MaxoLash Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Eyelash Serum?

Maxolash Overview

Are you among the millions of women who are tired of short and brittle eyelashes? Do you dream of long, thick and astonishing eyelashes that will make you a lot more alluring? If your answer is yes then you need to keep on reading because we will be closely inspecting a product that can make your eyelash enhancement dreams come true. You shouldn’t even consider eyelash extensions and the use of false eyelashes because these options are risky. They don’t just increase the risk of eye infection and irritation but also damage your natural lashes.

About Maxolash


The product we will be inspecting is called Maxolash and it is currently one of the most popular eyelash growth serums on the market. Unlike other eyelash enhancement options like false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, this is a product that promotes the natural growth of eyelashes so it doesn’t just deliver temporary results unlike other eyelash enhancers. Maxolash utilizes breakthrough technology to help build and repair existing eyelashes and eyebrows. It isn’t like mascara and other eyelash enhancers that only temporarily build up the eyelashes only to be washed off later.

Who is the Manufacturer of Maxolash?

Maxolash is from one of the pioneers in developing innovative and ground-breaking skincare products. It is from Dermagevity which offers formulations that are proven to offer fast, dramatic and lasting results utilizing years of research in developing highly effective and safe products. Dermagevity is well-known for offering effective and safe skin care products at affordable prices. They are especially recognized for their range of anti-aging products.

What are the Key Ingredients in Maxolash?

Maxolash uses a powerful formula balancing the right amount of protein complexes with nourishing, soothing and moisturizing natural extracts. It contains a blend of plant derived glycoproteins which stimulate the growth of hair follicle cells by causing lectin-like activity to occur. This is the ingredient that enhances the growth of healthy and strong eyelashes. The formulation of maxolash also includes provitamin B5 to moisturize and strengthen the eyelashes allowing them to grow much longer, thicker and stronger. Hyaluronic acid is another key ingredient which helps stimulate blood vessels in order to promote hair growth.

What Makes Maxolash Unique?

The best feature of Maxolash is the fact that it is clinically proven to be effective. It really works according to recent clinical tests. Each of the active ingredients is also clinically proven to be effective. It has also passed several safety testing procedures. It is not like most eyelash enhancement products since Maxolash offers permanent eyelash enhancement by promoting the natural growth of the eyelashes.

Benefits of Maxolash

  • Contains 100% natural ingredients.
  • It promotes healthy and naturally fuller-looking eyelashes.
  • It can also be used on the eyebrows.
  • It stimulates the follicle cells in order to promote faster hair growth.
  • It conditions hair so that they will grow stronger resulting in longer and thicker eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • It is formulated with a safe pH balance making it non-irritating to the eyes.
  • It also improves the appearance and texture of the lashes or brows.

Side Effects

Most eyelash enhancement products cause eye irritation which can lead to serious eye problems. These products also usually trap dirt and bacteria increasing risk of eye conditions. Maxolash is especially formulated to be non-irritating to the eyes and there are no known side effects from using it.

Is Maxolash Safe?

This is definitely a safe eyelash enhancer. In fact, it is clinically proven to be safe and has passed several safety and regulatory tests including the safety/regulatory testing standard for the United States, consumer skin sensitization patch study, eye irritation potential study and skin irritation study. There are no known side effects from using Maxolash.

Can I Apply Maxolash Daily?

Yes, in fact it is recommended to be used once daily. It can be used in the morning after your shower or in the evening before going to bed. Mascara can be applied after using Maxolash. However, you need to wait 2 minutes to ensure that the formulation is completely absorbed before applying mascara.

Final Verdict

Maxolash is an extraordinary eyelash enhancement product. It doesn’t offer instant results but there is really no eyelash growth serum that can do such thing. The effects are gradual but after a few weeks of using Maxolash, notable eyelash enhancement can be seen. It is only one of the very few eyelash enhancers that are actually clinically proven to be effective and safe. It is easy to understand why this is currently one of the most popular products on the market.

Buying an eyelash enhancer is not an easy thing to do. The most important aspect you have to consider is safety. This is because some eyelash enhancers contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious eye problems. Another important factor is effectiveness. Of course, you want the fastest and most considerable results possible. To find the best products, you have to inspect each product carefully which will take a lot of time since there are hundreds of eyelash enhancers being sold on the market. To find the best eyelash enhancer on today’s cut-throat market, we have inspected, tested and evaluated each eyelash enhancer mentioned below.

Our Top Eyelash Enhancer Choices
Idol Lash
Idol Lash
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Grandelash Md
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
City Lash
City Lash
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Feg Eyelash Enhancer
FEG Eyelash Enhancer
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer
Xlash Eyelash Enhancer
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Md Lash Factor
MD Lash Factor
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
RapidLash Eyelash
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Lancome Definicils Mascara
Lancome Definicils Mascara
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Arbonne Lash Enhancer
Arbonne Eyelash Enhancer
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Eye Booster 2 In 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner And Serum
Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash...
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
Ingredients to Promote Growth
Potential of Ingredients to Promote Maximum Growth
Improves Lash Texture & Volume
Quality of Ingredients
100% All Natural Potent Ingredients
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Published Date
May 23, 2013
Last Updated
April 9, 2014

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  • I’ve very sensitive skin, even after using the mascaras to get darker lashes.. It didn’t give me results. Moreover, I felt heaviness on eyelids when blinking!! I heard about Maxolash and was pretty thrilled to try it considering the fact it is safe for people with sensitive skin. I have been using this product a month from now and do not feel need to use mascaras. Now my eyelashes seem quite darker and they did make my eyes look glam!! (heart)

  • With thin, short lashes all my life, I knew something needed to be done to combat the additional problem of falling lashes on one eye. A friend of mine recommended Maxolash and purchased it with a reluctant mind. I am astonished with the results and have just purchased my second tube. My eyelashes are full, thick and dense; the best looking lashes at age 52!

