Serelax Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is This Tablet?

Serelax Overview

Produced by Primelife Labs and made from all natural ingredients, Serelax is touted as being an excellent dietary supplement for fighting depression or anxiety. Serelax is presented as a non-prescription alternative to other pills; this product is said to possibly be beneficial for any individuals suffering from a loss of appetite, unexplainable feelings of anxiety, difficulty falling asleep at night, or disinterest in everyday activities. The official Serelax website offers consumers a convenient location to purchase this product for about $34.50 per 60 tablets, but bulk orders are offered at discounted rates.

Serelax – Ingredients

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The complete Serelax formula is disclosed through the official product website. Serelax is made from the following all natural compounds: GABA (200mg), L-Theanine (100mg), passionflower (150mg), kava kava (100mg), valerian (150mg), jujube (50mg), wood betony (50mg), skulllcap (75mg), roman chamomile (75mg), and griffonia simplicifolia bean extract (50mg). Milligram values are applicable to each serving (one capsule) of Serelax.

Serelax – Product Description

Serelax’s ingredients are claimed to restore proper balance of bodily chemicals necessary for maintaining a healthy (not constantly negative) mindset. More specifically, Serelax is claimed to improve balances of norepinephrine and serotonin. Clinical studies conducted on several on the ingredients in Serelax are cited on the official product website, and these studies all seem to indicate the relative effectiveness of the anti-depression benefits of these compounds. Additionally, many positive user reviews are featured, as well as explanations regarding the basic symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Serelax capsules can be taken twice a day, one capsule at a time. Taking more than this recommended daily dosage is highly recommended against.

How Serelax Works?

Serelax – Advantages

  • Serelax is relatively affordable.
  • All of the ingredients in this product are listed online, including milligram values for each serving size.
  • Clinical studies have been conducted on many of the ingredients in Serelax, and the results of these studies are listed on the official product website.
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  • User testimonials are featured on Serelax’s website.

Serelax – Disadvantages

  • Free samples are not currently offered for this product.

Serelax – The Bottom Line

Overall, Serelax is a product that will mostly appeal to consumers seeking an all natural, non-prescription method to fighting mild feelings of anxiety or depression. The full list of ingredients should be extremely beneficial in aiding consumers to make an informed decision about purchasing this product, and the listed clinical studies all seem to indicate that Serelax is probably capable of producing its promised results.

Where To Find It

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  • What a product! Only because of this supplement all my problems are solved. I am very thankful to Serelax since it saved my husband’s life. Really it’s a miracle! Now my husband is out from his depressed mood and enjoying life. Thanks to Serelax!

  • I can see that Serelax contains natural ingredients in an appropriate proportion and it doesn’t contain a heavy dose. Before purchasing this supplement I want to know all about its ingredient’s facts, can you fulfill my wish? Thank you!

  • Sure my dear friend! Serelax contains several natural ingredients in an appropriate proportion. It contains GABA that is responsible to reduce body tension and keeps you calm. It also contains L-theanine that has the ability to stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain closely tied to pleasure and contentment. It contains passionflower that helps to get rid of anxiety disorder. Again Valerian acts as a muscle relaxant and an anti-depressant and helps for social anxiety. These are some of the key ingredients of Serelax essential to carry away depression issues.

  • I purchased this supplement for my mother-in-law. She was suffering from depression due to my father-in-law’s death. This is really an amazing pill that is designed to deal with depression and anxiety issues.

  • I know, there are many products available in the market and they promise a lot regarding their outcomes. But Serelax is the one which not only make promises but also fulfills it. I can say this because my son had used this supplement for his major depression. After using this supplement for 18 weeks he got rid of all his problems and started living happily.

  • I am suffering from mild depression. I had used Phyto-b to get rid of all depression issues but nothing happened. It doesn’t work for me. I started using Serelax for 2 weeks and it shows +ve symptoms to me within a week only. I have decided to use this product for 3 months more to get rid of depression completely. If you are really suffering from depression or anxiety, Serelax is one of the best options for you.

