase in heart rate.

  • I can never trust such a product after the frustrations it put me through. From its ads, I thought I had found the solution to my bed issues only to waste my cash. I took it for 3 consecutive months and my Jonny never woke up a single day. This is a total joke where it is pure business for profit. I doubt if the ingredients on the pack are really inside the pill. The promotions, free trials, and discounts are some things that made me believe it is a scam. Spare yourself from such frustrations by avoiding giving it a trial.

  • The supernatural pill for overcoming symptoms that come with age has finally come to my attention. It feels like I am becoming younger for every pill I take every day. This has made me very confident and stronger than I was before I found this magical pill. I no longer have to spend a night alone thinking that my member would not become erect. Ageless Male triggers arousal every day not unless if I take too many beers. However, all goes back to normal once the alcohol is drained. Give it a trial and learn from your own script.

  • Every man wants perfect stamina while intercourse with his partner and me also. I have weak sexual performance that is annoying me while try to make sexual activity. Therefore, I purchased Ageless Male for 1 month. It is effective for better sex drive but looking for more powerful supplement for achieve best goal. You can purchase it for initial trial it is good for me, hope it will be for you.

  • I’m a regular user of Ageless Male from past 1 month and feel well stamina while intercourse. If this stamina will stay longer as I aspect then its best for me. Now it’s good!

  • The ingredients in Ageless Male might be helpful, to be sure. But, the results were opposite than I was hoping. My sex drive is decreased while intercourse, there was an incapability to get an orgasm! If the herbal and natural ingredients mentioned in this product work for you, then certainly, take those ingredients. Don’t purchase this product; spend it elsewhere.

  • I bought ageless male for 2 months and continue having it. This product has increased my sexual stamina, but still looking for more sex desire. My rating is 4 out of 5.

  • I had purchased Ageless Male to improve my testosterone level, but now after using this product for 3 weeks I have not felt any difference in my T-Level. In fact, sometimes after taking pills I feel headache and restlessness. I don’t think this product is worth buying.

  • I have perfect sex desire to perform in bed. I have problems with sexual stamina to stay longer while intercourse. I ordered Ageless Male for a month and its good product to stay with more than an hour.

  • I am using Ageless Male for last 6 months and not having any kind of problem with this stuff. My testosterone level has increased and I am feeling much more energetic specially during sex with my partner. I will rate it 4 out of 5.

    • Hi as you said that your testosterone level has increased, I just want to know that how would you noticed that your T-Level is increased. Actually I am also using Ageless Male for the last 4 weeks but can’t figure out my testosterone level because I am not feeling any difference in my energy level.

      • author

        You have to go to the doctor and do some blood test to check T – Level. This is the only mean by which you can find out the testosterone level.

      • Hello Lisiana Carter! I have a query. If we feel more energetic during our daily schedule or if we notice a change in our strength during workout at gym or we notice a change in our sexual performance, is that not an indication of increased testosterone levels? Do we still need to go for a T-Level test?

      • author

        Hello Fain. Yes, if you feel more energetic during your scheduled activities and workout sessions then it’s definitely an indication of improved testosterone levels. Though, to track down the exact figure of your T-level, you need to go for a test.

  • I tried a bottle of Ageless Male believing that it will increase my testosterone level, but it doesn’t work for me. Infact I was feeling lazy and tired in the morning whenever I consume the pill. This product is completely waste and doesn’t worth the money.

  • I am using ageless male for the last 4 weeks and quite satisfied with the result. My sexual desire and testosterone level has been increased drastically. I don’t think that it is a scam. May be it will not work with all but work well with me!

  • Hereafter reading review, I’m bit confused about the product. I’d looked so many site to know more about it, how it works? Etc. There is no better testimonial of this. I’m going to try different.

  • My husband has taken this pill for about 3 months it has led to his not being able to sleep for days at a time when he does sleep he has very violent dreams. I suggested that these problems could be due to ageless male and he stopped taking it and both of these problems have improved in a week’s time.