  • I am in my 40′s and I think due to age factor my lashes are falling out and not growing back again. I have beautiful eyes but due to my lashes fall off I am getting stressed. I saw an advertisement of Maxolash before few days ago where it claimed to replenish the eyelashes, so I tried it and now my eyelashes have grown back again. My eyelashes are now thicker, longer and fuller. I am very happy with the results.

  • I am fervent fan of beautiful eyelashes and used to spend so much on the extensions. Although they made my eyes seem elegant but it consumed much of my time. When I read about Maxolash, I thought what’s harm to try it once (since they contain natural ingredients)? After using it, I’ve thrown out the extensions coz I got beautifully longer lashes.

  • It’s a great product to have long lashes… I had tried many eyelash conditioners but none of them really works… I spend a lot of dough on eyelash growing products and then I bought Maxolash. It is an ultimate eyelash enhancer that I was wanting… Before using this product my lashes were very short and thin. I applied this serum twice daily and the result was up to my expectations… My lashes are growing and becoming thicker and darker day by day. I feel great and really very convinced with this product. I will use it regularly, it is a flawless product.

  • I have always used castor oil for my eyelashes but didn’t notice any difference, so i decided to try it. After using it for few weeks i figured out that was decision to try it was correct. Well i was amazed that I didn’t had to lose anything, the differences with my lashes was so visible. I use it every day; my lashes seem fuller & thicker. I put it under my mascara and i love it. Now that is also a must have along with all the other great products you have, and i am 64 and my lashes looks fantastic, i always get ask what i use on my eyelashes, thank you for this great product.

  • Well Maxolash works great for me; I am amazed with the results I have with the use of Maxolash in just two weeks. I am not getting why people say that it doesn’t worked for them. May be you are not using it regularly, It is best to wait 1-2 minutes to insure Maxolash is completely dry before applying mascara. Have you noticed that it not only works on your eyelashes but on eyebrows as well? I am happy with Maxolash and highly recommended this to all womens!!!

  • My eyes and skin are pretty sensitive, so when I heard about Maxolash that it is considered to be safe for people with skin like me, I was thrilled and eager to use it. I’ve been using it for last three months now, and I don’t even feel the need of use mascara after using Maxolash. I feel like my eyelashes look far better than fake lashes!

  • My eyelashes kept breaking before sometime when they’d get decently long, no matter what kind of mascara I used in past…. I started to use Maxolash few days before putting on my mascara, and it’s definitely saving my lashes from breakage… It’s a good product and it may be possible that someday soon I won’t even need to use mascara at all!!!!

  • Hiiii Guys!!!!
    I’m 24 and felling bit confused, between Idol Lash and Maxolash? Has anyone heard or tried it? Which product works more effectively and which is best for quick results???

  • My eyelashes kept breaking before they’d get decently long, no matter what kind of mascara I used… I started to use Maxolash before putting on my mascara, and it’s definitely been saving my lashes from breakage. Maybe someday soon I won’t even need to use mascara at all!! It’s good I know!!!

  • I’ve literally tried 3 different eyelash serums until I found maxolash. This is expensive, but is really giving results. My lashes were rubbing against my sunglasses, so I had to stop during the summer. I noticed more length than volume. I highly recommend it, as it’s my new nightly beauty routine go to.

  • Belonging to Asian origin, my eyelashes were shorter and didn’t make any significance to my eyes. I always had to use the fake lashes to get elegant looks. While searching for other options, I came across eyelash enhancer. I discussed this with my best friend and she was of the opinion to use maxolash. In quest to know more about its features, i decided to try it. Its two weeks now, and my eyelashes have grown a bit longer.

  • I suggest you to use maxolash on your lashes. it makes lashes thicker and longer and my eyebrows filled a lot. However, major downfall of other products is the possible side effects from it. The lighter your eyes, the more likely that they’ll become discolored. There’s also the possibility that your lash line will become discolored too… Another downside is the cost, it’s over priced too. You have to use it in a right way, only your consultant can tell you all the actual pros and cons.

    • Recently, I’ve undergone chemotherapy and my eyelids have completely become bald. I’ve used maxolash and this really helped to grow my eyelashes. After few weeks now my eyelashes seem apparently darker. Love this product, I’ll repurchase it.

    • I’ve used maxolash in my quest to get longer lashes. What I love about this product is it has been clinically tested. The ingredients in this product have proteins which are required for hair growth. So this is safe and I don’t have any itching or harmful effects after using it.

  • I strictly followed all the instructions mentioned on this product and was very much pleased to see unmistakable results by the 3rd week!! My lashes became thicker AND longer; I gained more thickness than length, but both are very much improved… Trying it on my eyebrows too, and I see a tiny bit of new growth where there hasn’t been in years, enough to make me keep trying this product!!! Thanks Maxolash!!

  • This is the 3rd time I am purchasing Maxolash eyelash product…. It makes my eyelashes thicker, longer and darker…. When I rub my eyes, no lashes fall out, they are much stronger. I use very little eyeliner, because the line of lashes is dark. I would recommend it to all!!!

  • I Love this product – it really works – I used it for near about 1 1/2 month before I saw the noticeable growth in my eyelashes… I have very sensitive skin and was still able to use this product – it will last you 5-6 months or more – the price is definitely right…

    • Being a makeup freak, I used the fake lashes and then switched over to mascaras. Although this did give me beautiful eyelashes, it took toll on my lashes. They began to break away easily. I’ve heard about the eyelash growth products and decided to try it. While browsing came over here and bought it. Now I can happily flaunt my lashes without worrying about the breakages.