    • I am tired of all the side effects from perscription meds and reaaly would like some advice or real answers about thid product from actual customers not the people selling it.

  • Yes this is really an effective and safe supplement for depression issues. It is formulated by the Pharmaxa Labs which is creating the most technically advanced supplements. The product manufactured by this Lab contains optimal dosages and synergistic blends of the highest quality ingredients.

  • Serelax is really a great product! I was not expecting much from this supplement, but I was so surprised after seeing its outcomes. It helped me to completely get rid of major depression without any side effects. It also increased my energy level while keeping me calm and cool.

  • I have tried many prescription pills from different brands but didn’t get satisfactory results, that I now get from Serelax. I love the way Serelax has made me feel. This product helped me to get rid of anxiety and depression problems. My results have been awesome!

  • Oh My God!!!! This supplement helped me with the frustration, anger, minor depression and anxiety. I just love this product! If I miss a dose a day, I notice that, I don’t get the anger feeling that I used to have. Thank you Serelax!

  • My father is suffering from chronic depression due to my sister’s divorce. I don’t have a mother and I don’t want to lose my father. I tried many supplements for him but all was a waste. My friend suggest me to go with Serelax for my father. Should I take this risk?

    • Hey, it is better for your father to take Serelax capsule as per recommended doses. Please do not exceed the dose since it may cause several negative impacts on mind and body.

  • Actually Serelax contains several natural ingredients that help to cope with depression issues. I will give a suggestion to check the ingredient list and customer reviews before ordering this supplement. Also you should consult with a health physician before consuming it. Best of luck!

  • Before a year ago I was struggling with depression. Due to this I was facing some issues such as fatigue, oversleep, overeating and weight gain. I used many home remedies to get rid of depression but nothing changed. After that I decided to go with depression supplements that are made from natural ingredients. I used phyto-b and pm-phytogen-complex but it was not worth. Finally I used Serelax to solve my issues and what a miracle! I completely get rid of my atypical depression problem. This proved an effective and safe supplement for me.

  • This product came into my life as a sign of relief. I used to suffer from mild depression on a regular interval. I don’t know how it works for others, but it really helps me very effectively. Thanks to the entire team for producing such a remarkable product.

  • I don’t know how this product work for everyone, but for me it is like a miracle. I felt anxious and worried most of the time and for this reason I am not able to concentrate on any activities. For this I tried many products, but nothing changed, then this product enters into my life as a magical moment. Now I feel more energetic and relaxed ever before. All thanks to this great stuff and I will recommend this product to everyone.

  • Myself Tony. I am currently suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. I have used both prescribed and non prescribed supplements but all was a waste. Can you suggest me one of the best depression supplements? Thank you!

  • At the recommendation of a friend, I started taking Serelax to recover from depression. I am so surprise, Serelax turned my mood and boost my mental state and happiness. I was not guaranteed at first about this product, as I started a couple of other things at the same time. But when I stopped for a week or so, I really noticed the difference. Started up again, and immediately noticed the difference. My mood improved as well. If you are dealing depression and anxiety, Serelax is the best choice for you. For me, this surely helps you to get rid of depression and anxiety

  • Hello Mr. Tony! Actually there are lots of depression pills that may help you to get rid of chronic depression and anxiety. Take a look at Serelax, Lumiday, A2X, 5-HTP, Tranquilene, all these supplements. All of them are a good solution for solving depression issues. According to my study Serelax and Lumiday both are effective and safe. But the problem with Lumiday is that it is pricey and everyone cannot afford it. I have personal experience with Serelax. I recommended this supplement to my cousin who was suffering from major depression. Today he is completely fine.

  • Serelax is a very good product, you cannot compare it with others similar supplements. When I took other supplement I get headache and It is so annoying. Serelax is an effective product for me without any side effects. I am using it for the past 3 months and I wonder about its result and happy to have this product.