  • Ageless Male is good for my endurance and I am a regular user of this product for 2 months. The only one problem is, sometime morning weakness is offensive to me but overall it’s perfect for my body.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am 55yrs of age and have become actually sick for the past 2 years. I take no vitamins and consume good food. Weight is approx. 200lbs and 6’2? in height. I in recent times realized I have sleep apnea. I’m at the top level on the scale. I’ve been on ageless male for 3wks. And noticed nothing at all. I also lift weights, sometimes I have to force myself for it. My sleeping disorder has actually impacted my life. I will look other vitamins to try to improve my health. I really believe this is low, but I could still lift up very heavy weights. If anyone can suggest me perfect vitamins, I would appreciate it.

    • Rick, I don’t know of any vitamin that raises testosterone. I’d say almost any cheap multivitamin will help. Also if can, try losing 5-10 lbs as this may raise your testosterone levels.

    • My situation is pretty much identical to yours. Same age, weight height, sleep apnea etc. I too very interested in supplements for energy and libido although my wife may not agree. Nice write-up Rick. I’m interested in your results.

  • I reviewed this supplement and I found there is no description of each ingredient that how this will work for me. How can I know, which ingredients will perform better.

  • Can anyone suggest me which product is best for me! I am 49 and have had weak libido and erection I’m diabetic patient. Should I take male enhancer? Or which one is the best method to solve my problem.

  • Ageless Male brought back the spark of hope when I thought my life was fast fading away. After using it for a couple of weeks, I started realizing that my physique was indeed improving. It also made me feel more energetic not only when it came to bed matters but during my routine exercises. I had hopelessly sought for male enhancement products only to get lured by unsuspecting cartels, but Ageless Male erased my despair. My sex life has considerably improved ever since I started using it. It’s one product worth trying for notable changes regardless of your age.

  • I strongly disagree with the benefits this product claim to bring. Having used it for over a month without any notable improvements is enough evidence that it is con game. It has not made me younger; it’s only psychologically injured my expectations of reliving my youthful life. It’s among the many products that promise good but yields worst. Don’t get tempted to waste your cash from its luring ads and fake promises of enhancing your sexual performances. There are other better products than this but I would recommend prescription medicines. It’s simply a joke.

  • I purchased ageless male 15 days before and it works well for me. I was concerned with my brother about this medication and he told me just call the company and say not to send auto shipment because he has been taking it from 1 month. This is not a scam; you can stop your next order whenever you want.

  • I didn’t know that low testosterone can cause so many health issues. Ageless male seems to be an interesting product. Still I will read some more reviews to check whether it is for real or a Scam.

  • This is a product I would not recommend to anyone despite of his condition. I used it for a few days 3 months ago but its effects are still here with me. It made me horny for up to 3 days untill I sought medical intervention. I underwent much pain on my member despite of trying ice and cold showers. Avoid it if you have an underlying medical condition like me. Whereas there are many products for increasing testosterone levels in your system, this should not be in your trial list. Prescribed drugs are the best way to go.

  • I was surprised to learn that my sex drive could get restored by using Ageless Male. My fear that I was to stay sexually inactive for the rest of my life got a ray of hope when this product brought the long awaited change. A few weeks after I started using it, I got an erection, something I previously did about 2 years ago. I currently get normal erections thanks to the ingredients that come with this product. I no longer suffer in silence since some good news is worth sharing for those in the dark. Give it a trail too.

  • If you have felt less of a man at some point, Ageless Male will solve it all for you. I started using it 3 weeks ago and guess what; my wife now wants a break. It enables me to get frequent and firm erections that keeps her satisfied all night. I am now able to last long enough until she reaches a climax or two before I let go. The good news is that, it contains well scientifically researched ingredients that have little or no side effects. Your sex life should no longer get boring, try it too.