    • Hey,
      Calm down, the ingredients in this product are combined to enhance the eyelashes. They are safe to use and the best part they work out well even with people having sensitive skin. Do tell me how it worked for you.

  • While I was totally skeptical of the idea of lash enhancer that actually lengthens my natural lashes, I found out it worked. My brittle lashes appear longer, and feel softer than they were before I started using this product. For me, this lash lengthener is it, I’m so glad I found this one.

  • Hiiii Guys!!!! I’m 24 and felling bit confused, between Idol Lash and Maxolash? Has anyone heard or tried it? Which product works more effectively and which is best for quick results???

    • When I used first time I was skeptical about this product if it’s really worked or not. I was surprised to see that it’s really like mascara but a clear building product. I have used it for one month and my lashes have doubled in length. My eyelashes are very thin. I’ve been applying maxolash to my brows and they make them thicker and longer than they were! I would recommend it to anyone who wants longer, fuller lashes and brows in weeks!

    • I used Idol Lash on my lashes. My lashes became thicker and longer and my eyebrows filled a lot. However, major downfall is the possible side effects from it. The lighter your eyes, the more likely that they’ll become discolored. There’s also the possibility that your lash line will become discolored too… Another downside is the cost, it’s over priced too. You have to use it in a right way, only your consultant can tell you all the actual pros and cons.
      Now for Maxolash, I searched it on web and I came to know about the product’s positive vibes… You can read its reviews here… I think Maxolash is a product you can use with confidence. The good thing about Maxolash is that it has all ingredients clinically proven, which are to be safe, effective and non-irritating, thereby claimed to be perfectly safe.
      It produces results in just 2-4 weeks! The manufacturer of Maxolash is a leading cosmetic brand named “Dermagevity” and is dedicated to provide quality products to enhance their customer’s lives.
      Since you are looking for permanent and safe solution, I think Maxolash would be better choice for you.

  • I’m so amazed by my results in my eyelashes!! Thank you Maxolash for giving me the eyelashes I’ve always wanted to get!!! I had no redness at all what so ever when using this product, it doesn’t have any harsh smell and easy for use. I used it each morning before brushing and each night before bed I re-applied.

  • My best friend introduced me to Maxolash eyelash enhancer and I feel it has miraculous properties…. She appeared to be overly impressed by this product and called value enhancer in absolute terms and money.

  • This is a product that gave my eyelashes volume and thickened them in a short span of time. Moreover this product does not give irritation like the other ones and can be worn with make-up also.

  • Since birth my daughter has thin and sparse eyelashes. I wonder how is this possible because I, my son and my husband we all have thick and dense eyelashes. I heard about this product by a friend and I am thinking to get it for my daughter looking at the fact that it has all natural ingredients and clinical proofs as well.

  • I’ve been using another eyelash conditioner from some time which were brilliant growth products but expensive too!!!! That’s the reason why I decided to try this one. I’ve been using it from last couple of weeks now and have to say that it appears to be just as effective as the other ones and has three times much better results than others… Very pleased and thank you!!!

  • So far so good…. This product really worked and the effects are still visible. My eyelashes no longer seem sparse or crooked. I am happier that it treated my thin lashes and now they are lusher than ever. This price is worth the results I got….

  • It absolutely works!!! I saw amazing results in just 3 weeks! I guess everybody has different reactions, but I’m very pleased with the product!!! Saw some results in just a week…will continue to buy this and use it….

  • To put it straight, this was simply the best. Being a cancer survivor and reviving through the nightmare, I wished to get back my look prior to the treatments. I deeply regretted the eyebrow and lash loss. Thanks to the review, It was good to know about the eyebrow and eyelash growth products. I’ve heard from a friend that maxolash did worked for her. This helped to reverse the sparse eyelashes. after using it for three months, I noticed that my eyebrows were visible; the eyelashes were much lush than before.

  • This is the very first review I’ve ever written. The product worked so well that I needed to be applaud it for the results. I had noticeable difference in the length of my eyelashes. Prior to using this serum, I’d shorter eyelashes which were never really so visible. 9. After using this as treatment to get longer eyelashes, I really got to notice super longer and darker lashes. To top it up I’d no skin irritation.

  • I used Maxolash since July and I got crazy about it, it’s the best product ever… people always used to ask me all time that what’s the reason behind these luscious lashes!!! I started noticing the growth in the first 2 weeks of use, happy with the product and my lashes too….. Thanks to Maxolash!!!

  • I have used this product and after a few weeks, noticed a huge difference not in my eyelashes but dark circles looked around my eyes. Everyone kept saying I looked very tired, so i switched to maxolash. I tried using it for 4 weeks. It stops the lash breaking and creates new growth. Excellent product. Hopefully this product will continue to be affordable.

  • I have been using Maxolash for about 3 months now and love the results. I haven’t seen any problems so far with irritation, discoloration, etc. I have always had very thin eyelashes and have used every mascaras advertised for lengthening the appearance of eyelashes. Nothing has come close to Maxolash!! I love the fact that I am not having to put on layers of mascara now. Don’t know whether I will always continue using Maxolash; but right now I am loving the results. Thank you for your very infomative article

  • Maxolash definitely works! I will admit I can be a bit lazy about my beauty regimen, and sometimes I forget to apply, but if used consistently, it makes a huge difference in length, thickness, and darkness. I have straight, fine lashes that go down instead of out and up, and Maxolash has helped! It is definitely pricey, but I am not scared to use it! I have dark brown eyes, so color change is not an issue for me, and my sister, who has hazel eyes, has not had an issue with increased pigmentation either. If you can afford maxolash, it is definitely worth it!