  • I just received my first order of Serelax today. I have been experiencing anxiety disorder and depression for 3 years and have recently totally weaned off paxil after consuming it for 2 years, thus I’ve been more anxious and stressed. I was very anxious when I reached home today and saw the package on my kitchen counter. Since I got panic attacks throughout the day, so I ripped open the package, pulled out the bottle, opened it, and consumed my very first capsule. Within a few minutes I have gone from being completely panicky to be the calmest and also more tranquil I was in a long time. I consumed the capsule nearly 8 hours before, yet I still feel great! I would recommend this supplement to all who have panic attacks and anxiety.

  • “Really Serelax is able to effectively battle with depression issues and anxiety issues. I have used this antidepressant capsule for my anxiety and chronic depression. I am consuming two capsules, orally, on a daily basis for positive results. Most of the people, including me, are experiencing significant reductions in their stress, depression, anxiety issues within first few months of using Serelax.
    Note: Every person’s body performs differently thus it is beneficial to consult with a health professional while purchasing any supplement.

  • Before a year, my aunt was so depressed. We had done many treatments but nothing had happened. One her suggest me to go with Serelax to get rid of all the depression issues. and see, today she becomes normal and stars enjoying her life. This product comes like a majic stick in her life and solves all the problems. Thank you Serelax!

  • The doctor tried several other medicines but none of them were benefiting me. On the other hand, Generic Prozac was unpleasant. By the reference of my friend I ordered this supplement to deal with my issues. And what a miracle! I really got rid of it. Really I am very happy with it.

  • This is really an effective antidepressant based on the wide variety of experiences of people, who have taken it. I consumed this supplement for 7 months continuously and got complete relief from chronic depression and sleep issues. Such an effective supplement Serelax is!

  • Hi Everyone! Myself John! I read a lot about Serelax but never used it. My father is suffering from Bipolar Depression from last few years. We have tried a lot for him, but all was a waste. Is Serelax really an effective anti-depression supplement? Should I borrow this supplement for my father? I can’t see him like this. I want to help him at any cost. Waiting for the reply, do fast!

    • Hello John, Myself Daniel! I used Serelax for 6 months and got complete relief from all my depression issues. Before Serelax my life was a hell, but now I am enjoying my life happily. Why don’t you recommend this supplement to your father, he will definitely get relief from his problems.

  • I am very eagerly awaiting for this supplement, because I can’t see my brother like this. He is facing terrible anxiety panic attacks from last few months. He also tried to commit suicide. I don’t want to lose him. Yesterday, I ordered this supplement because I know it will help my brother.

  • Such a great supplement! It helped me a lot for my anxiety panic attacks. After 3 weeks of the single dose on Serelax I was receiving good relief from all my depression issues such as sleep issues, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

  • I had been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks since few years and have used various pills for this issue. But all the pills I tried made me tired and drowsy. Then, I found Serelax and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I found it to be very much beneficial as it doesn’t give me that dull feeling just like the previous supplements did. It helps me to sleep better and have peaceful night sleep.

  • My mother was going through Major Depressive Disorder, due to this she was unable to eat, sleep and enjoy any kind of activities. In fact it was affecting her life badly. Seeing her abnormal behavior we were really tense and then we found Serelax, bought for her and after a few weeks she started behaving like a normal human being. We still give her doses regularly and now she has come out of her depression and participates in every activity. We enjoy pleasurable moments together. I want to give my thanks to Serelax for saving my mom’s life.

  • Serelax helps me to get rid of frequent anxiety attacks, it works really well. I am getting great benefits from this stuff; this is truly a best antidepressant I have ever used.

    • Sure, you should use Serelax for all your depression signs and symptoms. This antidepressant contains valerian, GABA, L-Theanine, Passionflower that helps to deal with almost all depression issues. There are some other depression pills that are given above, you may choose one of them. Best luck!

  • Thank you Joan for suggesting such as effective depression pills. I was looking for one of the best antidepressant for my son. He is suffering from bipolar depression from last one year due to his divorce. I hope this pill is going to help him for his depression.

  • I feel positive and highly enthused now. Before taking Serelax I felt depressed with lots of negative thoughts in my mind but this product helped me to overcome it. Thanks a lot for changing my life!

  • Depression runs rampant in my family, so most of my life has gone into depression. But now I am alright ever since I am taking Serelax. Try it once, it really helps.

