FlexoPlex Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Tablet?

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FlexoPlex Overview

Flexoplex is a joint pain supplement that is promised to protect, strengthen, and improve the range of motion for joints. Formulated from all natural ingredients, Flexoplex is sold through an official product website that offers comprehensive information on this supplement. Flexoplex’s promised benefits include better lubrication of joints, reduced joint inflammation, minimized joint pain, strengthened joint cartilage, and increased ease in joint movements. Flexoplex is said to provide relatively fast-acting relief against joint pain, as it includes ingredients that help to inhibit pain sensors and other ingredients that effectively reduce swelling/inflammation around joints.

Active Ingredients

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Flexoplex’s manufacturers guarantee that it is formulated from only the best ingredients, many of which have been clinically proven to provide relief for joint-pain related problems. Flexoplex is made from an all natural proprietary blend of ingredients; this blend includes glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, rutin, Boswellia serrata, trypsin, cat’s claw bark powder, hyaluronic acid, and bromelain. Explanations for each of these active ingredients are given on the official Flexoplex website which also features a full list of the proprietary blend of ingredients used in this product. For example, Boswellia serrata relieves pain by reducing inflammation, and chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate work together to rebuild cartilage.

Flexoplex’s formula is made from pharmacy grade herbal extracts, and all Flexoplex tablets are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. The manufacturing process for these tablets has also passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard requirements.

How Much is it?

If purchased through the official product website, Flexoplex costs $39.95 for a starter bottle. However, larger orders of Flexoplex are offered at a discounted rate, and coupon code REV10 can be applied at checkout for a 10% discount on all orders conducted through flexoplex.com


Flexoplex is sold with a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee, as stated on the official product website. Any consumers who are unsatisfied with their purchase of Flexoplex joint pain tablets can contact the manufacturer within 60 days of their initial order date to return their unused portion of tablets and receive a full refund.

Testimonials and Reviews?

Yes, there are many positive user reviews and testimonials featured online for Flexoplex. In fact, an entire section of Flexoplex’s website is dedicated to featuring such satisfied customer statements.

Should I Purchase it?

Flexoplex is a joint pain health supplement that will most appeal to anyone looking for an all natural product that is formulated on scientific evidence and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. As a whole, Flexoplex certainly seems like a complete product, and the many positive user reviews further add to its appeal.

What Consumers Are Saying About Flexoplex?

62 year old male with shoulder joint pain that would wake me up while turning over in my sleep. This seemed to be getting worse over many months, as I could no longer reach behind me or raise my arms over my head. After researching several cures this one caught my eye and on the 2nd or 3rd night of 2 pills a day, no more pain at all. Two months later and I have cut back to one pill a day for the last week and no problems. NO side effects detected. I have also noticed it’s easier to get up out of my chair and I don’t hear any snap crackle or pop in these creaky old bones. Also, I used to wear velcro knee braces occasionally and was contemplating the need for knee replacements. Now instead, I contemplate going for a bike ride and don’t ever wear the knee braces.

- zedok

I’ve been taking Flexoplex for four months now and have felt less joint pain and the inflammation in my knees has decreased significantly. I did a lot of running when I was younger and played a ton of tennis and softball. I was in constant pain and nothing I tried even touched the pain. Flexoplex has made a big difference. I’ve tried other products that use Glucosamine/Chondroitin, but nothing was as good as this. I highly recommended it

- TessieD

Source – amazon.com

Over the last 3 years I’ve tried nearly every Glucosamine and Chondroitin product on the market and I keep coming back to Flexoplex. I had a bad knee injury and had pain continuously. I opted away from surgery and Physical Therapy didn’t really help. My MD recommended taking OTC Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements in addition to prescription pain relievers to help manage the pain. None of the supplements I’ve tried have really worked but the Flexoplex. There have been times I’ve thought that my condition was improving so discontinued the Flexoplex to try to save a few bucks and the pain would once again return. Within a few days of taking the Flexoplex the pain would begin to diminish once again. I feel like I got a part of my life back with this product and all I can say is Thank You!