  • I normally don’t write reviews for any product, but this one is worth doing it. Earlier, my eyelashes were so tiny and were barely visible. My friend started using this product and I couldnt believe the results. I ran to buy one for me and I am really happy to have it. After one month of using Maxolash, my eyelashes are already so long! I will buy this product all my life!!

  • I am using Maxolash for 4 weeks now and I will like to buy it for a second time after finishing the first one. All the other enhancers that I had used before never shown this much quick results, but this one provided boost to my lashes really well.

  • I have been using the product for more than 6 months now. It has been amazing for me. My eyelashes have grown a lot where everyone who sees me asks if I’m wearing false eyelashes. I am totally happy with the product. I would suggest others to give it a try.

  • I searched natural product on net and I found maxolash. I read the ingredients and it seems natural. So, I started using maxolash and its been a month now since started. It Does’t irritate me and the best thing is, it can apply on our brows also. My brows and lashes are so thicker and longer. I can simply apply to base of eyelashes with brush applicator similar to mascara, and mascara can be applied after application of maxolash. Actually it’s a two in one product. I really like maxolash.

  • I love the difference Maxolash has made in my life. My eyelashes look longer, fuller than ever before, and I can tell that they are definitely thicker too. I always tell my friends and family to go ahead and give Maxolash a try.

  • I’ve pretty much given up on eyelash growth serums at the moment. I tried many of them and they didn’t do anything for me. I would still like to find one that works that doesn’t cost a fortune. Will Maxolash work for me?

  • I am using Maxolash for over 6 months now and I am hooked! I have used others, but none of them worked for me. My lashes are longer now, look much better and the service is excellent!

  • I have tried a few eyelash enhancers but Maxolash is the only one that has worked and gave me positive results. It’s been 5 months now and my real eyelashes are finally so beautiful that I’ve thrown out my fake lashes. I recommend it to every woman who wants to transform her thin eyelashes into beautiful thick and bold. Go ahead ladies!

  • Yes Girl!
    Maxolash do work. Maxolash is clinically Proven blend of 100% natural ingredients that will make your lashes appear bold and beautiful. It has the perfect mixture of proteins, vitamins and special ingredients including mainly Hyaluronic Acid, Glycoproteins, ProVitamin B5. This specially mixed formula is pH balanced to be non-irritating to eyes. I recommend it to every woman who wants to transform her thin eyelashes into beautiful thick lashes. Hope that helps!

  • I tried several eyelash enhancers without prescription. I used them for many months but saw no positive changes in my lashes. They were as weak as before. But when I started using Maxolash I found that it works very well and am very pleased with the results. It is a surprise product, as everyday I found a noticeable improvement in my lashes. Now it is 6 weeks since I started using it and now even my son says that my eyes have become prettier.

  • I am 53 years old and after using mascara and eyelash curlers, my lashes became pretty scraggly. This product exceeded my expectations. I am happy to report that this stuff really works. I have been using it on my eyelashes and eyebrows too. I noticed that the little bald spots started filling in, making the eyebrows fuller. My brows and lashes are silkier, fuller, and longer. They were never as long and full as they are now. It does not irritate my eyes and results are fast too. I noticed this difference in just a few weeks. I’m very happy with this product and planning to use it continuously.

  • Actually not! Maxolash doesn’t show any side effects after applying thrice a day but it is recommended to use this product twice a day, once in the morning and secondly in the evening. I’m sure you will definitely get good result after using this product only 2 times in a day and really look beautiful in the party.

  • Can I use this product thrice a day? Will it give several side effects due to the over use of this product? I want to look more beautiful in a party that’s why I want the result quickly

  • It was my dream to get long, dark and healthy lashes like Hollywood actresses and for this I tried many eyelash enhancers for my brittle and short eyelashes but I didn’t have good results. I also tried false lashes but it was a too lengthy process and I also didn’t like it too much. But as I started using Maxolash I was completely shocked. It is awesome dude! I just love this product! It helped me to fulfill my desire. Today I’m complete with my beauty.

  • With the MaxoLash, I finally found what I was looking for a long time. It was almost 2 years since I was searching for the product to get shiny, long, strong and dark lashes. This product certainly improves the appearance of my overall face. I really don’t believe that how quickly it starts working for me. My lashes are now thick and long and it provides a beautiful look to my eyes. I would surely recommend this to every needful person.

  • I’ve been using MaxoLash from three weeks now and I use it once per day either morning or evening and the difference I noticed was beyond my expectations. I am blonde and also had light eyelashes and they have definitely got darkened now. My lashes were fairly long and they’ve noticeably grown. When I put on black mascara it is incredible, I can’t stop looking at them! The main reason I bought Maxolash is because I wanted thicker, dark lashes and I can see the gaps beginning to fill in. It is easy in the pocket with a very reasonable price. I’m so glad that I decided to go for it!!! :)

  • Beautiful product and packaging, also a great value for money. My lashes are longer and thicker and I don’t need to use as much mascara as before. I really like this product, which can be ordered conveniently online. I just love the special discounts:)

  • My eyes are blue and I don’t want to take any risk. I wasted a lot of money on different eyelash serums but my lashes remained thin and short. Then I decided to try an eyelash enhancer. I researched a lot and found Maxolash. I am using it since May and its really amazing. It made my lashes grow thick and long. Now my eyes look more beautiful then ever before. I use it on my brows as well. I just finished my first tube and will definitely order it again.

  • I have short and thin lashes. So I was using fake eyelashes, till one day my friend suggested about using an eyelash enhancer. I bought Maxolash. After using it for 3 weeks, to my pleasant surprise my lashes became thicker and fuller. My friend said that I look much prettier now. I have gained a lot in self-confidence and am saving a lot of money by giving up on fake eyelashes. Maxolash is a dream product for me.