  • I (38yrs) tried this product and did wonders after a few weeks. I regained my control when it came to bed issues but unfortunately I got dependent. I must use it every time we are to have sex. Lately, it started failing me and this is really disturbing. Skipping pills a day could mean a limp member for a week. This sounds like a life sentence if I have to remain sexually active. It has increased my monthly bill since I have to make regular orders. I don’t advocate for this product since you too can get hooked in to it.

  • Getting mugged has really been made easy by the manufactures of such a useless product. It’s not a magi pill and you won’t get Jonny up regardless of how many pills you will down your throat. The promises on the product’s commercials are meant to lure you into the mugger’s dens. Its promotions and discounts once you buy in large quantities seem too good to be true. Don’t dare your money on such a bogus pill only to get you frustrated sooner or later. My recommendation would be that you seek advice from a medical expert and avoid this crap.

  • Hey, I have a query? I have run into a couple of complaints about Ageless Male that talk about men going into extreme dejection? Have you seen anything that has a connection to it? My beau began taking it for past 2 months and at least twice or thrice every month he’s depressed, but only since he began taking Ageless Male.

    • Hey Teena, even I’m noticing the same problem after I started taking Ageless male. Though the product has provided me with few benefits but at times I feel low and depressed. I guess the product is the reason for this and soon I’m gonna visit my doc for this.

  • I don’t think Ageless Male is a scam. Because it improves my T – level and stamina. I really have no idea why people blame that it is a fake product, side effects bla bla bla ………. It works for me and I have no complaints about Ageless Male.

  • I just got Ageless Male for my boyfriend, who was noticing the symptoms like low energy, low testosterone level and weak libido. My sexual life was frustrating as he was not responding well to me while sexual contact. After taking it for 4 weeks, all he’s noticed is he’s angrier. Not working for him. I think its a fake product.

  • I’ve used Ageless Male directly from its official sie 4 weeks ago. It really boosts my T level. Now I am able to hole erection for longer time. The only problem with this product is that their customer service is horrid and they often automatically send you re-orders against your wishes.

  • I brought Ageless Male for my boyfriend because he didn’t hold the erection for long time. We both were not experiencing sexual pleasure. It’s 3rd weeks now but still no improvement in his sexual performance.

  • I’m using this product for last 2 months and it has boosted my testosterone level tremendously. Initially, 3 weeks I didn’t noticed any change but after that I started noticing results.

  • I’m not quite familiar with the key ingredients of Ageless Male. How would it be possible to boost the test levels with just 2 major ingredients in the blend? But it seems like this might do the trick. Low t levels may be the culprit I’ve been feeling low from past few days, so I guess I should give it a try.

  • I have observed that my testosterone levels have dropped few years back, however never did anything about it. I was checking about individuals who take supplements for that however it’s quite expensive and sounds sort of unnerving. Ageless Male appears to be a superb alternative. Virectin which I saw on the home page sounds exceptional as well.

  • Hi! I’m 43! With the increasing age my sexual desire was declining day by day. So I tried Ageless male. This product has boosted my testosterone levels and my sexual urge has increased. My Wife is happy with my bedroom performance.

  • My boyfriend is using Ageless Male, But I think it is not working properly. He always fails to satisfy me and loses his energy before reaching climax. I advised him to try a different product.

  • Ageless male is an exceptional product. Testosterone levels have increased and even my sex drive is back. I got back my lost confidence which was lacking in the bedroom.

  • This stuff is pretty good from others like; Maxman and magnum plus. I have taken it for 2 months and having its regular. I feel a bit a change in erection and sex desire. Now, it’s working well for me at the age 48.

  • Ageless male didn’t work for me. I’m using it for last 2 months and results are not even satisfactory. No change in my sex drive, libido and energy levels. Waste!

  • I’m not happy with the results I got from Ageless male. My expectations were too high from this product but it didn’t work for me. Need to look out for another product that may fulfill my sexual needs.

  • I was excited to take a try of very popular male enhancer “Ageless Male”. How it’ll works on my body. I have been taking it for 2 months but, can’t feel any significant change in erection or dick size. Although, it increased my sexual drive a bit but there’s nothing new with this product.