  • I am an artist and do exhibitions and fresher’s fairs. But I have one problem that I suffer from intense mental distress. Talking to peers I came to know about Serelax and it helped me a lot. It gives me lot of support and I also feel much energized after taking it.

  • I purchased this product for my mom who is under depression for over a year. Now I am highly thankful to this product for bringing my mom out of this problem. It has made me proud and didn’t let me down in front of my family members. I really appreciate Serelax for its incredible performance.

  • To relieve mental stress I purchased Serelax. After seeing the reviews I came to know that it works well for depression. I was feeling stressed all the time but since I am taking this product everything has changed. I feel cool and calm as well as energetic the whole day. It is really a fantastic product!

  • It was becoming difficult to handle my depression issues so I have to purchase this product after the recommendation of my friend. I am now on a safer side and this product has solved all my problems in a very short time period. I am happy and satisfied now

  • : I love Serelax! I took it for gaining back my lost interest and when I took it I feel very energetic throughout the day. Now I am able to concentrate on my work. I have also recommended this product to my colleague and he is also getting satisfactory results.

  • I went through some pretty tough times so I feel stressed always and could not concentrate on my daily activities. But as I started using Serelax I feel very calm and relaxed. Now this stuff has become a part of my life.

  • Hello I am very interested in possibly buying this product but my concern is that I am currently on a over the counter diet pill and just wanted to know if taking this with the supplement if there are any side effects I should be concerned with when mixing these two together?

    • Hello Lisa, actually you didn’t tell me which supplement you are taking, rather than knowing I can’t tell you what is good and bad! Actually, Serelax consist of all natural ingredients that are really safe and effective so you can try it. Can you tell me which supplement you are consuming right now so that I can help you?

  • I just love it! Because of this anti
    depression product I am able to enjoy work and have an enjoyable time with
    friends and family. High level of stress made me deprived of enjoyment and I
    used to have all negative thoughts in my mind, but now all those issues have
    vanished and I am a totally transformed individual now. This transformation is
    from negative to positive.  

  • I have experienced significant
    improvement in the level of stress and anxiety after taking the doses
    regularly. I am on this product from the last 6 weeks and it is doing very
    well. It is safe and gives no side effects. So I truly recommend it.

  • My daughters stress level at work and her breakup with her
    boyfriend has affected her physical and mental health badly. She sometimes gets
    these low to very low mood swings and starts crying as well. I am thinking of
    getting this product for her. Hope it works!

  • Before a year ago I was overwhelmed by stresses due to which, sometimes, I got irritated and can’t gave time to my wife. But after Serelax I am feeling pretty much better. Thank you Serelax for returning my life back.

  • I am using Serelax because it contains GABA, L-theanine, Passionflower and Valerian. Here, I found this product on top and immediately ordered it. I also do exercise regularly. This product works great and I feel no depression issues. I highly recommend this product, it is amazing!

  • My father used this depression pill for a year and get some good results. He got relief from his issues such as nervousness, edginess and more. Also, it provides a feeling of calmness and tranquility to him.

  • It was unable for me to concentrate on my work before a year ago and I was facing several issues like irritably, sleep issues, anger, fatigue, etc. But now I’m completely okay with my depression problem and all the credit goes to my friend Jacob and this supplement because Jacob is the one who suggested me this supplement for my depression problem.

  • It’s amazing product dude! It is my 4th day of this product and I am very impressed with this. It is a new product that contains almost all natural ingredients that helped me to get healthy, relaxed and stress free life. I have decided to continue this product for 20 weeks more to feel great. If you want then you can try it.

  • It just a relieving depression product! I have used this supplement for my major depression and get rid of it too. Yesterday I ordered one more bottle for my friend who is suffering from minor depression from last 2 to 3 months. Highly recommended!

  • I ordered this depression supplement for my mom before 3 days ago. She is experiencing sleep issues, so much consumption of alcohol, negative thoughts, low energy, fatigue and more. So I thought she is depressed due to my brother’s issue. I hope serelax will work for her.