- Mark T., San Diego, California

As both a professional physical therapist, and as someone who has my own share of aches and pains, Flexoplex is without a doubt one of the best joint supplements that I’ve found come across in 17 years. Unlike many prescription medications which are both expensive and have some unwanted side-effects, this product does the job and at an affordable price. I use it daily, and recommend it to many of my patients. It’s an excellent product!

- Debra R., Cary, NC

Source – flexoplex.com

Where To Find It

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  • What a critical situation! My grandmother was suffering from osteoarthritis from almost a year. We had tried lot of treatments and prescribed medicines for her, but….. Finally Flexoplex changed her life completely. Now we go out for the dinner like a complete family. Thank you Flexoplex!

      • Hi Dirk, I heard about Flexoplex online and after reading positive reviews, I conclude that it is a perfect product for any inflammation, pain, or discomfort in muscles and joints. I want to know in detail the ingredients used in Flexoplex, as I am writing some thesis on natural ingredients used in joint pain supplements. Can anyone throw some light on this topic?

        • Hi Laura,

          As you know, Flexoplex is a revolutionary joint formula that helps in alleviate joint pain. It contains all natural ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and MSM etc. Let me give you a brief introduction on each ingredient as follows:

          MSM is a chemical found in plants, animals, and humans. It can also be made in a laboratory. People use it as a medicine. According to Webmd.com, MSM is used for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, tendonitis and musculoskeletal pain etc.

          Glucosamine is a natural compound that is found in healthy cartilage. It has been shown to help with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, and may also help with other joint pain. More information will be available on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucosamine

          Chondroitin sulfate is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) composed of a chain of alternating sugars. It was first extracted and purified in the 1960s. I think this full article will help you to know more about Chondroitin sulfate – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/chondroitin-sulfate/NS_patient-chondroitin

          Best of luck for your project.



  • I tried almost every reputed glucosamine containing supplement in the last 3 years, but none of them worked. There was continuing severe pain in my knee and hip area. After trying Flexoplex, without any doubt, I can say that this is the best among them. An excellent product in affordable price and the way it works for me is appreciable, thanks for this great product.

  • I am a retired Infantry soldier and an ex-paratrooper who has been plagued with knee problems since as long as I can remember and had three different knee operations- anterior crucent, left knee, and medial collateral ligament in both the knees. I was very doubtful, to buy it or not. However, this product is a lifesaver, after using it for more than two weeks I really have little or no pain at all. It contains Chondroitin Sulfate that works well with Glucosamine. I am hoping to be running very soon and will continue to use this product. Thank you!

  • I had been taking another brand of glucosamine for many months but didn’t felt any improvement. My right knee is still hurt and I felt terrible pain in it while walking and I woke up in the middle of the night with lower back pain. After FOUR days of taking Flexoplex, both my knees stopped popping and my right knee felt so great that I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and had NO PAIN! I slept soundly throughout the night and my lower back doesn’t hurt me anymore! It’s Absolutely a Miracle!

  • I heard about Flexoplex from a friend who suffered from chronic colitis. It helped him to get rid of this problem. My wife had inflammation in both her thumb joints. They become red and swollen. After four weeks of using Flexoplex, the redness and swelling were gone. It is almost a year and today she is still pain free. I also take it and don’t feel stiffness in my joints, particularly my hands, as I used to feel before. I will continue to take Flexoplex. This is a great product.

  • For minor joint problems with no other underlying issues, Flexoplex is perfect. Each time I get some injury in my joints, I only use Flexoplex for recovery and it works. I have recommended it to my friends to help them recover from injury and got great feedbacks. If this product doesn’t work for you then, it’s something more serious and you should take a doctor’s advice.

  • Wow…I ordered these pills and they were delivered to my place so early. I was surprised! I will give them an A++ for shipping. I was glad to receive them so quickly because I ran out of my other pills. I was using another brand, but I noticed on the Flexoplex official website that it contains the same ingredients plus an extra ingredient for joint care (Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Methylsulfonylmethane, Boswellia Serrata…etc.). So, I ordered this product. I also want to mention that Flexoplex is less expensive than my other brand.

  • I do recommend Flexoplex to all who has suffered with joint pain issues. For anyone who have that much pain and want to be pain free and be able to function and be able to move I strongly recommend Flexoplex. It is a moderately priced product which will help to aid joint pain.