  • I tried this product for a week to see how it works. I can feel intense orgasm while sexual activity but I didn’t see any change in my penis size. This product doesn’t make penis bigger.

  • The end results are really very minimal. My expectation was high from this product as my friend got positives results from it. I’m really disappointed that why it is not working effectively for me.

  • As an over 40 guy I would like to thank you for your honest review of Ageless male, I am looking for something to help boost my testosterone level safely and without much side effects. from the looks of it you are suggesting male inhancement pills is that the same as testosterone suppliments? I am new at the science of all of this but I need some direction in which way to go.

    • Hello Mr.Nathaniel, First of all I would like to put some light over the fact that male enhancement supplements are different from testosterone supplements. Male enhancement supplements are focused towards providing a firm erection by increasing the blood circulation to the corpora cavernosa tissue in the penis that holds the blood during erection. While testosterone supplements contains some vital natural ingredients that boosts the production of free TESTOSTERONE (a hormone that is found in both male and female but specifically emphasis as a male hormone that is responsible for muscle growth, hair growth, muscle mass, strength and stamina).
      Secondly, you are looking to boost your testosterone levels as it is usual with the growing age there is a drop in testosterone levels. Ageless male is definitely a fine choice to boost your testosterone levels but, there are number of users around the globe complaining about the adverse effects that they are facing with this particular testosterone booster. There are number of different testosterone boosting supplements available today in the market that helps to boost testosterone levels and helps to release the free testosterone in body without causing any side effects at all.

      • Woow!! Great answer for me that very clearly differentiate between T-boosters and Male enhancer. I was also confused regarding Mr. Nathaniel’s question. Thankful for both

      • Thank You Lisiana Carter for that detailed differentiation between Male Enhancement Supplements and Testosterone Boosting Supplements. There are folks who are pretty confused between both of them and at times in that state of confusion they land up selecting a wrong supplement.

  • Ageless male worked for me and it boosted my sexual performance to some extent but along with side effects. I was always conscious about the side effects that these male enhancement products trigger.

  • Seriously I did a mistake by trying out this product. The side effects I faced were too severe. I would advise everyone out there to stay away from this product.

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  • Though Ageless male is a popular product but the results I experienced are too weird. For me this product didn’t work and I noticed side effects. I would suggest my fellow buddies not to use it.

    • Hey Orvin! Once I found a free trial for Ageless male on a website but after that when I searched it few days later, the website was not available. I guess it was a fake domain that was making money by misleading advertisement.

      • Hey Trenton! Even I spotted few such domains while searching free trial for ageless male. I tried to claim my free trial but they redirected me to the payment page.

  • I’ve been taking Ageless male from past few weeks and I can say that it’s working great for me. Climax is more controlled and more pleasurable. My relationship has taken a new turn since I started using this product.

  • Indeed, it has done nothing for my sexual performance. I have ED from past 2 years and unable to sustain for longer while having sex with my wife. I have been taking this product for 2 months still waiting for positive changes in my sexual behavior.

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  • A friend of mine was suggesting me to try Ageless Male but after reading the comments of the users and the review from expert, I don’t feel I should go for this product.

  • I have noticed a quite peak in my arousal level by using the Ageless Male supplement for 3 months. I’m 49 years old and I know that it will take few months to complete my best arousal level. Can anyone suggest me how to improve sexual stamina because I got tired soon while intimacy. I want to stay longer while intimacy. I want few suggestions. The answer will be appreciated! 

  • First few days it didn’t worked so I thought that Ageless male does not work. But last weekend when I was with my girl I thought of trying it out again and to my wonder it worked for me.

  • I tried Ageless male just because it is quite popular.
    After using it for 1 week, I noticed tremendous changes in my testosterone
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  • This product is complete waste for me. I had purchased Ageless Male to improve dick size and performance, but it didn’t improved my size. Not worth as it claims.