  • This is the best eyelash enhancer in the market and I will recommend this to everybody who wants longer and beautiful lashes. I have tried others and they do not work as well as Maxolash. Its Fantastic.

  • I have tried this product and it lengthens my lashes very nicely and separates them too! The brush and tube gives you the right amount of product so that’s really nice. This one is perfect for me. I really like it. I would recommend it!

  • I like maxolash, just because it works excellent and the main reason is, it contains all natural ingredients like Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycoproteins, Panthenol and ProVitamin B5. These all are very helpful, to grow your lashes naturally.

  • I have always wanted to try an eyelash enhancer. I had very thin lashes and it was hard to find a mascara that I could use. A friend told me about Maxolash and when I did research on it, I found very interesting facts and got impressed by others results and at that moment I decided to give it a try. I have been using it for about a month and I can notice an improvement in my lashes. I will keep using Maxolash. It is simple to apply and the results are no doubt amazing!

  • I inherited these thin little eyebrows and eyelashes from my mom’s side of my family. I hate them. I started using Maxolash 3 months ago, and I can finally say that I actually love the way my lashes and brows look. Most of my friends now ask me what product I used, to help me out, and I always point them to Maxolash.

  • I wanted to try the best brand, but that is so expensive, so thought I would try this one first. After a few weeks I have noticed that my eyelashes are longer and it seems my eyebrows are a tiny bit thicker. As a teenager I had the second longest lashes in my high school class. And I guarantee your lashes will look much longer and thicker.

  • I noticed my co-workers lashes were longer than they used to be, so, I asked her one fine day and she recommended Maxolash. It works great. You’ll see a difference just in a matter of days. Now, when I put mascara, you can see longer lashes. I use it for my eyebrows as well. Great Product!

  • Maxolash really seems to be working, I just finished my 4 weeks and my lashes are definitely longer. Use it every night after removing all of your makeup and right before you go to bed. I have read that other products leave brown lines on your eyes, where you apply the product, that does not happen at all with this. I highly recommend this product for several reasons, one because it works, two because it’s so easy to put on, and three because it is all natural and works very well. I think it’s a great price.

  • I am so much fed up, just trying so many products and the worst thing is that none of them work for me :( So I searched on the net and finally got Maxolash. I have been using maxolash for about 6 weeks now and I had great results with it. My lashes look amazing! They are significantly longer and darker. I haven’t had any bad side effects, just because it contains all natural ingredients like Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycoproteins, Panthenol, ProVitamin B5, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin. It works as it claim.

  • I got this product from a friend as a gift. The best gift ever! After 3 weeks of use, my eyebrows and eyelashes were considerably darker. My eyelashes have multiplied in numbers and noticeably longer. I didn’t get the irritation or redness on my lashes and eyebrows. I love maxolash.

  • I was a previous user of Latisse and I have to say after using maxolash, my eyelashes are thicker and longer and there are no side effects, that I have to worry about any longer. The convenient applicator is much easier to use and there is no waste. I love it and highly recommend it.

  • About 2 weeks ago I took it upon myself to try and take off my falsh eyelashes. I was told not to try and take them out on my own or I would pull my real lashes out. Well, I made the mistake of trying and they were right……I lost over half of my eyelashes. So I came across Maxolash and thought the price was good so I would give it a try. I’ve been using it twice a day and I was so impressed. They looked so much better, Fuller and longer. Of course I still have long way to go, but the fact I could tell the product had worked made me smile. I would recommend this product to people and tell them it does work.

  • The Maxolash eyelash enhancer is working well for me. The fact that I am now using a great product to stop drying out my lashes is a big benefit. My lashes feel thicker and longer. I will buy this product again!

  • This is a marvellous product which does as it says on the packet. Have recommended it to lots of my friends after they asked me if I had eyelash extensions. Will buy more soon. People are always commenting on my long lashes and it is a great compliment.

  • Today is week 4. I have used maxolash literally every single night. My lashes look better! Fuller! Lusher! I love the serum. I apply serum top and bottom. Bottom line is, my lashes look better after 4 weeks of using! My serum gives better results, and my eye makeup is improved due to maxolash!

  • I Love Maxolash. It really works. I used it for about 2 and half months before I saw the noticeable growth in my eyelashes. I was worried due to my sensitive skin type, whether I should buy it or not but now I am really very happy with the results. It works amazing.

  • I have tried several of the lash enhancers available without prescription. Most of them I used for several months and saw no noticeable change in my lashes, but Maxolash works, and noticeably works. I am very pleased with this product and even more pleased with the price. I started seeing results in the second week, and have been using it 3 months now and even my son noticed a difference!
    Yes, I highly recommend Maxolash! This is one of the best products out there that uses ultra-high quality ingredients and it is affordable!

  • Love Maxolash! It really works well. I used it for about 2 months and I can see the noticeable growth in my eyelashes. I always tell my friends and family to go ahead and give Maxolash a try.

  • I gave this Maxolash a try. And it did work for me. My eyelashes started to grow in about a month and after using it for 3 months, I had long, beautifully conditioned lashes. The lashes are a lot thicker and I never notice any that have fallen on my cheek. This stuff is really a boon to having long, lush, thick lashes and for the price, you can’t beat it.

  • My lashes were very thin and falling out, so my friend recommended me Maxolash and I decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks of use, I saw my lashes are longer, thicker and fuller. Its really very amazing serum. Thank you Maxolash.

  • This is my second week using this. Even after the first week I saw results. My lashes are noticeably thicker and stronger, and just this week I noticed them lengthen. It is a natural product with great results.