  • As I am an athlete I have exercise regularly, but sometimes my joints becomes stiffed during cold seasons, this issue is being with every athlete. For this I always use some local pain reliefs but when I read Flexoplex reviews I thought it’s useful for me. I start using it a month before and now my joints issues are nearly gone. It improves my overall joint health. I would recommend it to everyone who has joint issues.

  • Flexoplex is a quality product, I tried several joint pain products but not get relief, either they take too much time for result or they are expensive. But this is not in case with Flexoplex, when I start using it gives me result in 2 weeks, and it is moderately price $40 only. I do recommend Flexoplex to my friends. For anyone who have that much pain and want to be pain free.

  • I am in service industry in which there is need to stand continuously going here and there; due this my joints always get chronic pain when I come home lately every day. For this one of my friend referred me Flexoplex, I start using it and in a week I am seeing a relief in my joint pain, especially my knees are in some good condition now. On the scale it is really a 5 star product.

  • I’m 51 years old and have had ‘aches and pains’ for a few years. My knees have been getting stiff, hard to bend, painful on stairs, etc. I decided to try FlexoPlex and I am seriously amazed by the results. I order Flexoplex after reading reviews on ConsumerHealthDigest.com and took them as suggested every day. After one month, the joint pain in my knees is virtually gone. I walk down stairs without holding the railing, the range of motion in my knees has improved, and I feel much more mobile.

  • About a year ago, I damaged my left knee in an accident. It was very serious pain in the knee. Sometimes I can’t move to my garden too. Finally, my friend who had same type of pain recommends me Flexoplex, I start taking 3 per day for fast relief and yes it start giving me result after a 3-4 weeks. From that time, I consistently take Flexoplex. Now my pain is very much lowered and I can easily troll around nearby places. It is become best product for me.

  • According to me this is the only brand I can trust. It really helps me with my knee joint pain. It is easy to take and helps faster. Now my age is 61 and I have twisted knee joint, so I will continually take Flexoplex, which keeps my knee functioning. Many Thanks to Flexoplex!!

  • My mother-in-law just told me about the idea of taking FlexoPlex for joint pain. She purchased her first bottle after reading review from many websites. She said her mobility has improved 100% since taking it.

  • Furstrated from Instaflex, I bought Flexoplex for the first time and was really surprised and amazed with its results. I didn’t believe it was helping until I stopped taking it. For the last 4 weeks, I am only doing excercise and still not feeling pain in my knees. Really a nice supplement it is! Certainly recommended!!!

  • After many tests it was confirmed that I had a “healing fracture”, basically I had a really bad break that didn’t quite heal normally. My only real option was left but to have Flexoplex after trying so many joint pain supplements. And I can’t believe all my pain “VANISHED”. I am now 6 months into my pregnancy and my rib is still feeling very good. I thank manufacturer of Flexoplex for doing this type of research and offering alternative treatments to patients like myself.

  • I had really bad pain in my left foot, I could barely walk. Nothing helped. Having pain relief injections “HURT” because the area was so inflamed, then I tried Flexoplex on my friend’s recommendation. Now, I can walk, run, dance, and wear high heels again with no pain at all. It’s as though I never had a problem.

  • After having Flexoplex, I was amazed by the results and I can now play my instrument again with joy and passion. My experience has been nothing but positive and I recommend using Flexoplex.

  • I’m so thankful that I have found Flexoplex. I wasn’t able to do cycling, exercising, with my friends, like I used to, I knew I had to at least give Flexoplex a chance, and I’m so glad I did. It’s been four months now, and I’m back to cycling again.

  • I have been taking Flexoplex for about 2 years and for me, it reduces all the joint pain and aches and pain in general. I’ve tried to stop taking it several times, but in about 2 weeks, the pains come back and I remember why I was taking it and resume. I recommend it to all!!!

  • I’ve been using Flexoplex for the last 3 years and completely satisfied by the results it gave me. I have severe knee and muscle strain; and I work in a profession that requires lots of walking. It eases my joint movement; increases range of mobility and helps to avoid excess joint inflammation and stiffness.

  • I had a continuous stabbing pain in my back for last 3 years or so… that would wake me up from sleep at night. I ordered this product after reading your review. After using Flexoplex for a couple of weeks, the pain in my back went completely away. The price is awesome on top of everything else. I don’t know about others, but for me this has worked very well.