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  • Ageless male is worth buying. I’m male 56 and I was
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  • I had been taking this Ageless male product to improve my sexual stamina naturally and I saw a bit difference in my sexual strength, but that wasn’t a big difference as I was looking for still waiting for best result.  

  • Purchased Ageless male for 2 months and consumed daily as recommended. I didn’t noticed much difference in my erection within this period of time. Very sluggish stuff, I’m simply unhappy with this stuff.

  • This supplement has no free trial to see whether it actually works for my erectile dysfunction and the product is really meant for me or not? I can’t afford product that has no free trial.

  • I’m using Ageless male for more than a year and I’m going good with it. Increased libido, increase energy, improved stamina and above all, better sexual experience. I really feel as if I’m an AGELESS MALE after using this product.

  • No change in sexual desire and long sustain my ejaculation. Actually, I have a pre – ejaculation and looking for great products for my problem to sustain it for more than 30 minutes. I need suggestion for a few exercises to increase my time.

  • Hi! I’m 41! I was suffering from low testosterone and as a result my sex drive was declining day by day. I tried Ageless male to boost my testosterone levels and it worked for me. Last week I had undergone the Low T test and I noticed an increase in my T levels. Now my sex drive is back and I’m enjoying my sex life to the fullest!

  • Its 6th weekend now, feel a bit change in erection. I purchased it 2 months ago and waiting for the outcomes and changes but still not getting dramatic change.

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  • I tried it for 3 months and it works only for my sexual desire. I was looking for penis enlargement pill and it didn’t improve the length of my penis after is taken 3 months regular dosages

  • Zero results! I’ve been using it for last 2 weeks and no increase in testosterone levels, stamina, and energy. I was expecting positive results from this product but didn’t notice anything! Will look for other male enhancement supplement that really works!

  • It works man! I have been weak sexual performance from 2 years and tried various male enhancer but this product is pretty good for increase my time and lift it up to 25 minutes.

  • After a friend’s suggestion, I tried out this product and it didn’t work for me though it is working very well for him. I’m wondering how come this product is working for him and not for me… It looks like I need to try it out for some more weeks to gain positive results!

  • Every now and then I read scam reviews for this product!!! I wonder how it can be a scam. I’m using it for more about 6 months and it has provided me with great results. Though there are few side effects, but who cares!!!!

  • I purchased cock ring to increase the girth of my penis which helps me but not permanent then I decided to take supplements and purchased it for 1 month. It worked for me but didn’t get full satisfaction in size of the penis for stable. However, it helps to change the mind towards sexual activity which is better for men’s who have no sex desire.

    • Cock ring doesn’t helps you with increased girth or size Ronnie. It simply helps you to hold your erection for a longer period of time to add a spark to your sexual pleasure.

  • This is really a nice product and I’ve gained a lot out of it. It has increased my testosterone levels immensely just coz of that my sex drive is at its peak. Now I can give my wife the best orgasm.

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    • Ulmar, you must have to speak with customer support number to stop sending further more product. This method is well known as an auto-shipment program not a scam. Speak to help support number to stop it. 

  • I’ve been using it for last 3 months, it has boosted my testosterone levels & sexual drive but the sad part is that it has given me side effects like headache, nausea & vomiting sensation!

  • I had taken this supplement for 1 month and seen the least progress in my sexual desire. Initial startup with this stuff is pretty good but I want a dramatic change in my erection and even sex desire within 1 month. Therefore, I decided to switch some other pills which have great value to pact my sexual problem in just 1 month.

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  • I don’t feel harder and long sustain capability while intercourse after taking this stuff. I have been taking it for 2 months. Initial months were great with this product but now it doesn’t supply additional pleasure.

  • Ageless Male is kinda nice product compare to nugenix. Actually, my testosterone level is low and always feeling a reduced sexual stamina during intercourse. Around 3 months ago, I decided to take this product and try it for 2 months. I can say that this supplement works for me. I noticed few changes in sexual stimulation for a couple of minutes more improved.