  • Wow, just wow! At first I was bit skeptical because the brush has tiny bristles… But it works great, really nice formula and all natural ingredients!!! I coat both sides of my lashes, as usual, and it gives me big, long, thick lashes! I love this product…AND it’s not tested on animals like all of Too Faced products! Thank you for being cruelty free company. :)

  • This product totally works for me!! My lashes are longer and thicker!!! I’ve always wanted to have long lashes and now I finally have them after long time… This product multiplies the length and volume of my lashes. I saw results within as little as 4 days!! It’s been about 2 weeks I have been using this product and I am in love with it… I would definitely purchase this product again and recommend it to my gals also!!!

  • This is the second time I have ordered this product… It works amazingly well. I have a spot on my left eyelid where lashes don’t grow in well manner so there was always this black spot. Using this product has resolved my problem and I have long, full lashes. It also lasts for months. I love it.

  • I know there have been some eyelash enhancing products with some adverse side effects, which is why I was nervous to try them as well. That is why I am very excited about Maxolash. It is very gentle and prostaglandin free. Maxolash also goes on so easily and dries pretty quickly. Love it!!!

  • The product is really terrific and really works! It took a week or so before I noticed how much longer my lashes were. I know that there are more expensive products on the market but why should I spend more when you don’t have to?

  • I am very much pleased with the results from the use of this product. I have only used it less than a month and I can tell a big difference in my eyelashes! My lashes were very badly damaged from getting the fake ones glued on for long time so they were not there and were thin. Now, thick and getting long again! Finally!!! I would love to report back in another or so to let you know more!

  • This product is easy to use and give fast results as compared to other products! I’ve been using the Maxolash for less than two weeks and I’ve already been asked if I had lash extensions. Will definitely buy this product again and also gift it to my friends.

  • I love this stuff. It is an eyelash enhancer that you put on your lashes between the coats of mascara. I think that results are gorgeous. It gave me just that density and thickness to my lashes. I`m really happy with this product.

  • I’ve been using Maxolash from two years now. My eyelashes are so long that many people ask me if I wear false eyelashes. You have to use this product every day to get the desired results you want. Always be careful not to put too much on your eyelashes as it can burn your eyes. I’m very happy with this product. Do not buy the product that only looks like this product but the results are opposite, as my niece purchased it and it gave her problems.

  • I have just been using Revitalash from about one and a half week and I’ve noticed some results already in this much of period…. At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I looked at my lashes in the mirror, but I was not mistaken when I saw longer, fuller and darker lashes of myself… I hope to have even longer lashes in the next few upcoming weeks!!!

  • Alright! I have used different eyelash vitamins, conditions, and enhancing serums. As for me, I’ve treated my lashes with care. I decided to give maxolash a try. As a result, I apply it as suggested. It helps to strengthens, makes it fuller, and most of all. Thank maxolash!!!

  • I stopped wearing false eyelashes once I got maxolash…. To tell the truth, I’ve been sick of the routine of putting on an eventually taking off my “falsies”. Maxolash beats fakes by a mile because it’s safe, easy, and it’s YOUR OWN EYELASHES that are growing with it…. After about 3 weeks of using Maxolash, I had noticed a major change in the length and fullness of my eyelashes. I’ve recommended Maxolash to my sister also and she loves it too!!!!!

  • When I was researching for eyelash growth serums, I started to read the positive reviews about this product. So I purchased it in full price and I have been felling so impressed with it…. I saw its results within 2 weeks. Next week will be whole 8 weeks & I simply love it! I will be purchasing this product again soon!

  • I researched lash enhancing products and picked this one. It helps for my sparse lashes and I have every reason to believe as the weeks go by that my results will continue to be impressive. You have to give it a month to see the positive results. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Yes. I would recommend this to a friend. I use this product morning before make-up and at night time when I go to bed and showing great results. It is pricey but worth to try. This product help to giving me back my own full natural lashes again.

  • I have very pretty full eyelashes already, but they could always be improved upon! These enhancers worry me a little bit because of the possible side effects of these lash enhancing products.

  • This is my first try at do eyelash tinting. I will never have it done at the salon again! I love this product! This stuff works as advertised, long lasting and very easy to use.

  • This is a fabulous product and does exactly what it promises and claims…. I have very few, thin eyelashes, but when I use this product I really don’t even need mascara. I tried a cheaper products also for a couple of months ago with no results… Do not hesitate to buy this!

  • I have pretty short eyelashes from beginning…. I thought I would give this product a try, since the other OBAGI products are amazing and have no side effects on use…. And to my pleasant surprise, after about a month, I have noticed longer and fuller eyelashes. I would highly recommend this product.

  • I have very sensitive eyes and Latisse made my eyelids red and change the color of my eyes. This product really does work with no irritating side effects. It works. Love it!!!!

  • I have been using this lash and brow growth enhancer for
    over a year with excellent results! My lashes are longer and fuller. My brows
    are so much thicker and noticeably the bare patches have filled in. this stuff
    is worth every penny, thanks for giving me beautiful looking lashes and brows

  • I used it for around two times a day religiously for a month and it was on the last day of the fourth week when the difference became apparent on my eyelashes… I feel like queen now! Thanks to Maxolash Eyelash Enhancer!

  • I have really thin eyelashes and have tried a ton of
    different eyelash enhancers and nothing has worked as good as Maxolash. This
    helps for eyelashes and stimulates the lash growth. Love It!!!

  • I love Grande lash! I have tried so many lash enhancers. City Lash makes my eyelashes so much fuller! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and the difference is huge! It’s amazing! Don’t use those cheapo formulas. They are just mineral oil. I’ve tried them and they don’t work. Sure City Lash cost more. I got mine for $49, but it’s worth it.

  • I have been using this product for 6 weeks. My eyelashes are probably twice as long as they were few months ago and even though they’re not quite as thick as I want yet, I definitely have more than I had before using Maxolash.