  • I’ve been using flexoplex for the last 2-3 years. I agree these tablets are tough to swallow, but believe it or not, I find it easier to get them down. One at a time, try it once and see what you think…take a deep breath, psyche yourself up and pop them! Then swallow like you mean it. Huh! They’re gone! You can’t beat the price and it seems to make my life a bit better. I recommend Flexoplex to all :)

  • I daily take Flexoplex capsules twice a day (one in the morning and one before I go to sleep) for the last 4-5 months, for my back and knees pain issues. It has helped me along with the other medications I take.

  • I started taking Flexoplex tablets recently, after reading reviews on many websites. Nevertheless, a sigh of relief from joint pain and my mobility keeps improving. I can now move around, climb stairs and go down with both legs simultaneously. I wish that Flexoplex will truly help my cartilage to build and grow.

  • I have used several different glucosamine/chondroitin products in the past. However, Flexoplex has been the most effective product I have tried, coz it contains all natural ingredients, that helps to heel joint pain faster, as compared to other products.

  • I’m 52 year old man, who still plays few outdoor games in a week. While even though I am in pretty decent shape, my knees and fingers still get swollen from time to time. I tried various supplements, but FlexoPlex is the one that has worked for me so far. I received my single bottle of Flexoplex within a week. I take it every day, one in the morning and one before going to bed. Thanks Flexoplex for improving my lifestyle. I definitely recommend it.

  • I took Glucosamine/Chondroitin mixed supplements for years, but the results have not been that much impressive. Flexoplex really works as advertised and it improved my back pain a lot after taking it for 2-3 weeks regularly. The tablets are easy to get. Highly Recommended!

  • I tried these tablets after a friend of mine with severe shoulder pain told me how much better he felt after using it. I’ve muscle and calf pain for around 1 year and have tried many products with not much great results. I was surprised after taking Flexoplex for just a couple of weeks. I noticed dramatic difference in my muscle and calf pain.

    • @Austin, I bought Flexoplex for my mother. At the age of 55, she was complaining about pain in her knee. She says that she doesn’t like to move, feel like cracking noise in her knee, etc. Due to these complaints, I ordered it. After just a few weeks we can notice a big difference in her. She too said that her pain is diminished. She now can go on stair with ease. Thanks Flexoplex, for giving my mother’s life back.

  • I was having pain in my elbow joints. This pain was really unbearable. I was unable to lift any weight. I started doing exercise for my elbow, but nothing worked. After that I went for this supplement. After taking it for just 1 week I noticed that my pain was really lessened. Today, I completed my 1 month with this product and happy to say that my pain is gone now. I had now started playing golf.

  • I’m happy with the good result it gave me. ALL MY PAIN ARE GONE IN AIR!!!
    I will continue it, and advise the readers of my comment, too go for this…

  • My wife was in severe pain. Her knee and hip joint pain was at the peak. I then bought this for her. She now says that her pain is much less than what it was before. I had ordered for the second time. A great product and recommendable one.

  • I have started taking Flexoplex for my joint pain and now I rarely touch any drink. I have found that after using this product I am able to walk freely. It is also because of not taking alcohol frequently. Now I am very happy and will continue using this product.

  • I was looking for a replacement for trigosamine. I did my own researched and found Flexoplex. Due to the ingredients and the vote this product received.I bought this and I am satisfied with its results.

  • Flexoplex is worth trying, I am 66 years old and I am at the stage where joint problem is very common. But thanks to Flexoplex, it helps old people like me by keeping the joints healthy. Once again I thank this incredible product.

  • My joints pain a lot because I have osteoarthritis. When I get up in the morning I feel stiffness in my joints. I find it harder to move and it has lost all its flexibility. My conditions are so severe that I have developed bone spurs around my joints especially the knees. I have started using Flexoplex after my friend recommended it. I take it in the morning and at night regularly. Now 5 weeks have passed away and when I get up in the morning I feel flexibility in my joints and I also walk in a better way. Flexoplex is a life saver for me.

  • I have finger arthritis and Flexoplex helps me to fight against this disorder very well. Now I am able to hold things properly but earlier I could not manage to do my work. I highly recommend this product.