  • I’ve used Maxolash for a while now. I’ve tried other
    products but not as good of results. My daughter is now trying it and thinks
    she can already see a difference in two weeks. I would highly recommend maxolash
    to anyone who wants longer and thicker eyelashes.

  • I was so stressed regarding using this product as I had tried
    many products and got little results for my eyelashes. However I read many
    reviews about this product and used for 4 months. My lashes now look fuller. I
    would absolutely recommend Maxolash !!

  • Maxolash is an eyelash enhancer product that can stop your eyelashes
    from falling out.  This helps to grow
    fuller, stronger and longer eyelashes. This is advance formula that contains
    vitamins and proteins like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycoproteins, and ProvitaminB5.

  • This product takes a little patience to see some noticeable results, but suddenly you do! The best thing about the product is that unlike many of the products made to encourage regrowth of lashes

  • Maxolash is easy to use and it dries fastly and it works really well!!! This is my second purchase of this product, and I can definitely see a lot’s of difference when I ran out!

  • I noticed that my eyelashes don’t fall out as much and now they have a healthy and fuller appearance. You have to just apply one easy stroke on the base of eyelashes and it can be born under daily eye makeup too without smudging or looking greasy…

  • I researched eyelash growth products & this one seemed to get great reviews and it has a reasonable price. It helps to grow my lashes and brows and make them longer and fuller than they before.

  • I bought this product because before few days my eyelashes was falling out….I like this product because it has tremendously improved my eyelashes condition it grows longer n thicker….

  • Maxolash really helps in strengthening, lengthening, and
    thickening your lashes. Your lashes will return to that fullness you had as a youth.
    Love it!!!

  • I ordered this to try as a friend of mine had great results from it – well I must say that I wasn’t disappointed, because it does really work! After a couple of weeks of its continued use I could see a definite growth in my lashes it’s expensive but does work!

  • Love this product. It’s easy to apply, and within weeks you will
    see the great difference in your eyelashes. It helps to stimulated my lashes
    and make them longer and fuller.

  • I have naturally short, sparse and very unimpressive lashes, so I do everything I can to “ramp them up.” In the past, I’ve used the following lash growth serums: Revitalash, MAC Prep + Prime Future Length, City Lash….. All of these gave me good, though not any spectacular results… My lashes have become noticeably longer and fuller, but I’ve never gotten that “false lashes” effect.

  • This product helps to lengthen and thicken my lashes. Everything was okay as I expected. It arrives before the delivery schedule time. I received excellent service.

  • I always had issues with my eyelashes because they were not growing and I used to get styles a lot and I used to wear fake eyelashes, so I tried this product to stop using fake eyelashes and after a month of using it my eyelashes have doubled, I even use it on my lower lids and it’s awesome, I have lashes growing in spots that haven’t existed in YEARS… But you have to use it twice a day and be consistent with it.

  • For me this stuff is FABULOUS!!! I have tried other liquid lash enhancers, but this one works excellent. The price is a bit high for my taste, but I pay it! This product starts working only after a few weeks, then after that just great results!!!

  • It’s now only 2 weeks using this product and so I’m not sure how good it is doing, but I will give it till the end of the product is used up. If I see some results, I will order it again.

  • Maxolash is an eyelash growth enhancer that stimulates eyelash growth and extends the natural life cycle of the lash. This process allows for older lashes to remain in longer and new lashes to regrow at the same time, resulting in a much fuller lash bed for dramatic visible results.

  • Really Great… I have used other eyelash products also but they can’t compare with this product…. I am an 80 year old woman who never had lashes before. They make me feel 10 years younger. Also. They do not bother my eyes as others have done with my eyes… Others make your eyes water and turn red these do not. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM.

  • I used Maxolash for 4 months. It does not contain harmful ingredients like other products. I didn’t experience any irritation and redness on my eyes. It is very good product. Give it a try.

  • After years of using mascara continuously, my eyelashes looked dry and sparse. Maxolash keeps them glossy and full so that a lot of makeup is not necessary for lips… It takes a few weeks for it to start working and one should be careful not to overuse or it may cause slight redness on lashes.

  • It’s gives amazing result. This product contains conditioners and it is very good for eyelashes. I use this regularly and I’ve noticed that my short stubby lashes are actually getting longer and stronger.

  • I saw many prescribed eyelash growth products which are advertised on TV, but I never asked my Doctor about it because of the side effects… Besides, if there were side effects of this products, why would I want to put anything that dangerous close to my eyes? When I heard about Maxolash, it was like a breath of fresh air. All-Natural ingredients? Proven results? I’ll take that, please. Maxolash hasn’t disappointed me, till now.

  • I was left with very thin lashes after completion of medication for ulcer in the stomach… I started using Latisse enhancer and in under a week I have noticed longer lashes (but not thicker). Still applying and waiting to see them grow thicker and for seeing the results.

  • I have tried Latisse but I found darkness around my left eyes. I used this product for 4 month and it made my lashes full and long. It is a quite expensive product but I am fully satisfied with it.

  • Alright!!!! I have used different eyelash vitamins, conditions, enhancing serums and many more…. As for me, I’ve treated my lashes with much care for about more than 10 years… Very loyal in taking care of it. I wanted to use Latisse, but since people were concerned with dark pigmentation of the product, when it drops in other area of your face, I decided to give Maxolash a try… As a result, I faithfully apply it since it strengthens, makes it fuller, and most of all, I don’t have lashes falling out on me as I use to… Thank goodness!

  • I have been using Maxolash for about 9 weeks, and I can tell you for me this product is amazing!!!! I had stopped putting it on my lower lashes because they were getting too long and I don’t like it… :) But I was one of the lucky ones that it started working for me in about 2 weeks. The only problem which I had in the entire time is that when I wake up in the morning my eyelids are stuck together by sleep… I’ve never had that happen before this. I get worried that if I open my eyes to fast I’m gonna pull out all of my lashes…. I’ve worked so hard to get but overall I love this product!!!

  • I love this product. This product has active natural ingredients that encourage the eyelash growth and made my lashes longer, thicker and beautiful as I desired.

  • I liked this product it worked well. I wouldn’t buy this product again just because of its price. It actually worked better. You can afford this if you have a lot of money to spend.

  • I’ve literally tried 3 different eyelash enhancers until I found Maxolash… It is not only price appropriate, but is really giving results to my eyelashes… I highly recommend it as it’s my new nightly beauty routine go to.

  • I received my first Maxolash just 14 days ago and have been using it at least once a day… I am surprised with this product and pleased to see it is improving my lash length and thickness already. I will continue to use this product and enjoy my eyelashes improvement!!!

  • I tried Vaseline on my eyelashes and my lashes started to look healthier but still kept falling out and I was very disappointed! I used maxolash eyelash enhancer for 6 weeks, my eyelashes finally shedding and started growing. Thanks maxolash.

  • As a mother of small children, I’m often rushed and busy with my daily routine…. However, it’s nice to know that I can now rush out of the door without wearing mascara. No more extensions or false eyelashes. Now it’s my own natural lashes!!!

  • I bought Maxolash during a spa treatment before few months… I am so excited to have this product and if I could afford it I would buy all my friends and family a tube!! BY FAR THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER PURCHASED! Thank you for this product!!!

  • This product is very easy to use. I simply followed the directions EXACTLY given on the product for the best chance of success. After I get out of the shower I put in on. This allows plenty of time to dry. My lashes went from a total subble. When I put it on at night to try to even get more good results I woke up with swelling under my eyes, so I have stuck with the once daily before make-up. I thought I’d try the less expensive brand first. If it worked, then I’m saving money for myself…It works!! I would not say I have “false” looking lashes, but I can curl them and see pretty lashes now :) OVERALL GOOD PRODUCT!!!

  • I have seen many times that using only 1 tube you will notice results but that’s not the case with me…..This is the 3rd time I’m purchasing maxolash eyelash enhancer… It makes my eyelashes look thicker, longer and darker, more sturdy and able to withstand an eyelash curler and mascara removal daily. When I rub my eyes no lashes fall out at all, they are much stronger. I use very little eyeliner because the line of lashes is dark. The conditioner lasts about 3 months and shows effective results…

  • I bought this product as part of the TSV in starting of this year… I was a little skeptical as to how effective it would be on my eyelashes but I am pleased to say that I’m so glad I gave it a try. I have almost lost most of my eyelashes after the birth of my second child and I was devasted… I didn’t realise how much our eyelashes mean to us until they are not there! I used this product religiously every evening for approx 1 month and slowly, but surely, the lashes started to grow.

  • I’ve been trying this product for a few weeks on my lashes and brows also….. Still too soon to tell if it works or not!!!!! I wake up with sore eyes, so I am not sure I will continue to use this product long enough for results.

  • Topical application of this product on eyelashes make lashes fuller and longer… This product is easy to use but it is bit pricey and requires a commitment to put it on 2xs a day every day. It seems to work after a couple weeks but you have to keep doing it to keep seeing benefit.

  • I didn’t really have any problem with my eyelashes I just wanted to try this product to see that whether its reviews are right or wrong…. I have been using it from atleast a couple of weeks and I definitely see results especially when it comes to the under lashes…

  • I’m still trying this product so far so good I have not experience any undesirable reaction from the product… I’m very hopeful after 4 weeks I will be able to notice the difference with much thicker and longer lashes!!!!!!

  • This product is really awesome!!!! I noticed a great difference in a couple of weeks. Been using for about two months now. This product is great!!! My eyelashes enter the room before I do. I recommmend this to each and every friend of mine….

  • I have the order form for Maxolash open and was just about ready to order it. My only concern is that I can’t find many user reviews on it. If anyone does end up using it, please keep these reviews updated. I would love to know. Thanks!

  • I can’t believe how great Maxolash is! Every time I look in the mirror, I’m so happy by seeing those beautiful sexy eyelashes staring back at me. Thanks, Maxolash!

  • Whenever I used to look in magazines or on the Internet I was always feel so jealous of the star’s eyelashes. Now with Idol Lash, I have those same sexy eyelashes – probably even sexier than them!

  • Hey, it’s great product and it is work as it claim to do. I used this product for 4 weeks and I see the huge difference in my work as lash filler for my lashes. It helps to fill my sparse lashes and make them thicker and fuller. Thank you maxolash for given me the eyelashes I’ve always dreamed of having :)

  • I have very short lashes and I always looking for new lash growth treatments that help for my condition. I used this product and I had no redness what so ever when using this product. I’m happy with the result.

  • I spoke to a user who is using Maxolash and she said that it takes about 2 weeks to start showing some growth results and at 4 weeks her lashes are really long and glossy with lots of new lashes sprouting over it…. She’s thrilled with it.

  • I have a habit of over-plucking my eyebrows and eyelashes, I wanted them back. I seen that this product and was skeptical on buying it. Other products say they will do the same thing, so I decided to take a chance. The price wasn’t bad at all and I am glad I purchased it. In the last month, my eyelashes came in faster way using this product than if I didn’t get it… it’s worth buying it.

  • I was told about this product by a friend trying to wear herself false eyelashes. She was stunned with the almost immediate results. I ordered this product based on her recommendation, since I have thinning pale eyelashes now that I am in my sixties. I have been using it for over 2 weeks and have been getting compliments on how lush my lashes look and really I am not kidding, actually getting some notice from others… Give it a try, you will probably be surprised and pleased, too.