  • I feel as light as air after taking Flexoplex! In the past I have tried many supplements but they failed to show better results but this stuff makes my joints flexible and I no more feel stiffness especially in my hands. I am very glad that, I got this supplement at the right time.

    • Hi Ella, This is my first review on behalf of my wife. She had knee surgeries and even after that she was having pain in her knee. I bought this and it helped her. This is a great product.

  • This product works for me! I have been taking it continuously for 5 years. My knees would ache to the point of crying especially at night. I couldn’t perform any of the fun sports I used to. I now play racquetball three to four times a week. I can walk the mountains chasing elk up and down big cliffs and my knees never ache. I am in close to the best shape of my life, thanks to Flexoplex. I have told tons of people how it has worked for me, I feel I should be their spokesperson..

  • A friend of mine suffering from rheumatism. They are quite painful when the weather is bad. After he took Flexoplex, it helps ease their pain in winter. I have ordered another two bottles for him. I am glad these tablets works for him. Highly recommended!!!

  • I started using Flexoplex about a year ago. I had an injury on my collar bone. It stared hurting after a heavy lift day. I’ve had no pain at all after using it. I’ve turned all my friends on to it.

  • Quick relief! I’ve tried several different products and this is the only one that I actually felt a difference in my knees. I take it daily and my knees feel great now.

  • I am very frightened now. I don’t want to go for shoulder replacement surgery. I need a product that could help me, reading the reviews here it seems that could help me. Curious

  • I have to say it was a miracle in my case! I feel and hurt my hip and after many months of suffering discovered Flexoplex by a very dear friend. As soon as I started taking I recognize a huge difference in my ability to move! I highly recommend and have told many friends!

  • Frankly at first I was doubtful regarding this product efficacy but then I thought I should give it a shot maybe it works better than the other product that I use. The results amazed me as this joint pain reliever product worked very well for me, more than what I expected from it. The product is Astonishing! 

  • As soon as I started taking Flexoplex I recognize a huge difference in my ability to move! I highly recommend and have told many friends! I have to say it was a miracle in my case! I feel and hurt my hip and after many months of suffering discovered Flexoplex by a very dear friend. 

  • My mother was diagnosed with RA in both knees even though I am only 50 years old. The pain was brutal.She is now on his 2nd bottle of Flexoplex and there is most definitely a positive difference. The pain is significantly less and she feel so much more mobile. Great product!!

  • Well, I can’t speak for relief from hip pain, since that hasn’t been my problem. But it sure works for osteoarthritis in the neck, which is where I have my pain. I started taking it about 5 years ago, and the neck pain I had disappeared after about three weeks and hasn’t returned -unless I stop taking Glocosamine-Chondroitin-MSM pills. When I resume the pills, the pain disappears. So whatever your studies say, it works for me. 

  • For knees, hips, and other large joints, I agree: it does nothing. But for my fingers it’s the best thing since cold packs and aspirin, both of which I barely need anymore thanks to Glucosamine Product Looking forward with this flexoplex

  • Forget the scientific method. I know someone who took this stuff and won the lottery, therefore I’m confident that flexoplex causing you to win the lottery. I just picked up a case of the stuff!

  • I had used many products that contain MSM in the past two years but they didn’t work better than Flexoplex. I feel less inflammation and pain in my knees, I am very pleased with this product.

  • This product makes my day. I get up with painful joints but after taking the doses, in half an hour I feel no pain and actively participate in every activity throughout the day. This is the best product and I like to recommend it always.

  • I got severe injury in my left knee, a partial dislocation occurred, my knee bones were out of their place. I went through the treatment and got my bones in their right place. Since then I feel pain which is very irritating. Then I got Flexoplex and I take it daily. My knee condition is improving day by day. I am so relaxed and thank God for giving me this wonderful product!

  • I was going to order this but when it came time to check out, the “Pay with PayPal” link didn’t work, and then the  “Pay with Amazon” link didn’t either!  The only option left was to enter my credit card information, and I wasn’t about to provide my payment info to a site I know nothing about and can just see trying to stop future shipments of a product that may not work for me.  Providing optional ways to pay that don’t work is a misrepresentation that I find to be untrustworthy.